Create named groups with assignable layers from all connected entities or from anything selected. Manage group/component names in Outliner: This tool allows you to batch rename with sequential numbering or add a prefix/suffix to the existing names
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Easy Groups: Group All Connected Entities

  • This tool allows you to quickly create a group having selected any ungrouped entity.  The tool groups the selection and any connected loose entities.  The user is able to name the group and assign it a layer.


Easy Groups: Group Anything Selected

  • As per above with the exception that only the selected entities are grouped however you can include a mixture of entities, groups and components 


Easy Groups: Name_Add Sequence 

  • Tool allows groups in Outliner to be renamed with/without sequential numbers.  This allow you to identify one group from another


Easy Groups: Name_Append to Core 

  • Tool takes the current name of the group and appends a prefix and/or suffix as desired.  This maximises the effectiveness of outliner and is most effective when duplicating complex models. it also means you can use outliner without nesting groups but using their names to sort groups.


Easy Groups: Name_Substitute Part-Name 


  • Tool allows you to batch-substitute any part of the current name of the group with an alternative part name.  For instance Furniture_Seating_03 to Furniture_Chair_03. 


This tool is ideal for working with complex models where you may wish to quickly re-organise groups and names... it unlocks the effectiveness of outliner by streamlining the process of naming and assigning layers.  

Maximise the power of Outliner today by using this tool which makes block management convenient both on-the-fly and retrospectively as well.


Works on Groups and Components