Groups to Components
Recursively converts groups to components.
Groups to Components

Bulk conversion of groups to components. The group's name is transferred to the component's definition's name.

If anything selected, it processes only the selection, else it processes the current context.

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Markitekt's picture

How about Components to Groups? This would be extremely helpful when importing Revit models. Revit elements always come in as components which isn't always desirable especially if they're all unique. Thanks!

Eneroth3's picture

It would be very useful if groups sharing the same definition kept sharing the same definiton as components.

Georges L's picture

each group becomes a distinct component; you get as many components you had groups before using the plugin; so if the purpose was to create a single component, there are some additional work to be done:
> isolate all the unique components recently created on a scene
> select them
> replace them all by one of them using the native components windows of sketchup

Alena B.'s picture

Could you help me, please! I can't understand - how it's work? Maybe some tutorial, or video) Thank you!

Stefan K.'s picture

I'm looking for a plugin to convert "Layers to Groups" or "Layers to Components" (bulk).
Does this exist?
Thanks in advance :)

Brian d's picture

SO if I select multiple the same looking groups and convert them will they each be a single unique component or clones?

Michael S's picture

That is what I'm talking about -- many thanks!


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