Cleans up and optimizes your SketchUp model.


  • Fixes duplicate component definition names ( When in model scope )
  • Purge unused items
  • Erase hidden geometry
  • Erase duplicate faces
  • Erase lonely edges ( Except edges on cut plane )
  • Remove edge material
  • Repair split edges
  • Smooth & soft edges
  • Put edges and faces to Layer0
  • Merge identical materials
  • Merge connected co-planar faces

Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » CleanUp


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Matthew L's picture

Could you please send me my email back then because I don't want to write everything over again. thanks

Matthew L's picture

Hey Thom,

I sent you an email about a week ago and never heard back, could you please help me out.

ThomThom's picture

Hi Matthew. I'm currently in the states travelling. My emails are very back logged at the moment. I'd recommend you make a post in the forums, - as I'm not likely to have much time until I'm back home next month.
There are plenty of skilled SketchUppers which I'm sure will be able to answer your questions.
(It's also my preferred way to answer questions - publicly in forums so other people can benefit and even propose a better answer than what I can muster up.)

Cathie S's picture

I'm seeking to install Cleanup3 but when I try to install it I get the error message:
" This extension has not been marked as being compatible with your version of SketchUp. You may experience usability issues if you try to install this extension."
I am using Sketchup 2014 which it says is supported, on a Mac with OSX 10.9.5. I'd welcome any suggestions as to why I'm getting this message and how I can install the extension.

ThomThom's picture

This sounds like a bug in Extension Warehouse.
Can you make sure you are signed in before downloading?

V P's picture

I installed the plugin but can't access it. I don't have the plugin menu like you do in the video. What do I do?

ThomThom's picture

Did you install TT_Lib as well?
Have you restarted SketchUp?
What SketchUp version are you using?
Are you using Windows or OSX?

Timmy L's picture

when i run cleanup it reports what it did in a box on the screen… when i run it immediately again, it reports the same thing? why isn’t it saving what it says it did?

ThomThom's picture

Some times SketchUp there are some small items that doesn't really "fix". These are not easy to detect. Just ignore them. When the number of fixed items doesn't change any more then CleanUp has done what it can.

Jason G's picture

Good M'aftern'evening,

I am getting the following message upon opening SketchUp (version 14.1.1282 on Windows 7 Pro):

Error Loading File core.rb
Error: #
C:/Users/jasong/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/core.rb:225:in `'
C:/Users/jasong/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/core.rb:33:in `'

I am not sure if the problem lies with the TT library or the Clean up tool. I have attempted to re-install both, but this message remains. I would appreciate any help you might provide.



ThomThom's picture

The core.rb file hasn't been installed correctly. How did you install it? The preferred method is to use Extension Warehouse from within SketchUp to install it. Alternativly, download the RBZ and use Preferences > Extensions > Install Extensions.

Your error, showing that the core.rb file is located directly in the root of the Plugins folder - which I've only seen before when people used ZIP utilities that extracted without preserving sub-folders. Though I see you use SU2014 - so I'm surprised if you'd done that.

Jason G's picture


I do not recall installing "core.rb" at all. I just uninstalled/reinstalled SketchUp and deleted all associated folders, yet when I opened the reinstalled version, the error message was still present. I am currently searching my computer for this file so I can remove it and start from scratch. Any further ideas?


update: for some reason I could not see the files listed in the error message. After copy/pasting I was able to see and delete those files and so I am hopeful the new reinstall will take care of the problem.

update2: problem solved!

Ecem C.'s picture

i have version 2015.i installed but cant make this plugin.. .pls help can i active this plgin?

Carina C.'s picture

I have IE version 11.

Carina C.'s picture

Installing was no problem, but I get a black overview when clicking settings by menu, "clean". I use sketchup 8. This way I can't change the settings. Clean with last settings does work though, but I don't know what settings are default. Can you help?

ThomThom's picture

Are you using Windows or OSX? If you're on Windows, what Internet Explorer version do you have installed?

Carina C.'s picture

Thanks for reaction, I'm using Windows 7 and google chrome. I'm not using IE, but have version 11.

ThomThom's picture

SketchUp use the Internet Explorer engine for the WebDialogs - which is why I'd like to know what version of IE you have installed. What browser you use for surfing website isn't relevant in this case.

Carina C.'s picture

I installed sketchup 2015, same problem. Can you help please?

ThomThom's picture

What is the exact path to where SketchUp is installed?

Carina C.'s picture

C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp for Sketchup 8 and
C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015 for Sketchup 2015

ThomThom's picture

Can you open the Ruby Console (under Window menu) before trying to open the CleanUp UI? Post back any errors.
Also, can you post a screenshot of the window? (You can post on the SketchUp forum:

Carina C.'s picture

I've uploaded a new topic. Couldn't upload the printscreen of the ruby, as I could only upload one picture. Oh and I don't get any error messages.

ThomThom's picture

Nothing? That's very odd.
Did you keep the Ruby Console open before you tried to open the CleanUp window?
(Can we continue this in the forum thread?)

witsanu T.'s picture


pablo s's picture

works fine on sketchup 2015. For those of you not seeing an 'extensions' tab, a reboot of sketchup after manual install of 'ttlib' and 'cleanup' worked for me

Neal H's picture

This worked perfectly! Thank you!

Scott Andreas F's picture

Hello. I cant find the cleanup extension anywhere. It does not show in my plugins menu at the top bar, or in any other menu at the top bar. How do I accsess CleanUp3?

ThomThom's picture

What version of SketchUp and how did you install CleanUp? Did you install from Extension Warehouse within SketchUp or did you download the RBZ using a browser and installed it manually?

Сергей И.'s picture

Hi, dear ThomThom, please say how to enable this plugin in sketchup 2014? this version dont have panel "plugins" (( I have looked everywhere

ThomThom's picture

It would be the same as in the older versions of SketchUp.
How did you install it, via Extension Warehouse from within SketchUp or did you download the RBZ and try to install manually?
Did you also make sure to install TT_Lib?

생연 김.'s picture

스케치업 2014버전에서는 호환이 되지않는건가요?

ThomThom's picture

The extension should work in SU2013 and SU2014. Even older versions. Are you getting error messages?

Anna C's picture

i cant install this plugin,
dont showme anything

ThomThom's picture

Can you provide some more info?
What have you tried? Where does it fail?
Windows or OSX?
What SketchUp version?
Did you try to install directly from Extension Warehouse in SketchUp? Or did you use a browser to download the RBZ?
Did you install the required TT_Lib2? Linked in the description and should pop up a message if missing.

audri P.'s picture

why i cant use rbz file in my sketchup 8? can you help me, thanks

joerg K's picture

SU 2014, WIN7 64, COREL X7 dxf export

I imported DXF from Corel X7, the result itself was inexact cause of rounded edges.
Anyway, less work than drawing new completely, but after running cleanup with serveral settings the selection either disappeared or the selection is still a collection of disconnected lines, so that i have to define at least one line to close the figure. (same works without cleanup)
I understood CU3 as ->select figure ->run cleanup = well defined planar surface, or am i wrong?

EDIT: COREL export solved, export as DXF AUTOCAD R11 is nearly perfect

Ibrahim Y's picture

you are a true genius

Isabel R's picture

i just downloaded this and the required extension along with it. how do i find it on the menu or know that its even working?

Isabel R's picture

i just downloaded this and the required extension along with it. how do i find it on the menu or know that its even working?

Murphy M's picture

Great idea! But my Material window locks up after using it. I can close and reopen it but the controls within it remain locked. The up/down slider, clicking on a material, switching from textures to colors, etc are all frozen. Any ideas?

Edit: I can chooose a material from the Materials window and apply it to a face, but it does not apply the material that I chose. It seems to randomly select a different texture each time.

Edit: I’ve now used it 4 times and every time it crashes SketchUp.

Using SketchUp2014….maybe that’s the issue?

JOHN L.'s picture

I need this. A great plun-ins!

I need to install some other software to make it run (on OSX) but this software doesn’t download.
What can i do?

mjid's picture

Thanks, merci...

i am speechless...
this tool save me days of work, just by one click!!!
i think that is the best tool i ever see in skechup or any other program...
it must to be part of skechup and not only as ext.

Puertas y D's picture


Ahmad A's picture

Thank you

Why am I not able to download it? I get a message saying that it is outdated!

Mohammed B's picture

Thank you, it is amazing

Ran A's picture

This is one of the most important plug-ins.