Grid Tool
A tool to create 2-dimensional grids.
Grid Tool

Sometimes, a grid is the best way to understand an area. With the grid tool, you can create a series of squares made of guides to help you plan your model. Since the grid is made of guide lines, you don’t have to worry about sticky geometry, and they are easy to show or hide (click View > Guides).

To use the Grid Tool:

  1. Choose Tools > Grid
  2. Input a grid spacing value into the Measurements box and press Enter. The default is 1’.
  3. Click once to define the start corner of the grid.
  4. Move your mouse to define the total width of the grid.
  5. Click to set the width of the grid.
  6. Move your mouse perpendicular to define the length of the grid.
  7. Click a second time to anchor the final dimension of the grid.


I'm totally getting tired of finding websites that make the grid paper. I want to see websites where you put the coordinates in and the picture comes out. Who's with me? Say yes or no in the replies.

Styopa L.'s picture

Well, FWIW the reason I used it was to make gaming maps, so having the grid lines on it was the actual point for my usage...

If you just want to be able to program in points in 3d space and get a shape out of it, maybe POVRay?

would be nice if download option didn't log me out and return me to the extension warehouse home page and actually downloaded or installed the extension!

Try using a different browser. I had problems with Chrome but when I switched to Edge it downloaded without a problem.

JohnMcC's picture

Any chance this could be extended to show major and minor grid divisions - for example, 1' major divisions, 3" subdivisions (like graph paper)? My Ruby skills are probably too limited to do it myself, though I might try

Styopa L.'s picture

Is there a way to remove an applied grid? I have multiple areas that I put grid in, but then joined them, so the grids are misaligned...I'd like to clear the current grid from both, and re-apply a grid to the whole floor plan.


Great tool, btw.

Richard M's picture

Right click on the grid then choose 'Erase'

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For those that newbies (like me) that couldn't find Grid under Tools after googling and finding this page, Grid doesn't exist in the program without downloading this plugin.
To do this, inside Sketchup go to Windows, Extension Warehouse, search for Grid.
You may need to login to your account etc, then you should be able to install.

Andrew D's picture

PlusSpec also has a grid Tool.

rdwilkins's picture

PlusSpec costs $900.

Ammar Y's picture

i can't find it !!

Eileen F's picture

No measurement box appears.

Harsh U.'s picture

Is there any way to make the lines of the grid solid? I want to do landscaping and I need a solid grid to do so

Mohammad S's picture

great tool :)

Josh P's picture

Can't change grid size in measurements tab, running windows 7 home edition and need to work in 1cm increments. I can use the tool, but its stuck at 305mm squares. Please help.

Josh P's picture

Whoops sorry guys, you click once to start making your grid, then before you click the second time to make the grid you type in your measurements (10mm for me) and have to hit enter after you type in what you want, then when you go to set your grid it does it right. Awesome tool can't believe sketchup didn't have something like that already in it!

pw2002's picture

same for me

Trevor S.'s picture

Im having the same issue, plugin does not appear under tools

x Y.'s picture

This tool doesnt appear at all after installation.

Rick B's picture


Sam M's picture

I can't get this plugin to appear. Its in my plugins folder but doesn't appear in the Tools dropdown. Have re-started SU and re-started the PC but still no joy. Any help much appreciated.

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Tony S's picture

Mac 10.7.5 user, with SU 2014, can't see the problem others have described with limitations on grid size, etc. The grid is a Group, and like any Group it can be edited, lines deleted, moved, rotated, etc. I find it easy to use and a valuable addition to the tool palette.

Jim Pate's picture

I've got a project involving Marine - Ship line drawings and I sure hope your grid program can be placed over an imported JPG. I want to trace the hull lines and put each station on separate layers.

I HOPE.... I HOPE..... Jim Pate (Sr.)

It wont let me change the grid size in the measurements box... stuck on 12" and I want 1"

FBPrescher's picture

same thing here. want 1" and stuck on 12"

Ethan V's picture

Check your OS X version. Maybe you need to upgrade for this tool to work properly.

Ethan V's picture

The grid size works fine for me (Mac OS X Mountian Lion 10.8.4). I'm using it for drafting a solar home and have it set to 1".

FBPrescher's picture

I have a windows 8 OS and wish to know how to set the grid to 1 inch

Steve H's picture

Why does this extension need permission to modify files on my filesystem? (Just curious)

It seems to work fine in metric (under Windows), and I'm using it to demark the build platform in centimeters.

However, it's very easy to 'select' the grid when editing. Is there a way to have it be visible, but not selectable? I'm looking for behavior like the Axis lines.. virtual entities for visual guidance only.

The X's picture

I love this tool! ... I do have one suggestion tho. It would be perfect if you could incorporate the ability to create irregular grids. ie: Ones that are made up of rectangles as well as squares, so I suppose I'm asking for the ability to specify both dimensions rather than only one. For example entering 200,150 will allow for a grid of rects 200 x 150. As an extension to this idea, how difficult would it be to create grids comprised to hexagons, or pentagons? Now THAT would be the ultimate!

Joshua F's picture

You might be able to create rectangular grids by creating your standard square grid, then resizing one axis of it with the Scale Tool.

Adrian P's picture

Yep, same problem as Hanna J.

Makes this plugin unusable and uncompatitble with MacOSX.

Adrian P's picture

I have tried installing this with SU14/Mavericks and it seems to be working fine now.

Karl M's picture

Is there a chance to change the grid to metric units?

Thank you!

W M.'s picture

Karl M: enter it with the units - e.g. 10mm

Extension works great, thanks

Hanna J's picture

On the Mac at least, the grid can only make one foot squares (even in metric mode). If you change the dimensions, it ignores them and draws a one foot grid anyway.

ThomThom's picture

The animation would be easier to understand if it would pause a little bit on the last frame so you see the end result.

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