This extension allows for the mass-conversion of Groups and Component to match a preselected Component Identity, it also allows the mass-conversion of Components to Groups and vice-versa.

This extension allows for the mass-conversion of Groups and Component to match a preselected Component Identity, it  also allows the mass-conversion of Components to Groups and vice-versa.


Steamline your workflow with the following functions.


ConvertMe To Components:

Converts all groups within a selection into indepedent components, note that the axes are now set to world axes as is usually the case within the Sketchup Environment.  Pre-existing Components within the selection will remain intact


ConvertMe To Groups:

Converts all components within a selection in to groups


Extract ID

Extracts the Component ID you wish to use when converting future Components or Groups


Apply ID

Converts all Groups and Components within a selection to be identical to the Extracted ID





In all cases where a group or component has an instance name than name will remain the instance name of the conversion.  nz_EasyGroups is also a perfect companion to nz_ConvertMe allowing you to batchRename all components and groups within you model with same ease as nz_ConvertMe makes the conversions"


It can't be installed.

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Hi gotou,

Please note that Installation and Licensing are handled by the "Extention Warehouse", therefore I'm unable to directly assist you, please contact Sketchup Support directly...

We have had successful downloads before so it's also important that your check the following points...

You should be running at least SU 2016
Be Signed-in to the "Extensions Warehouse" and attempting to download nz_Implode from within the Sketchup Environment.

I hope this advice assists you and that with the help of Sketchup Support you will be up and running soon...


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Hi, I has buyed the extension , but an error happens and I haven´t it. What can I do?
I can send you the bank receipt.

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Hi Jose,

The "Purchasing Process, Licensing and Installation" are all exclusively managed by the "Sketchup Warehouse". please contact Sketchup ( directly... unfortunately I'm unable to directly act upon any such issue myself, despite being equally concerned that everything runs smoothly.

Meanwhile please check that you are running at least Sketchup 2016, and be sure to install from within Sketchup and within the Extension Warehouse/manager...

That aside note that Sketchup reviews and verifies Extensions prior to including them within the Warehouse ensuring they comply with Sketchup's Requirements and are properly functional so there should not be any problem with the extension itself...

Finally, please do not send me the back receipt....sketchup will have confirmation of a successful sale... There have been further sales since your post so I'm confident that the process is working as well... Sketchup Support will be better placed to assist you further.

I looks like the Sketchup Staff will be back from the Christmas Break on the 2nd of January 2018,

I hope this helps...

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Thanks, I´ll wait the video, but as the extension is not too much expensive, maybe I´ll buy it.

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Hello, I have a question.
Will be useful for replace or change all the handles in a kitchen project at the same time?
Do you think than will keep the right axes and sizes?

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Thank you for your question,

With regards to your first question, your kitchen scenario is a fine example of when nz_ConvertMe would be most useful...

With regards to the size and orientation, axes will always match but the critical issue is that the "handles" and the new component need to share the same relationship to their respective axes in order for the position, and orientation not to change.
Even so the location of the axes origin is critical as that point will be identical serving as the insertion point...

I have posted a short video suggesting in principle how to address this issue, in the event that the axes differ.

You may also be interested in ThomThom's "Axes Tools" available from the warehouse which may help, I will illustrate the "axes confirmation" process manually in the video in the interest of clarity and because this is a circumstance where the component's set-up is critical


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