Align selected entites in 2D or 3D

Align selected entites in 2D or 3D, or align a group or component to a target axis system, the alignment being done based on the group/component axes.


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I wish someone would explain how this tool works. I can't get any results with it.

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I would recommend people to use "s4u-align" instead.

Trying to align three cylinders - it's as clear as mud. I've used Sketchup half a dozen times or so, so:
1/ point at START Origin + red + green axis
2/ point at END Origin + red + green axis
Means nothing to me, it sounds like I need to be clicking in the centers of the round face of the cylinders but the centers aren't confirmed when waving the cursor around above the faces. In absolute laymans terms, how do you use it?

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Love this tool!

How in the world does this tool work.
It says you can do this in 2D.

I expect something like a traditional 2D align tool.
Select chape 1,
Select shape 2,
Click Left Justify, or Center Justify and BAM it should do that

It is doing things I am not 100% sure of why.
If I have two identical cubes already aligned in the Y and Z axis.
Say they are offset by 50% in the X axis, but I don't want them touching.
I simply want them to be aligned now in the X axis.
How would I select these 5 points to accomplish this.

I will play with it for another few minutes.

could you give a description of how to use this tool?

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Hi Ally
Depending on where You use the tool (Right click / Align) or menu, Align tool seems to work diffently.
I dont use it veru often but simple using right clic :
1/ point at START Origin + red + green axis
2/ point at END Origin + red + green axis

That's all
Hope I hellped you out

Using Sketchup ver. 15.3.329 and like some others, after install the Align tool does not show up in tools or elsewhere I could find.

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Hi Carl and Didier
Context menu YES

the second way to find didier's nice align tool is
1/use "Launch Up" plugin
2/Type "Bur" in the search area
3/click on Align Tool [D. Bur]

Would it be possible to access your source code ?
My dother (14) is trying to code.
I'd like her to add a function to your code : Duplicate Aligned element with sketchup move behaviour (##* or ##/)
Practicle for stairs.

Best reagards

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Even in the context menu when something is selected ?

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can you tell me how to get rid of red green and blue align component guide lines

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Hi Jarod,

Go to "Model info", click on "Components", uncheck "Display components axes" at the bottom of the dialog.

N.B.: In fact, the display of components axes should not happen because the script temporarily activates it and inactivate it at the end of the align command.
Maybe you selected a component or group to align it then cancel the command ? In this case the display of components axes is not reset to its original state (little bug...)

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absolute life saver!

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SketchUp 2015 update please!

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This plugin works in SU2015...

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The plugin is distributed as .rbs (Scrambled Ruby) and as such is exceedingly difficult to edit (must figure out how to decrypt it, then edit it, then re-encrypt it). As a result, the workaround listed at the Sketchucation link provided by Heracles P is more trouble than it’s worth. I suppose I’ll just stick to measuring the angle and manually rotating/moving the components into place. :(

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What about sketchup 2014 ?

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update for SU 2014 please!!

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How do you use it? (After installation)

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Those having difficulty with this extension system: log in first then you click [Download] which then turns into [Install]. After clicking [Install] you'll find it at the bottom of the context menu.

THEN once you've worked that out .. you now have to work out how to use it!

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does it show each object axis all over the model as soon as you install it to someone else or it's just me.. ? very annoying !!! can we hide those?

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Yes, over here too. I'm turning it to Sketchucation forums for help. Hope the author can come up with a fix.
By the way, anyone knows how to contact him/her? No link in the extension page.

EDIT: It's a basic tweak. Already found out. Go to Window - Model Info - Components and turn them off.

Credit goes to jaceguay at

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Like it! Draw an icon.

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Appears just fine under Tools > Align and works great in version 14.0.4899 on OS X 10.9.2. Would be cool if you could add a button or shortcut natively, but System preferences works for now.

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doesn't show in de menu BAD !!

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ha sireosly bed

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BAD, Unable to install this Extension. WHY??

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i don't see

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Tools menu? I see nothing...

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You find the tool in the tools menu

Thank you for the nice tool. I am new to SketchUp and this is the very first tool I download. I have tried using it and it looks very useful.
One question: When I select the wrong orientation for an axis, how can I go back or abort the operation so I can start over?
In one try, I selected some axes that didn't make sense and the program crashed.
Thank you.

Tools >Align.
cannot see a toolbar for it , but it could be hiding ...
How to use it .

Where does the tool install too? Cant find it if I go to View>Toolbars.

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very good!

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Hi there,
Do you know a way to take a 2D jpg and convert to 3D componant?

Thank you,

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muy bueno

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