3D Design Studio and Photorealistic Rendering
Photorealistic Rendering bundled with lots of extras to create renderings, reports, and informative client presentations.
3D Design Studio and Photorealistic Rendering


Everything you need for PhotoRealistic Rendering including special modelling tools.

Download for SketchUp 2018 and earlier versions

The latest version of 3D Design Studio will work with SketchUp 2018 and earlier versions.

Rendering is the most important add-on for your SketchUp Presentations

With 3D Design Studio, you can choose from one or more of the Render Plus Render Products:

IRender nXt - our extablished full powered tool for rendering and animations

Allura GPU - our new product using NVIDIA Iray+ to unleash the power of your GPU for rendering, or

ArielVision - our powerful, but easy to use rendering package for SketchUp. 

Check our all 3 of these rendering products. 

You are welcome to download a Free 30-Day Trial

See: SketchUp 2017 and Render Plus

3D Design Studio

Photorealistic rendering and more!

The 3D Design Studio includes:

IRender nXt for Photorealistic Renderings

  • Fully integrated SketchUp Extension to create stunning images.
  • Fine-tuned lighting, transparency, reflection, highlights and HDRi backgrounds.
  • Render at any resolution
  • Save renderings in popular image formats.
  • Post-processing features included. Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, and more.

see Photorealistic Renderings

RPS 3D Placement Tools

- a few extra modeling tools for SketchUp,

see Component Placement Tools

SpaceDesign for Attributes and Custom Reports

- any components in your model,

see Attributes and Custom Reports

Interactive 3D PDFs

- it's easy to share your model,

see Interactive 3D PDFs

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

-other rendering options,

see Non-PhotoRealistic Tools


Flexible Purchase Options:

  • Single, multi-seat, and unlimited licenses.
  • Discounts for Educators and Students

Choose a Licencing option that is right for you:  Subscription or Permanent Licenses.

Download a Free 30-Day Trial




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Render Plus - plugins and tools to enhance SketchUp - like IRender nXt for Photorealistic SketchUp Rendering. ---------- We have been developing SketchUp Apps for more than 7 years - starting with our first product RPS 3D PDF - for interactive Adobe PDF documents from SketchUp models - in which the user can orbit, pan and zoom on the 3D model. ---------- We added our PhotoRealistic Renderer - IRender nXt - a couple of years later. It is the premier rendering add-on for people wanting high quality rendering, full integration into SketchUp and a really responsive support team. ---------- We have a number of other SketchUp Add-Ons you will want to add to click arsenal of SketchUp extensions to improve your SketchUp productivity. ---------- The Authors of these tools, Rich Hart, Al Hart and Jake Hart, (perhaps we should rename the company to the Hart Bros.) are working constantly to improve the tools and add new features. Ask you colleagues about their experience with Render Plus products, and download any of them for a 30-day free trial.
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