3skeng Pipe (for MAC and PC)
Generate and edit pipelines, work with standard fittings and components
3skeng Pipe (for MAC and PC)


Only a few more days until we release "3skeng 2016" for SketchUp 2016 !!!

Look forward to new & improved tool features and new & updated libraries !!!


3skeng is an extension for the design and documentation of MEP and 3D piping. All you need to draw pipelines is integrated in this powerful tool. Pipes, t-pieces, reducers as well as elbows can be generated and strung together in a smooth and straight-forward workflow. You have access to common diameter standards (ANSI, ASME, ISO EN and JIS). Magnetic points and a memory function are powerful parts of the tool and assist you in your work process.

Work with 3skeng Pipe for a free trial period!

Pipe conceptual mode

Generate pipelines and fittings with a few clicks. Conceptual pipelines with outer diameters only use graphic card friendly low number of elements. Use 3skeng edit and 3skeng connect to manipulate the pipeline arrangement.  

Pipe detail mode 

With just one switch you can convert 3skeng pipe to a tool working in the same intuitive way with library elements. Libraries with component dimensions matching to real parts can be purchased in the 3skeng in-app store. 3skeng edit, connect, list and label can be used in the same way as in conceptual mode. Even a combination of detail and conceptual pipeline elements is possible. 

3skeng Edit & Rotate

Edit and re-arrange your pipe, fitting and component arrangement. The edit tool is so intuitive that it nearly follows alone your ideas. Use magnetic points or the input of numeric values in a way you know this from SketchUp.

3skeng Connect

Move or copy segments of a pipe arrangement to a new location. Magnetic points will help you to connect the elements exact aligned to the pipe center. All elements will be aligned in the pipe direction, which help you to generate very fast correct models.

3skeng Label

This tool enables you to add multi- text and labels to groups and components. Various adjustable parameters allow individual adaptations to the particular label task at hand. During the automated alignment you determine the position and distance of the labels.

3skeng List

Select parts of your model or the entire pipe model and generate a list with detailed part information. You can easily transfer the list content via the clipboard to your own calculation sheets or bill of materials.

3skeng Libraries (new libraries available!)

Libraries with several ten thousand parts in metric and imperial sizes are available in the in-app store. Library parts are based on standards or on popular pipe systems and are grouped by material and application. Manage your libraries with the 3skeng client.

3skeng Client

Use your 3skeng client to purchase, install and manage 3skeng tools and libraries. All 3skeng tools can be evaluated for up to 30 days for free. Use your 3skeng with all purchased tools and libraries on up to three of your computers.

Install 3skeng

Click below to install the 3skeng client. Follow the instructions to install 3skeng tools and libraries.




Enzo A's picture

Cargue como 10 veces el código de activación y no me deja usarlo. Que hagooooo.
Quiero dessintalar la extencion y tampoco me deja, ya probe varias formas

andre.klatt@shk.com's picture

Hi Enzo,
Please check our Q&A page http://www.3skeng.com/en/support.htm
No answer found? Send an email to support@3skeng

Best regards

phil s's picture

Regarding 3SKeng PIPING ... when drawing copper pipe there are only steel type flanged valves available, not any copper sweat conntection valves.

I have a similar problem PVC and CPCV piping... nothing showes in the libraries... when the valve icon is available it only brings up steel pipe type flanged valves.

Am I missing something?


3skeng©'s picture

Hello Phil,

The current copper library version does not contain valves, the upcoming next version will.
Both the PVC-C and CPVC library contain valves, so you should be able to use them as long as you have the appropriate library in your account.

As we don't know your user account, we can only offer you to send an e-mail to Support@3skeng.com and we will further look into your problem.

By the way, you can access libraries in the 3skeng client tab by clicking on “manage libraries” (see screenshot). Here you can learn more about library content as you can find detailed pdf-files with the library’s content for most libraries.

We are currently working on updates of the libraries "Imperial Steel", "Imperial Stainless Steel", "Metric Galvanized Steel", "Metric Copper Pressing Socket" and "Metric Stainless Steel Pressing Socket".

There are also brand-new libraries, e.g. "Imperial Ductile Iron" and "Imperial Galvanized Steel" soon to be released.

Best Regards

Hans, 3skeng technical Support

Hans Lemmer I SHK Engineering & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG I Eschenweg 15 I D 85354 Freising

Ema A.'s picture

no puedo instalarlo.xq??

Mohan Lal P's picture

Respected sir,
i have a problem to run this extension, i downloaded it its trial version,but it is not seeing yet my skp screen. Pls help......

andre.klatt@shk.com's picture

Dear Mohan Lal,

3skeng 2014 will be installed for exactly the same user account who execute the setup. This may be a reason. If you have installed - as usual - as administrator and then try to use 3skeng as another user, you may not found the 3skeng extension in your SketchUp 2014 or 2015 application.

Please check additionally if the 3skeng Toolbar probably is hidden or untagged. To check the tagging go to the SketchUp menu "View > Toolbars", look for the entry "3skeng Engineering 2014" and ensure this entry is tagged.

In case of there is no 3skeng entry in the list of toolbars, go to the menu "Window > Preferences", go to the entry "Extensions" and check that the extension "3skeng Engineering 2014" is available and tagged. Otherwise 3skeng is not properly installed.

Best Regards
Andre, 3skeng technical support
Andre Klatt I SHK Engineering and Consulting GmbH & Co. KG I Eschenweg 15 I D 85354 Freising

Chestina's picture

Thank You

Scott B's picture

3skeng pipe is a great add-on used this for designing my furture dream aquarium. user friendly and exellent customer service. highly recomend using this.

Thomas P.'s picture

Really like this extension!

Couple of questions:

I am working on a project where slip-on flanges are desired for their compactness. Are you thinking about adding other flanges to the system?

Why are the instruments that can be imported limited based on size? It would be really nice to import 16" gate valves/ball valves, etc. but currently only butterfly valves are allowed once you reach a certain diameter.

When in detail mode, why are there not 22.5 degree bends possible? I like that they can be created in conceptual, but wish they were available in detail as well.

Once again, great product, just a few things I have noticed using it!

Keep it up!!

phakdey c's picture


Ted T's picture

problem with installing on mac 10.9 (setup is not opening)

Almmohep L's picture


Nurlan A.'s picture

Mac version please)

Lucas F.'s picture

Aparece este cartel:
Not Found

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.
No de deja descargar las extensiones...

andre.klatt@shk.com's picture

Hello Lucas,

if a WebSite or a part of it is temporary not available, then you could get this Error 404 message.

Just wait some minutes and try again.
If the error persists, please contact the 3skeng support team.
Visit http://www.3skeng.com for more informations.

best regards
your 3skeng support team

Ben G's picture

I would really like to be able to modify, or add my own pipeline components into the UI (example: properly dimensioned 150# blank flange.) Is there a way to do that other than editing them manually?

I love the extension, and it has saved me so much time in my projects. Well done!

Mark D's picture


동학 김.'s picture

I am mechanical engineer.
Is there way to register and use that I made some components? (ex. valve...)

kengyry54's picture


Mitchel S.'s picture

3SKENG is the BEST plugin for modeling and designing piping systems. Both the conceptual and detailed modes are great. Just like Sketchup the UI is extremely intuitive.

Thanks you for this plugin

Mitchel Stangl

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179492256's picture

国木 膦ghhh

Thach n's picture

please give me active code for 3Keng free!!!

worse plugin ever used. crashed my sketchup 2013

3skeng©'s picture

extre f,

every release of 3skeng is tested in various configurations before release. However, it is not possible to capture all possible configurations, especially if other plugins are installed. We work daily with 3skeng during our engineering projects and consider the software as very solid and stabile.

Please contact us at support@3skeng.com if you are interested in further assistance.


3skeng support

What is activation code, for Skethup pro?

Steven E's picture

@Mohammad G - Buy a copy of Sketchup Pro to get your activation code.

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