Height Datums Organizer
Nominate a list of Height Datums for your model, to measure against and recall.
Height Datums Organizer

FREE with our other plugin - Cross Reference Organizer Define as many datums as your project requires in a list.  Easily measure the height difference of your project's features against the relevant datum, using a cursor tool that incorporates 'snap-to' behaviour'. Optionally set persistent labels that automatically associate with the active layer. (A similar, simpler plugin - Height Above Datum - is available free, and may suit your needs.)


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The height of the datum doesn't accept feet and inches.
in architecture most of the time one use two datums...one is relative to thegeographic height...for example 1st floor = level 100 , this 100 is equal to the real datum (456m)... so would be nice to have the reference per datum from both (the architectural and the engineer one) because when you work in SU you have to build the model close to 0,0,0 no matter what datum you are.

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