Make Named Group
Create named groups.
Make Named Group

Create named groups.

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  • Edit » Make Named Groups

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Looks very simple. Thanks for the explanation. Cheers! Jasa SEO.

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It seems ok but dialogue windows disappears and it cannot be found. How can this issue be resolved? Does smn face some problems? - Vincent Grasa

Khaled M.'s picture

sounds great, but if it’s possible to control in right click menu, it would be much better. thank you

Dirk H.'s picture

Hi Tom,

sounds great, but after installing I can't find the dialog box. I checked the plugin is installed. What do I wrong?
Many thanks

ThomThom's picture

Did you look in the Edit menu? This extension isn't located under the usual Plugins/Extensions menu.

kheiro D.'s picture

thank you

psbDave's picture

Not sure if we are supposed to comment here or just review, but...

Thanks for updating this. No big deal, but would it be possible to add "Make Named Group" to the right click context menu (or give user option to do so), and/or make the focus start on the group name. I understand that the latter might mean that the group name appears after the layer name, and for me this is not a problem, but I understand if you think this will make the interface seem illogical. Thanks again.

Jaeyeok Yoon's picture

Very usefull and now it’s possible to control in what layer it’s nested. thank you for this simple but very effective plugin.

ayman F.'s picture

Cool Thx

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