PlayUp Tools Exporter to Game Engines
PlayUp Tools is a plugin for SketchUp that allows people to create and export content to a 3D game engine.
PlayUp Tools Exporter to Game Engines

When it's easy to make content, there’s more time to be creative.

A productivity tool designed for designers, PlayUp Tools simplifies the process of exporting and importing content by allowing SketchUp users an easy and optimized pipeline for porting and placing a level full of components and groups into a game engine.

The current build of PlayUp Tools is for Windows only and supports the ability to export to the following engines: Amazon Lumberyard, Crytek CryENGINE 3, Epic Games Unreal 4, and Unity. Please visit for more information.


Silvester K's picture

When I try to export my level, I get this error message:

There was a probelm with your export.Please note that PlayUp Tools will only export informationfor components and/or groups that are visible as meshes. If you have loose geometry, please group them together and try again.

What could be wrong? I am using Sketchup 2017 and I am exporting for Unreal engine... Please help!

Please treat each other well. Everybody has difficulties that we have to overcome, do not know later but how to live each day happily.

Pascal J's picture


Compatibility with SU 2018?


Hi Sushi 8

I've been trying to find a contact email address for you.

I'm having trouble installing PlayUp. I purchased your plug-in, but apparently I only have a set amount of licenses? I'm a teacher, so I installed PlayUp on several machines to demonstrate it as an awesome pathway into Unreal 4, but now I can't install it at all on my new laptop. Can you please reset this limit for me? This is especially concerning for me, as I am eligible for a free yearly upgrade of sketchup as a teacher, which means I would need to re-install PlayUp each time, and hit this license limit again? Once my teachers license expires, I can't access the older version of Sketchup, so PlayUp is currently tied to this "dead" version of Sketchup. Also, how many licenses does a purchase entitle me too? Please help - I really love this plugin!!!

Damian S's picture

UPDATE - was able to Get Trimble to sort this out for me. I would still like to know how many licenses I am entitled to as a paid user, though :)

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Apologies for the late reply. The licensing system is developed and managed by Trimble, so these are really questions for them.

As a firm believer that students should have access to all the tools they need before entering the working world to gain skills and knowledge, I personally would love to offer an educational license for classes. Unfortunately Trimble's licensing system does not currently have that feature. Perhaps if teachers were to contact Trimble and let them know there is a demand, they might prioritize it.

Carlos D's picture

Does this work with Unreal 4.18? The UE plugin won't install, says its for 4.17... do I need to do a manual install or is it really unsupported?

where is the download botton? :/

Finished all my project now want to put it in ue4 18 version. When Importing i get all objects in same place ont top of eatch other. Can you tell my why it is this happening ?

EDIT: unchecked "convert scene unit" all works so far on 4.18 love this plugin!

Thanks it was great, playing game is more simple before we introduced eshop codes free to get your favorite games from nintendo.

Nick N's picture

This is one great plugin and easily worth the price tag. After some fumbling with the file paths and setup, and a super fast response from the developer that set me off on the right path, I am really impressed with how easy it is to get sketchup meshes into Unreal. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in using sketchup to build static meshes for game engines!


Downloaded trials of SketchUp and Playup tools, worked through several tutorials for Cryengine and in the end no .cgf file is created. I do have .lyr, .xml, .mtl, and .dae files in the export directory.

Would love to use this tool.

Jens E's picture

Thanks for downloading trail version - But I want you improve version of fbx and dae because they are old now. Please update fbx to 7.5 and dae to 1.4.1 Thanks! PS: Why do you not support for Valve Source Tools. So sad you fight to Valve Software :(

Thanks I will buy later because it is very old version for Unity 3D 5.5.x

Markus C's picture

I am trying to download it through the extension warehouse. Or better yet... was. I bought Maya instead. Thanks.

Sebastiano M's picture

Compatibility with SU 2017?

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Yes. It is compatible with SU 2017.

Eugenio N.'s picture

Trial isn't available...

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Please try getting the trial through the Extension Warehouse in the SketchUp application. Some people have reported issues with downloading the Extension Warehouse trials from certain external browsers.

Markus C's picture

Trial link doesn't work. Neither does the main website.

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Please try getting the trial through the Extension Warehouse in the SketchUp application. Some people have reported issues with downloading the Extension Warehouse trials from certain external browsers.

So far so good. Had some problems but somehow got them solved.

1.PlayUP Plug-in support do big model number?
2.Material lose some disorders and how to solve?
3.Big scene is compatible or not?

Lasse H's picture

Hi, i would love to try the trial of your plugin, but I (as others) cant access the extension warehouse from sketchup (probably due to my company's firewall). Are there any way of getting the plugin from another source?
I really hope Playup is able to do the things i hope... then i will definitely be a future costumer ;-)
Regards Lasse

TOP E.'s picture

PlayUp Tools 试用版下载地址在哪???

SketchUp 里面


I just purchased the extension. Unfortunately SKetcfhup on the PC wont' let me log in to the Extension Warehouse (always gives me an error). So, I did purchased it in my browser, only to find out that I can't download it from the browser.

Is it possible for me to be sent a copy of the extension file so I can install it manually?


Domenic S.'s picture

Hey Alex, is your Internet Explorer up to date? I had the exact same problem. Hellishly frustrating that the SU devs can't just tell us what is needed. Not all of us want to update IE, but have to for use of Extension Warehouse.

Russell C.'s picture

Continuing to enjoy getting a level built in UE4, all thanks to this extension. From playing around with it, I note:
One odd discrepancy, if you click outside the screen (being too keen to get something imported and clicking on the UE4 editor), during level export in Skup, then the files export as .dae. Obviously, the way around this is to wait for the level to export.
A lot of textures don’t export. This is most definitely due to naming conventions in UE4. Still trying to work that one out. The workaround is to test objects and their textures prior to exporting a whole level.
In UE4, the top tips I wish I had had when starting (I had no knowledge of UE4 prior to getting this extension), are:
If you want to ‘walk’ around your model, then you need to select the model. Then click on the mesh icon in the details pane, and open the mesh editor. In the details section of the mesh editor set collision to ‘Complex collision as simple’. Again, no reflection on this extension, just to help those eager beavers who want to get their Skup models (meshes) into UE4 and walk around as quickly as they can (the process; not the walking).
I found with my models (it may just be the way I built them) that I would get lighting errors with all of them. A quick fix for this (and it fixed all the errors) is to set the lightmap resolution to 128 or 256.
Again, thanks for making this extension. Well worth the money considering the savings of using the free and powerful UE4, as opposed to other more expensive options.

Russell C.'s picture

So I am amazed at PlayUp and UE4. I have managed, as a trial, to import a city district of 1191 meshes. And it comes in, builds and compiles into a test level. So many thanks PlayUp.

I have noticed, and this is a problem, that even with the C++ modules added, that some Skup materials will not come across. The UV map appears too, as you can use materials from UE4. You can also take the same model, put a new Skup material on it, and it imports fine.

Any idea how to get around this? As with 1191 models that's a lot of trial and error.

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Are your texture files being generated in your export directory?

Russell C.'s picture

It is. Texture name "images (8)" is exported. Is it a naming problem?

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

It might be. Engines can be particular about naming requirements.

Russell C.'s picture

I think it may be the " " not being a "_", rather than the "0". I shall investiagate further.

build -'s picture


I bought this tool a view weeks ago and I am very happy with this decision. It's doing a good job. Unfortunately now it stopped working. When I want to export a few models it only exports one dae-file of one from 176 elements in the scene. Any idea whats going on?

And it would be nice if the material names would keep their underscores. Names like M_material_one become Mmaterialone wich makes it a bit messy in my UE4 structure.​

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Did you open the Ruby console on export to see if there were any errors? It sounds like it is having a problem processing one of your components or groups in your scene and is halting the export because of it. Try just exporting a simple box and see if the FBX is showing up. If it is, try isolating the component or group in your scene that is having an issue.

build -'s picture

I opend the ruby console and you were right. There was a problem with the name of one component which had a "/" in the name and empty space. I renamed it and now it works fine.
So it seems there are no special characters (or/and empty spaces?) permitted by the plugin. Will this chance, at least will you permit at least some common special characters? Because they will help to give much clearer names to components and materials.

And thank you for your support.

Russell C.'s picture

When I try and import into UE4 I get the following message:

You are missing the asset called "OuterShell.fbx". Please ensure you have imported all of the FBX assets for this level from "D:/Dropbox/A PERSONAL/A Roleplaying/A RESOURCES (1)/3d/PLAYUP EXPORT/unreal test/" into the Content Browser directory "Contents/D:/Dropbox/A PERSONAL/A Roleplaying/A RESOURCES (1)/3d/UE4 skup imports/MyProject/Content/Playup_content/" before placing them in your level. For help, visit

I am using the demo at the moment, and really want this to work. The assets and materials come in (I'll worry about these if I can get the import to work). But the are not placed in a level, when I press the playup button and try and import the xml file.

I've tried them as nested and unested components in Skup. And the result is the same for either method.

I have followed the videos, but I am quite sure I am doing something wrong.

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

In the "PlayUp Preferences" window under the "Unreal 4" tab, there is a field for:


The path that you set in there must be the same path where you imported your OuterShell.fbx file. The default is set to:

{PROJECT PATH}\Content\PlayUp

So if you didn't change the defaults, and you didn't put your fbx file in "{PROJECT PATH}\Content\PlayUp", it will not be able to find the file.

Russell C.'s picture


Thanks for the speedy reply.

OK. I have set my {PROJECT PATH}\Content\ to be {PROJECT PATH}\Content\PlayUp.
I then, as per instructions, set my object path to be something else.

I export from Skup. I then, in UE4, select the {PROJECT PATH}\Content\PlayUp in the interface by icon. I then, as per the video on the Report a Bug section (top bug), drag and drop the object (FBX file only) into the UE4 interface and click import all. It imports with the usual messages.

I then click on Playup in UE4, and navigate to the XML file in Object folder, and click on it. (Using a simplified box as a test now), it then comes up with:

You are missing the asset called "Component1.fbx". Please ensure you have imported all of the FBX assets for this level from "D:/Dropbox/A PERSONAL/A Roleplaying/A RESOURCES (1)/3d/PLAYUP TRIAL/Untitled/" into the Content Browser directory "Contents/D:/Dropbox/A PERSONAL/A Roleplaying/A RESOURCES (1)/3d/UE4 skup imports/MyProject/Content/PlayUp/" before placing them in your level. For help, visit
Which is the same as before.

Out of curiosity the {PROJECT PATH}\Content\PlayUp remains empty of items when checked visually, after the export from Skup, the import in UE4 and pressing the Playup button in UE4. So I have also physically dragged the objects into the {PROJECT PATH}\Content\PlayUp and imported them into UE4 that way. Then tried the Playup XML file from the original object file, and also dragged and dropped into the {PROJECT PATH}\Content\PlayUp file. Same error message.

If you can make any other suggestions then I’d be happy to work away on this as I am determined to get it to work.

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

That Content directory doesn't look right. As you've pasted it, it shows this:

"Contents/D:/Dropbox/A PERSONAL/A Roleplaying/A RESOURCES (1)/3d/UE4 skup imports/MyProject/Content/PlayUp/"

It should only be:


Did you put the full path in the PlayUp Preferences field? You only need to put "PlayUp" in the field, not the full path.

Russell C.'s picture


After one succesful project using PlayUp, I'm on a different computer as my main one is in transit. And I'm facing the same problem.

The export path for the Sketchup files is as follows:

D:\Dropbox\A PERSONAL\a roleplaying\A RESOURCES (1)\3d\UE4 skup imports

And I have left the Project Path as default.

With that I end up getting the error messages I did before.

The only thing that is different (that I can think of), is that my UE4 projecs now save to the D drive, and not the C drive.

I understand that the mesh folder can be anywhere on my computer (but not in the UE Content folder). And I know that the xml file get written to outside the mesh folder. But what am I missing? What else is needed?

Russell C.'s picture

Again, thanks for the lightning fast reply. That sorted it.

May I suggest that in the choices box in the PlayUp preferences section that you make that a little clearer? It was not that clear to me. And it’s such an ‘easy fix’ which added a great deal of hassle to what is, actually, a simple process.

Anyways: I have confidence in this extension now, and have just paid for the full version. Now to move on to the, frankly pantsh**ing task of learning UE4 to import Skup levels to make movies for my tabletop roleplaying game. Do I win the Geek of The Year prize now?

Many thanks.

Glennor Khris R.'s picture

While modifying from Skecthup its show actual change like from DCC Link Stingray to Maya

Dave G's picture

I get an error message when installing through Sketchup that it was unable to install for an unknown reason, and a suggestion to download the extension through my web browser. When I find it in my web browser, the only option I have is to install though SketchUp! How can I get the extension to install manually?

Chris Fullmer's picture

Hi Dave, I'll have our support team contact you to help figure this one out. Thanks for reporting it!

Dave G's picture

Thanks Chris!
Edit: I just tried installing at home, and it worked perfectly. The problem may have to do with the firewall at work, so I will have the IT guys try to install it again. I'll let you know if there are still issues.

So far it looks like a great program...nice work!

build -'s picture

Hi. Will the plugin recognize components when I export them from Sketchup to Unreal and handle them as an instance or are they independet objects in Unreal?

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Yes, it handles components as instances. So if I have a scene with a street that has the same car (component) parked on it 10 times, that car will generate one FBX file (becoming just one asset in UE4) and the level file will reference that one asset 10 times when it sets up the level.

Damian S's picture

Works great from Sketchup 2016 to Unreal 4! There are some minor issues with mirrored components being incorrectly imported (possible bug in Unreal 4.12), and textures can also be distorted in isolated cases (perhaps due DAE to FBX pipeline). However, the fact each instance of a component is brought into Unreal as an instanced static mesh, placed in the exact same location you had it in in Sketchup, is not only a massive time saver, but a real inspiration to do more detail than you might have before, simply because you don't have to place every mesh by hand anymore. 9/10

Sushi 8 Studios's picture

Thank you for your kind review. :)

As for textures occasionally being disoriented, I would suggest ensuring that you are not skewing or shearing any textures in SketchUp that you intend to export as that can cause some distortions (SketchUp takes advantage of UVW coordinates, but game engines only use UV coordinates).

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