1001bit Tools (Freeware)
Collection of useful tools for architectural works.
1001bit Tools (Freeware)

1001bit Tools (Freeware) is a collection of various tools useful for fast creation of architectural elements.

Staircases, spiral staircase, windows, doors, walls, customised openings on walls, automatic generation of hip roofs, rafters and purlins etc.

1001bit Tools also include some useful drawing and editing tools such as fillet edges, extend, chamfer etc.


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This is awsome. I've had no problems. Thank you for spending your time making my life immeasuably easier.

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The Same problem like almost everybody on this post. Instalation OK but on Sketchup 8 the plugin is unUsable...

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almost all of us are having the same problem, is this tool just for a particular version? i have 2013 pro and this bar and tools look freaking awesome. im so ready to make things from it, looks liek it would make our creations easier but only half of my bar is colored, and none of them is clickable :( is there an update we dont know of yet? im off to check their website 1001bit.

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awesome!! thank you very much!

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im having the same problem and someone mentioned caps lock not working, mine is not even on so i dont understand fully what they meant. I installed it twice and still its some parts of tool bar I cant click on to use. I even tried the drop down menu and thats not working. I know I'm still new to working with the program but my other tool bars work just fine. even a few extensions I have added. If anyone can help us we would gladly appreciate it.

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its because s'thing wrong with ur capslock

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¿Qué puedo hacer para solucionarlo? :(
Error al cargar archivo 1001bit_freeware.rb
Error: #
C:/Users/René/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:23:in `exist?'
C:/Users/René/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:23:in `'
C:/Users/René/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:5:in `'
C:/Users/René/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:3:in `'

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amazing plugin !!! -

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I don't know install....... and I can't find it anywhere

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I installed and everything seemed to work. However, when I try to use any of the buttons on the window it doesn't do anything at all? I have checked everything from folders to downloading sketchup 8 again and also this plugin. I am running on Windows 7. Help Please.

Note: When I click on the button icons no toolbar pops up at all.

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the best. thanks uploader

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This Plugin looks awesome, and I would really like to try it, except the fact it isn’t working!! I download the plugin, and it seems to work fine until you try to use it. Then, when the toolbar pops up and you try to click an icon to use it, it does nothing… Help!!!

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thanks for being free!!:D

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the 1001bit is not working on my sketch-up help please

it doesnt works on my computer... what i am doing wrong?

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Thank you

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manteb ws..

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finally got it installed and unpacked in the plugins dir (mac OSX 10.8 & skp 8.0.15157).
The tools don't respond though, nor the pull down menu commands.

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Any User Manual Link Please....

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hello everyone,

1001bit installed today. The tool bar is visible, but when I click on an icon / tool press, nothing happens. The screen to enter the settings are not displayed. Hopefully a little problem. Comments welcome.

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Hi guys,
I'm using Mac OSX 10.8.5, and sketchup 8.0.15157. I downloaded the rbi file, opened sketch up to install the extension from the "downloads" dir and got a message saying sketch up couldn't install for unknown reason. I'm obviously doing something wrong, just wish I knew what it was.
Anyone know?
solved…no idea how, trial and error.

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got the same problem.

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Im trying to use this and I cant!!! I install it and it doesn´t work at all. I have SK 2013 Pro.
I already tried to install my old version but the key is not working anymore (I have an student key) I NEED the tool :/ can anyone please help me??

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Plugin installed but tools not working on Sketchup 2013

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I click on the buttons and nothing happens, everything else seems normal.

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Hey Dan,

Same problem here, did you already found a solution ?


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Please help me. I downloaded this program and then installed it by putting the .rbz file in the Program Files/Google/Google Sketchup/Plugin Folder. Then I used preferences in Google Sketchup itself to install this extension.

The extension's toolbar shows up as it is supposed to, but whenever I try to click one of the toolbar's tools, nothing happens. I click it but no tool is selected.

What did I do wrong?

EDIT: I'm using Sketchup 8 (non pro) on Windows 8

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I'm not able to download and install the plugins...don't know why...Could anybody give me some advice please?

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Thai man


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I can't load the plugin using my windows account because my user name is "Μιχάλης" and not in english. Changing my account to "admin" solves that but of course I don't want to use the administrator account for security reasons. Please fix it.

The error message is:

Error Loading File 1001bit_freeware.rb
Error: # < Encoding::UndefinedConversionError: "\x9C" to UTF-8 in conversion from Windows-1253 to UTF-8>
C:/Users/Μιχάλης/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:23:in `exist?'
C:/Users/Μιχάλης/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:23:in `'
C:/Users/Μιχάλης/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:5:in `'
C:/Users/Μιχάλης/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/1001bit_freeware.rb:3:in `'

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Did you solve it?

小芳 郑's picture

Thank you!

TheKcGreen .'s picture

It has been working fine for a while now, but recently it loads the toolbar but when I click on any of the buttons from the toolbar nothing happens anymore. Any solution?

Miguel Angel M's picture

Plugins folder files there, but clicking on icons or menu does nothing...

Any solution? Help please!

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Same thing for me!

WIndows 7, trying to run the freeware version in Sketchup 8. Toolbar loads fine, but the buttons don't activate any tools.

I am a longtime PRO user trying to entice the rest of my office with the free version for now. ;)

Thanks for any help Goh!

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I have the same problem, is there any solution?

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it appears but howto use ,,tutorial pls

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Me too!!!
I've installed correctly on Sk8,
I see toolbar but It seems donk work.
For example I click command "extrude selected.." click on a profile and then on a path but anything Happen!

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Installed fine on SU8 (freeware version) and toolset displays correctly, but none of the tools actually do anything. Any ideas?

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I have this problem too^

Running SU2013

Installation is fine, and toolbar appears and loads with no errors but none of the tools activate upon clicking. Any help?

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It does not work for me from some reason! I have sketchup 8 and during installation it is fine but then when I click on a button it does not do anything does somebody know what the problem can be?

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Super, and thanks for free version.

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Super, and thanks for free version.

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This is not working on SketchUp Pro 2013, It loads the tool bar, but they do nothing, need some help. Please....

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