Generate Surfaces from curves by Lofting and Skinning

Curviloft is a script dedicated to Loft and Skinning, that is, generation of surfaces from contours.

  • Loft by Spline joins separate contours, open or closed, by smooth splines
  • Loft along Path joins contours, along a given rail curve.
  • Skinning create surfaces bounded by 4 or 3 contiguous contours



You can get more information and documentation on the Home Page for Curviloft on Sketchucation.



IMPORTANT: Requires you also install LibFredo6.



Curviloft, like my other plugins, is hosted on Sketchucation. Sketchucation is a Community site entirely dedicated to Sketchup. It includes an ExtensionStore of 800+ plugins, as well as a quite rich Discussion Forum about Sketchup and a Gallery. Registering on Sketchucation is FREE.


IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH LIBFREDO6 INSTALLATION OR WITH SKETCHUCATION, it is advised to watch the video "LibFredo6 Installation".


i have install lifredo then curviloft but it seems that the curviloft does not appear.. how i am going to do?

I think that the tine has come for Trimble to create a professionally thought through integrated set of tools to replace the Fredo skinning and lofting tools. The guy that wrote the Fredo tools is clearly a clever bloke and probably gets paid little or nothing for his efforts. I have been struggling with these tools for many years and they are woefully inadequate and unreliable. I love sketchup and do not want to change but other softwares have moved on and are massively more powerful and easier to use in this area..TRIMBLE WHATIS THE PLAN?! PLEASE SORT THIS OUT...
Cheers Steven

i tried to register an account at sketchucation but they wanted 75.00 for 12 mos. that was janky. do i have to go through sketchucation to get each of your plugins? i have other plugins and i dont remember dealing with that page before.

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Registration on Sketchucation is completely FREE. Just choose the option at the top of the page "Want to register a Free Account"


necesito dercargar curviloft