MODELUR (Urban Design)
Parametric Urban Design inside SketchUp!
MODELUR (Urban Design)

Modelur is a parametric Urban Design tool seamlessly integrated into SketchUp. It helps you to quickly create and test different urban design alternatives. In addition to calculating Urban Control Indicators in real-time it also alerts you when buildings are placed too close together.


  • as simple and intuitive as SketchUp,
  • parametric buildings,
  • parametric land uses,
  • real-time calculation of Urban Control Indicators,
  • warnings when certain constraints are not satisfied (ie buildings are to close together),
  • available in several languages and
  • free of charge in Pre-beta Partner program!

Modelur is available to anyone interested, you only need to accept the terms and conditions of our Pre-beta Partner program. It is available for both, Windows and Mac platform. To see what Modelur is actually capable of, please visit our YouTube channel, where you can find a complete list of video tutorials. If you have any questions, you can check out our Google Groups Forum or send us an e-mail. To get the latest news about Modelur, you can visit our Blog.


Gary S's picture

This is an amazing plugin and can't wait for the commercial version.

Ive been using it for testing massing model alternatives for high rise projects

Highly recommended

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Gary,

thanks for a first comment and a positive review! If you have some suggestions on how to improve Modelur even further, please let us know.

Best regards,
Jernej Vidmar

It's really usefull extension, thank's! One recommendation: a number of apartments should be calculated by NFA, not by GFA.

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Ivan,

thanks for the suggestion - we have created a new ticket. You can expect this feature in one of the next releases of Modelur!

Best regards,
Jernej Vidmar

PS: In the future, we invite anyone who wants to send us some suggestion to use our forum:



ed A.'s picture

Amazing extension, makes things so much easier! Thanks for all your hard work, cant wait for the commercial version.

zou y's picture


zou y's picture

It has no reaction when i click initialize ,why?

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We strive to bring you a real parametric urban design tool, which is as easy to use as the SketchUp itself.