Artisan Organic Toolset
Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for artists, designers and landscape architects
Artisan Organic Toolset

With powerful subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools, Artisan is ideal for creating:

  • Terrain and landscapes
  • Furniture
  • Characters
  • Abstract sculptures and decorative objects
  • Fabric, curtains, and pillows
  • Rocks, Trees, and Plants

Go to the Artisan Learning Center to view the comprehensive manual and video tutorials.

For additional support or for volume licenses, visit the Artisan website.


Features Include:

Subdivision Surfaces

  • Robust subdivision algorithm that can handle very complex geometry
  • Subdivide and smooth selected faces, groups, or components
  • Crease edges or vertices to create hard edges
  • Knife subdivide tool for creating loops
  • Extrude tool to create loops without interior faces
  • Low-poly ‘Proxy Mode’ that automatically updates the subsurface geometry as you edit

New Subdivision Features in Artisan

  • Perform subdivision or smoothing on any selection of faces
  • Auto-subdivision of selection boundary faces that results in cleaner meshes after subdividing
  • Quickly preview subsurface geometry prior to committing
  • Proper interpolation of UVs for subdivided geometry
  • Faster subdivision and better topology

Brush Tools

  • Sculpt Brush (sculpt, pinch/spread, flatten, inflate/deflate, smooth/jitter)
  • Select Brush (select faces by performing strokes)
  • Paint Brush (paint SketchUp materials on faces using virtual brushstrokes)
  • Symmetrical sculpting mode using with user-defined work plane
  • Lock vertices to user-defined work plane

Vertex Transformation Tools

  • Soft Selection
  • Soft Move, Rotate, and Scale
  • Make Planar (XY, XZ, YZ, or best fit)

Mesh Optimization (Polygon Reduction)

  • -Much faster and more robust than the free Polyreducer plugin


Do not post questions in the section below.  Reviews only please.


I purchased the "Artisan Toolset" when I tried using one of the tools, a dialog box pops up saying "There is a problem with your License for Artisan. Please activate your License or contact Tech Support to request one.

I filled out the contact form waiting long enough for a response! I NEED TO BE WORKING not solving these issues!!!
My support request number is 09832675

Can someone help me please?

Order Details:
Order Confirmation Number: 749834
Transaction Date: August 1, 2017 2:09:46 PM EDT

Whaat's picture

To receive a quick response, please contact us using the Customer Support email above and we will be happy to solve this issue for you. This area is for reviews only. Thanks!

The SketchUp support contact forms do not come to us.

Hello, I was currently trying the trial version in 2016, and send me a notification about not having the liscence please some help

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Please contact us using the Customer Support email above. This area is for reviews only. Thanks!

Achie20's picture

I bought and installed the extension in sketchup 2017 before noticing the extension was for sketchup 2016. I also have sketchup 2016 installed and tried downloading the extension but noticed I require to pay. How do i transfer my purchase to sketchup 2016?

Whaat's picture

Please contact us using the Customer Support email above. This area is for reviews only. Thanks!

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This plugin is totally worth it. There was a bit of a learning curve, but they provide a learning center. There's even a button under Tools > Artisan > Learning Center, so you can access it anytime you have a question. Once you get the hang of it, it allows you to draw organic things very easily. 9/10

Guillaume P's picture


I bought the plugin Artisan 1 month ago.
Today I updated sketchup (2016 to 2017).
I reinstalled Artisan (without going through extension warehouse, I bought the .rbz verion) but this one is no longer usable (the buttons are gray).
I also can't find where to put the product key to activate it.
What is needed to make it work again?
Thank in advance for your answer.
Best regards.

Guillaume P.

Steven S's picture

I noticed my Artisan Paint Brush tool didn't work (all other tools seem ok). Went looking for my License No., but couldn't find it on receipt of purchase (Extension Warehouse) so used the Artisan website to look it up but apparently my email isn't on their register so no License.

So no Paint Brush & no LIcense. Email sent to mindsight studios.

Steven S's picture

Update: my Artisan Paint Brush works! It only works on the default up side (white) of a face/mesh as opposed to the down side (grey). Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere in the documentation or videos but would be a nice little tip to add. Maybe Artisan needs a version of the SketchUp Doh book.

Just need to get my License No. now.

Mark M's picture

hi i would like to ask, this artisan is applicable to Sketch Up 2013 also? I want to purchase but want to make sure that i am using the right version of sketch up

thank you

AC's picture

Hi, my trial has finished and I want to buy it now that it has a 30% discount.
The problem is I can't see the purchase button, only Uninstall (I already did it) and Install.
How can I buy it here? Thanks.

Ok I figured it out.

Be warned however I was able to purchase the product but my license still doesn't work.
I just purchased it, so perhaps it hasn't initialized yet.

So click on your name in the upper right hand corner, and then click my extensions.

It will take you to a page where you can unistall the Artisan Organic Toolset. After you have unistalled it from this page you will be able to purchase it. At least that worked for me.

Best regards.

Hi Johnathan R,

Question about the message...

Did you have to purchase the product twice for it to work?

Because I purchase the Artisan Toolset, got my receipt via email and my license doesn't work.

SO are you saying after purchasing the first time, you unistall it and purchase it again?

I just tried the product again and it is working now!!!! YAY!!! Awesome stuff thank you for making this!!!

Whaat's picture

Thank you! Glad it is working. If you have questions, please be sure to contact the customer support email instead of using the 'Reviews' area.

Whaat's picture

Hi AC - please contact SketchUp support about this issue. I am unable to help you here.

I'm also experiencing this same problem. Sketchup support has been notified.

Sketchup didn't do anything... They told me to come to you... Your loosing money on sales, and I'm going to guess your loosing a lot of it.

Nicolas D's picture

i do not succeed when i update my mac i have lost all my extensions so now i purchase artisan year ago and i can install but i cannot find the license!!!
and even if i would like to pay again i can't!!! i lose yoo many time to try to install it again so please send me a number for my license..
it would so kind of you.
i waist more than a day and i have a ton of work!!!

thanks in advance

Whaat's picture

If you purchased from, you can have your license info resent by going here:

Nicolas D's picture

they ask me the number of the license?
where can i find it

Whaat's picture

You don't need a license key if you purchased from the Warehouse. More info here:

I purchased Artisan tools some days ago for 27$ fron warehouse! Yesterday i had to reinstaling sketchup (same version...2016) but i "loose" Artisan tools. I can see it to the warehouse extentions bat i cant dowload tels me that it is instaled in 2 computers.... any help please!!!

Whaat's picture

Hi - please contact SketchUp support - thank you for your purchase!

Thanks! But sketchup suport is only for pro version. I use simple sketchup make ... can you give a link ? for contact them to the wrihgt service?

Guy E's picture

I bought already ARTISAN which i used for SU2016. How could i recover it since i have downloaded SU 2017 recently?

Whaat's picture

You can update to the latest version using the EW or by going here:

Cemile C's picture

I want to buy license with discount %30 but on your site it is 39 $ . So how i can buy with discount price..


Whaat's picture

The discount is for purchases made directly from the Extension Warehouse. Just click the purchase button at the top of this page.

Jan H's picture

Can I still purchase a copy of the software via the website?

Whaat's picture

yes, at

Hello, I download and installed the extension without a problem but I can't use it. There are no more than 15 days of trial? (this is the first time i use this extension) thanks

Whaat's picture

Hello Manu - After the trial is expired, the only way to activate Artisan is to purchase a license. I am unable to extend the trial at this time.

why can't i use it, there is no free 15 days trial?

Whaat's picture

Hi Daryl,
If you have previously installed Artisan on your computer and the trial has expired, the plugin will be deactivated. Otherwise, you should be able to use the 15 day trial.

i mean, there's no free trial, when i installed it, the tools were all grayed and can't be used, please help, im looking forward to try this plugin

Whaat's picture

Hi Daryl - I have responded via email. Let's continue the conversation there as needed. This area is really intended for reviews and not customer support.

Great extension. Question for you. Is it possible to change the brush size?

Vince L's picture

i really love this plugin as well as the profile builder 2 :) Is there other way of purchasing these plugin besides Credit Card? Like western union or something??? The problem is that I do not have a credit card. STUDENT PROBLEMS

Whaat's picture

Sorry, only Credit and Paypal are accepted. Do you have a friend or family member with a credit card that could purchase on your behalf?

Danilo V.'s picture

My trial is expired, now how to buy the extention?

Whaat's picture

Hi Danilo,
You can purchase at

Beppe C.'s picture

you are the best 4e

dung p's picture

I have been an error, my icons dimmed, please help me. Thanks Admin.

Mr J.'s picture

What a pity, I wanted a Free Version, but .. Thank you anyway.

Sanidhya P.'s picture

how to install is.

Mr J.'s picture

in SketchUp, with window tab, go to preference, on system preference, click Extensions, and then click install Extensions.
go to where your plugin downloading folder and setup it.

tomasz c's picture

Some updates in near future?:]

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