Component Replacer
Replace group or components while preserving position and scale.
Component Replacer

Replace selected groups or components by picking a replacement group or component in the model. The replacement will ensure the bounding box of the instance remains the same - regardless of scale or origin.

Press Ctrl while picking to disable scaling.


  1. Make a selection containing groups and components. (Doesn't matter if it contains more, it'll be ignored.)
  2. Activate the tool
  3. Pick another group or component instance to replace the ones in your selection.


2D components cannot be replaced at the moment.

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What can I say? One more great plugin that works ideally and saves a lot of time in my work on for managing data.

Hanelore D.'s picture

Beautiful tool, saved me a lot of time! Thanks so much!

Frank S.'s picture

It seems if the component axis of the first and second are different the result is scaled according to those axis.

Philipp M's picture

Wow, thank you so much! This tool is small but awesome ;)

nekopantsu's picture

you're the best ThomThom. Been using your plugins for years. This one also saved me a lot of time.

Jorge G's picture

ThomThom thks.
Question, I made a model using a component called "brick" size 25x12x6. (20000 of them)
I Need to replace bricks with smaller ones (23x11x5). Your tools is great for that. BUT a rescale implies that it only changes Color and name of components.

Not rescaling places new smaller components where bigger one were increasing space between them.

If you are still developing, a nice tool would be one that redistributes space between evenly distributed components.


chiklopes L.'s picture

I need a that upload/reload the components automatically:
1-components in specific folder
2-while open the file, should check out if all components are actualized
3- if the components have not changed then should just open the file
4- if they have changed (all or some) then all this components should be reload automatically, without selecting one by one....
5-I must have an option if i want to actualize the components or not....
can anyone help me please
ps: I must learning ruby this year....

Steve W.'s picture

test review for component-replacer

Thomas T.'s picture

test #2

Thomas T.'s picture

test responce

BryceOsaurus's picture

test reply

caleb s's picture

Having trouble with this tool changing the scale of components

ThomThom's picture

Can you be more specific?

Heather K's picture

This is a very helpful tool- much faster than "swap component" if you already have the other component in the model. This will cut down on drawing time tremendously- thank you!

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