The Engineering ToolBox
Add standard and customized parametric components - like flange beams, lumbers, piping and more ..
engineering toolbox sketchuo extension
The Engineering ToolBox

Engineering ToolBox Sketchup Extension on YouTube


Add standard and customized parametric components - like flange beams, lumbers, piping and more - to your Google SketchUp model by using

  • Function Curves - Functions and their curves
  • Geometric Figures - Cylinders, Boxes, Cones, Planes, Spheres, Lines, Curves and more..
  • HVAC - Circular and rectangular ducts, bends..
    • Duct Work - Elbows - Duct Work - Elbows
    • Duct Work - Piping - Rectangular and Circular Ducts
    • Duct Work Tees - Duct work tees
  • Lumber - Construction lumber - rectangular and solid beams and boxes.
  • Piping - Components for piping and tubing systems - pipes, elbows, flanges and more.
    • Crosses - Pipe crosses
    • Elbows and Bends - Piping bends and elbows
    • Flanges - Flanges
    • Pipes and Tubes - Steel, Copper, Plastic pipes and tubes ...
    • Reducers - Concentric and eccentric reducers
    • Tees - Piping tees
  • Property - Land - Property tools - adding property and land surfaces to the model
  • Stairs and Ladders - Parametric stairs and ladders.
  • Structural and Bar Sections - Components for steel and aluminum structures - flange beams, hollow sections and more
    • Angles - Construction angles with equal and unequal legs - L shaped cross-sections.
    • Channels - Construction channels - dimensions and static parameters..
    • Circular Hollow Sections - Circular hollow sections
    • Flange Beams and Columns - Wide-flange and I-flange beams and columns
    • Flat Sections - Flat structural sections
    • Hollow Structural Sections - HSS - Hollow Structural Sections - square and rectangular sections.
    • Tee Sections - Tee sections


This plugin does not work on my Windows XP, IE8. It has issues with security certificate and does not load Jquery.min.js v 3.2.1 and your remote sketchup.js. Disappointing messages ... unknown object $ etc. After 3x confirming I want to continue running JS scripts, I can open the html page with products. I can select the item in the list and click on the link Insert. But no modul is inserted. You could avoid lots of problems if you would create a offline version of your extension. At least the sketchup.js and Jquery.min.js could be in the offline package.

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Sorry - but Windows XP and IE8 are outdated. Support and security updates from Microsoft ended in 2014.
The Engineering ToolBox extension will not be tested for this environment anymore.

Never mind, I will simply not use it :-)

My experience with this has not been good and I had to uninstall it. Perhaps it is incompatible with my SW versions - I am running Mac OS 10.12.6 and SU 17.2.25545. After installing it, I opened a new window and put a copper pipe into the model and started by changing length to see how it worked. I was able to do that, so I went into a model that needed copper pipe and kept getting the SU bugsplat window. The extension itself is fine, but bugsplats make it unusable. Too bad, now I have to make pipes myself if I can't find another tool.

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Sorry - but I'm not able to replicate this bugsplat problem on my Mac 10.12.5 system with Sketchup 17.2.2554.

As far as I can see from searches on the internet this may be a graphic card issue(?)

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Engineering Tool Box?

More like Bob the Builder or Percy the Plumber!

No Gears, threads etc etc

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The Geometric Figures > Spurs and Gears in the extension may be helpful.

You can replicate and modify a custom component - like a gear tooth - around a circle.

Tried it. Pressing insert does nothing.

Edit: fixed a couple of obvious problems and now it's fine - first, my camera scale was WAY off, and second, the thing I had selected hadn't been made into a component yet.

Was hoping that I could make a gear with this. Any programs out there that will do it (in Sketchup)?

same i cant find one either

Marked as 2017 compatible yet give non-compatibility message? Which is it?

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The Engineering Toolbox Sketchup Extension is tested on Sketchup 2017 and works fine.

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try the exponential function. it sure doesn't when working in milimeters. infact it breaks SU with only change being : 'x end' set to 100mm.

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Be careful with the "x end" value. Larger values may exceed Sketchup limits and break your model. Tip! Open a new Sketchup file for testing the values. Copy the curve from the test model to the actual model when you are satisfied.

I'm using SketchUp 2016 versions, trying to insert MC Channel (even tried different sizes). No success. Tried the C Channel and OSB Boards and both inserted. Please advise.
Otherwise great extension. Used your web site for references constantly before SketchUp.

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I'm sorry - but I'm not able to replicate your problem on my Mac and Windows 10 computers with the latest Sketchup 2016 versions.

In general - be sure you have the latest OS and Sketchup.


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What....? No way to insert a rectangular duct elbow?
You have rectangle ducting but no turns or bends for rectangle ducts.... that's kind of important. :-/

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- rectangular elbows with square throat - 90 degrees
- rectangular radius elbows with square throat - 90 degrees
- rectangular radius elbows - 90 degrees
- rectangular radius elbows - variable angles
- rectangular square angle elbows - variable angles

are now added to the Engineering ToolBox extension. Check

No installation is required. Just right click and reload the page (if required).

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How do we add valves?

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There is no library for valves - but a way to make custom valves from components in the Engineering Toolbox is described here:

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Windows 10, etc. I have tried numerous times, rebooting and non-microsoft browsers, downloading .rb plugin. Still cannot get SU2016 to 'insert' any engineering toolbox items. Grrr. I hope its worth it to keep trying.

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Hi, I'm using SketchUp 2016 Free and I have installed The Engineering Toolbox, but every time I try to run it, SketchUp crashes. I'm on Windows 10 64-bit with the Chrome browser.

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The extension crash is now fixed. A new installation of the extension is not required. Just right click and reload the extension pages (if required).


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sorry, I check preferences I had to activate this plugin, now it works

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I just update my sketchup license to 2016 version and install this plugin but nothing appear on my menus / windows.
I relaunch sketchup several times, but still does work.
Something to modify into the Ruby file ? Any help please

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An installation of the plugin for offline use without internet connection is now possible. Check for more information.

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this is really an awesome plugin.. a really big help for everyone whose seeking an ideal plugin especially in the engineering field but i can only see it on a webpage in a computer shop in our country. we are poor and doesnt have our own internet connection at home(i live in the philippine and internet is a luxury.).. i really wish that there is an offline installer of all of this plug ins..if its possible..

ps: ill recommend this to everyone i know..keep up the good work..godbless

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Offline use is now possible.

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i have sketchup 6.4.112
i cant install the engineering toolbox plugin
the operating system is windows7 64bit

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Sketchup 6 from 2007?

Please upgrade to to latest Sketchup version.

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i have upgraded to
15.3.331 64 bit
and i can find the link
but the selected material doesn't appear in my drawings.
i.e. the selected fittings are not inserted in the drawing
please advice
i use windows 7 64 bit
and Internet explorer 8

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Some changes are made to bring back the length and offset fields missing for some Windows users.

No installation is required - just reload the pages when using the extension ("right click" the extension window and select "reload").

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Awesome job, it works again!!! Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everything has installed correctly although i cannot input any unit dimensions. After watching the video it shows the area for entering lineal measurement data below the objects table but is absent when using both explorer and firefox and utilising the extensions engineering toolbox dialogue box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


** Update - cleared cache, lowered security to zero. Still not functioning and allowing input of object dimensions. The interface to input dimesnions is completely missing.

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So it appears that the engineering toolbox does not work with windows 10/ edge browser, I am having the same issues as other uses where the lower box under the lumber chart that allows you to specify the length is complete missing. I went through and set all security settings to the lowest possible setting and no difference.

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20150508 Windows 7 64-bit Sketchup2015Pro Tried installing the Engineering Toolbox directly and from the Warehouse. Both open the window. Both appear to "talk" to Sketchup in that clicking on the different views in the Toolbox changes the view in Sketchup. When selecting "insert" on something to insert nothing happens. The video does not appear to have sound so it is unclear if something is being done to insert into Sketchup. There is nothing to paste. The cursor does not change indicating awaiting a user input.

I have a general complaint about a "pro" version of any software in this price range that does not function properly, is reliant on "free" but unsupported extensions to add depth of capability, and, then, appears to have substantial unresolved bugs.

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The Engineering ToolBox extension is free and works with the free and pro editions of Sketchup - in all editions - on Windows and Mac computers.

I suspect there may be an issue - as explained in other posts - with the Internet Explorer and Javascript used by Sketchup for the Engineering ToolBox dialog window. Please check the javascript settings in Internet Explorer and if ad-blocker or pop-up stopper settings or software is too aggressive and disables javascript in the Sketchup Engineering ToolBox dialog window.

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I am trying to use the softwood dimensional lumber page and the Length & Offset table will not load in Sketchup. The page loads fine in internet explorer, so I doubt it is security or javascript settings. I had the problem with SU Make 14, so I updated to SU Make 15 and have the same problem. I went into my internet security settings, lowered the security level, and turned off pop-up blocker. No success. There is definitely a bug here that needs addressed. If there is something the end-user can do, please advise. I have half of a project designed and would like to finish it soon!

Thanks for your input.


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I am using SU 2015 Pro on Windows 8.1 64 bit machine. I have installed The Engineering Toolbox via Extension Warehouse, after the install I closed out SU and restarted. When I use the extension the new window pops up everything seems to be in place. However when I try to insert a component from the selected list nothing happens.

I watched the tutorial video and noticed that before selecting to insert the pipe there is a small menu directly at the end of the size list that allows you to choose the length of the pipe, the units of measurement to use, color, and offset etc ( mark 0:24 in video) . Well when my window loads, EVERYTHING else loads except that menu at the bottom of the size list. Therefore I can NOT choose the other elements needed to create the component to insert. Any of the items from the categories will not insert. When I do click the insert button NOTHING happens.

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Thanks for explaining this issue so clearly.

This is a problem reported lately for some 64 bits Windows computers. The missing small menu as you reports indicates there may be an issue with Javascript in the Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is used by Sketchup for the Engineering ToolBox dialog - and the small menu you are missing is inserted by using javascript.

Javascript is also used when "insert" links are clicked to add components to the model.

I'm sorry, but the problem is hard to replicate - the extension works fine on my Windows 64 computers and the issue is reported for some users on Sketchup 2015 but not on Sketchup 2014 - and for others the quite opposite.

My only advice so far is to

- reload the Engineering Toolbox dialog window - right click in the Engineering ToolBox dialog window and select reload

- check if javascript is restricted or blocked in the browser - ad blocking or pop-up stopping software in the Internet Explorer should not influence the function of Engineering ToolBox extension - but you never know. Try to turn them off to check.

- delete temporary files and cache in the Internet Explorer

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In Sketchup 2015 under Windows 7x64 unable to insert any of the object even though the install did not report any issue. Can someone help?

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Check if there is an issue with Windows 7 and javascript in Internet Explorer.

Since the plugin/extension uses Sketchup WebDialog and the systems native browser (Internet Explorer on Windows) as the user interface window - any problems with javascript may cause trouble.

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Got to the point where I hit the install button for the Extension I wanted and got a warning that the author could access my file system and that I should not take the decision to download 'lightly' if I did not know or trust him. Exactly how I am supposed to know or trust an author listed as 'e', I am not sure, but I certainly don't want 'e' having access to my file system. Another computer time-waster! Who thinks this stuff up?

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An alternative to the Extension installation is to download the plugin file as described in the right column of

The plugin file is a ruby script in plain text and can be inspected before saved to the Sketchup plugin directory.

hugh p's picture

Yeah right! It seems like everytime I want to install anything on my computer or phone they ask for access to my whole life…how the hell are you supposed to operate when every time you want to install, you’ve got to ask if you want them to have access to all your private information. Really frustrating!

Ryan B's picture

Uniinstalling. Have to have the pro version. Thanks for getting my hopes up!!

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Works in the free Sketchup version.

Vic J's picture

I have windows 7-64bit. plugin does not work. nether does 3d warehouse. says I am not connected to internet. I have trial version. if I can't get to work will not buy pro.

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When I have this issue with plugins it usually means I'm not logged in. Might not be your issue, but may be useful to someone.

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works with window 32
can't with window 64 i mean that

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