Layer Tools
A small utility to quickly hide layers by click on entities.
Layer Tools

A small utility to quickly hide layers by click on faces/edges.

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Excellent idea, but current implementation is useless, as Thomas S already mentioned. Faces-edges are usually on layer0, groups-components are on other layers. The tool should check what component owns the picked face/edge, then get layer property of this component.

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I completely love the idea of this plugin! Tracking down individual layers to hide definitely slows me down. I downloaded it to give it a try but it looks like it may not work for my workflow. I always put all primary geometry on layer 0 and then group assemblies. I only put groups/components on layers other than 0. This plugin seems to ignore the layer that the group is on and looks at the layer the geometry is on.

Do I have this right? Is there a workaround to have the picker look at the layer the group/component is on rather than the geometry?

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