3 tools in one... Relative Scale: will scale an object based on a "Source" & "Destination" reference points, matching any two lengths... Scale Factor Scaling: Uniform scaling based on user input... Alignment(+Scale or Stand alone): align/copy/relocate
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 Scale Factor 

        - Scale objects by scale factor

 Relative Scale

        - Alignment 3D

            - Customisable Settings

                + Leave in Place or Relocate Original

                + Create a Copy

        - Inbuilt 6 point "Alignment Verification"

                + With Pop-up Notification if misalignment occurs

        - Visual Guides and Semi-Automated Flow Sequence for ease of use

        - Text Overrides.

        - Right Click Cancel/Exit/Cleanup

        - RememberMe (Selectable Option): Settings are maintained for the duration of the

          session and/or between sessions

        - Commands are accessible from Menu(Tools), RightClick(on Valid Selection) and Toolbars


Alignment 3D

        - Alignment works with Relative Scale and/or stand-alone,

          Settings: "Align: only" (Selectable Option)


Ideal for scaling imported models or Architectural Plans given that an arbitrary length can be scaled up to a specific length providing accurate scale and alignment.


Expand your scaling options to allow for accurate scaling where proportions need to be maintained whilst scaling to a specific clickable length.  This can all be done on-the-fly without the need for predetermine measurements or the insulative blocks required by the Sketchup measuring tape technique.)


You can scale & align single or multiple groups/components directly or via geometric relationships to quickly create/multiply an indirect relationship, as per the image provided.


Simple and easy!


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