MODELUR (Urban Design)
Parametric Urban Design inside SketchUp!
MODELUR (Urban Design)

Modelur is a parametric Urban Design tool seamlessly integrated into SketchUp. It helps you to quickly create and test different urban design alternatives. In addition to calculating Urban Control Indicators in real-time it also alerts you when buildings are placed too close together.

Important announcement:

Version 0.4.5 is the last in the public Modelur Pre-beta series as we are now entering closed Beta stage, where new versions of Modelur will be available to invited users only.

If you would like to be one of the first to test upcoming releases, please apply for invitation using this form. We will start sending Beta invitations during the second quarter of 2016.


  • as simple and intuitive as SketchUp,
  • parametric buildings,
  • parametric land uses,
  • real-time calculation of Urban Control Indicators,
  • warnings when certain constraints are not satisfied (ie buildings are too close together),
  • available in several languages and
  • free of charge in Pre-beta Partner program!

Modelur is available to anyone interested, you only need to accept the terms and conditions of our Pre-beta Partner program. It is available for both, Windows and Mac platform. To see what Modelur is actually capable of, please visit our YouTube channel, where you can find a complete list of video tutorials. If you have any questions, you can check out our Google Groups Forum or send us an e-mail. To get the latest news about Modelur, you can visit our Blog.


Goutham S's picture

sorry i m new to this plugin ... where is the plot coverage option in mine plot plot parameters only contains plot area and plot distances...!

thank you

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Goutham,

plot coverage is calculated automatically based on plot area and sum of all built up areas.
You can find it under survey tab and export it to .csv file (Modelur UI File > Export urban design control values).

Please check out our introduction video, which among other shows this, too.


Goutham S's picture

thank you... :) will try it out...

-真鹿模式 天's picture

modelur_extensionLoader.rb is wrong...

Modelur Team's picture


can you please elaborate on your problem? From what you've written I don't understand what you mean...

We are aware that there is a problem with loading (more or less all) extensions in SketchUp 2016 M0, if users have non-ascii characters in their username on Windows platform. This will be fixed with new version of SketchUp.


kason W.'s picture

However i am not sure how to & why i couldnt calculate FAR base on different land use type. hopefully could get the reply from you coz i am really in tested in this plugin.

Modelur Team's picture

Hello Kason!

FAR (Floor Area Ratio) is ratio between Gross Floor Area and Plot size. It can thus never be calculated for Land Uses, as they do not hold any information on Plot size.

Please visit for more information (scroll down to Floor Area Ratio)


kason W.'s picture

Hi Jernet

Actually what I mean is, sometime we need to calculate plot ratio of different land use when we are doing urban design (say, this area we've got residential, industry and commercial use, normally we need FAR for all of them) so that we can have proper balance on construction intensity. However I couldnt figure out a way to do this math with this plugin. As an urban designer and an architect, i do hope your team could manage to improve this aspect. I don't mind keep communicating with your team.

Thanks for your effort!


Modelur Team's picture

Hi Kason,

thank you for your feedback! I propose we discuss feature suggestions at our forum (

But for the sake of completeness of this discussion, let's finish what we started here. If I understand correctly, you want to see how much each land use contributes to FAR (both in absolute and relative terms)? If so, the easiest option is to export urban control indicators to .csv (Modelur UI menu > File > Export Urban Control Values...), select all options and open the file in a spreadsheet software (eg. LibreOffice). Inthere you will find all the data you need to do just that, including how much of Gross Floor Area each Land Use contributes to the whole development.

Hope that helps?


PS: We are also accepting Beta invitation requests, where we are also sending out a few polls where registered users have an option to vote on Modelur's top priority missing features + add their suggestions... If interested, you can join by registering at our website (

Barry C's picture

very interested if free please.

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Barry,

the Pre-Beta version of Modelur is free of charge. But we will soon also be releasing closed Beta, for which you can apply at

atek s's picture

Look nice the plugin i have question regarding this plugin
For big project i have select each time the face and create the building from modelur icon can we select all or many faces and then create modelur random size for all the face small big average random shape building size can we?

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Atek,

thank you for your comment. You can select many faces and press create building icon, which creates many buildings, all at once. There is no generator for random heights, but you can use parametric maps, which we think is far better as you have full control where the buildings should be high and where low (and/or their built-up area). Please check out YouTube video at to see how parametric maps work.

If you need any additional information, please post it to our forums at

Best regards,

Designer P.'s picture

Whilst installing Modelur, a notification popped up that it would have the ability to access the file system on my computer. Can this be avoided?

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Designer P.

This is the default SketchUp message, which shows up every time you install .rbz extension (either from your disk or from here). This happens with all SketchUp Extensions. Any extension you install directly from Extension Warehouse should be pretty safe to use as they are inspected and approved by the SketchUp Team before they appear here.

As for Modelur, it does not touch any file on your computer except Modelur preferences, which are stored in ~AppData/Modelur. This is the standard for all applications. If you need any additional information, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Mulugeta W.'s picture


Modelur is such a great tool for urban and quick massing exercise. I was very excited and pleased about Modelur until it stopped working. I downloaded it this past Friday and came in to work today (Monday) and the massing information i have created are gone. All the input are working but the survey from Friday are erased. Typically, when you select the created massing, the building info will appear on the building tab but not in my case. I've tried to copy and paste the massing in a new file but same outcome. If I create a new massing Modelur works just fine but I am not sure how long until the information is gone. If you have any idea please help! thank you.

Modelur Team's picture



Hi Mulugeta,

thank you for sending us your file. We have identified the problem - you've put Modelur buildings into your own group. This is why Modelur cannot find them when initialized. You can easily solve this problem - just need to move Modelur buildings out of any group (they need to be on 'root' level), save the model and reopen it.

Best regards,

yax y's picture

Hi Guys,

I probably am thinking outta my skull right now, but I feel that Modelur since the day it came out has been the most intuitive parametric modeller for Sketchup. Speaking from an architectural point of view, Modelur would have been the bridge between Sketchup and Layout and perhaps with a little work could be the best design management plugin out there because it can send out parametric reporting and so on. Imagine if one could print out in excel all the needed parameters as quantities, or schedules for buildings straight out from Sketchup, Imagine if one could use Modelur side by side with Dibac plugin, Vali architect plugin, 1001bit or even Skeng. Imaging creating roof members from roof mass but with a unique design. Modelur could have many sub functions for example it makes me feel like I can create dynamic components on the fly simply because its visual. When I see Modelur, I see a plugin that can take on Visualarq and Grasshopper plugins for Rhino 3d. It has serious potential. The fact that it was built with urban design in mind would give it an extra edge as a parametric program, the fact that Sketchup now has IFC capabilities simply means that BIM has finally landed on Sketchup but without the boredom. Its not the easiest thing to write codes and create programs and you guys may not see what I am seeing but if you do launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo you probably would get support to help bring this plugin to its full potential.

Best regards

Modelur Team's picture

Hi yax y,

thank you very much for your kind review and a vision of what Modelur might become! We are always open for suggestions - in the end, this is exactly why we are releasing pre-beta versions of Modelur.

Although we already have plans to add some more funcionality prior to releasing the first full version, it is always to hear what others have to say... If interested, we can continue this discussion on our forum or through e-mail correspondence - please feel free to contact us!

Best regards,

zou y's picture


ed A.'s picture

Amazing extension, makes things so much easier! Thanks for all your hard work, cant wait for the commercial version.



It's really usefull extension, thank's! One recommendation: a number of apartments should be calculated by NFA, not by GFA.

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Ivan,

thanks for the suggestion - we have created a new ticket. You can expect this feature in one of the next releases of Modelur!

Best regards,
Jernej Vidmar

PS: In the future, we invite anyone who wants to send us some suggestion to use our forum:

Gary S's picture

This is an amazing plugin and can't wait for the commercial version.

Ive been using it for testing massing model alternatives for high rise projects

Highly recommended

Modelur Team's picture

Hi Gary,

thanks for a first comment and a positive review! If you have some suggestions on how to improve Modelur even further, please let us know.

Best regards,
Jernej Vidmar

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