3D Printing Extension
Optimise your Sketchup model for 3D Printing, analyse & adjust printability, compare prices and terms of the best printing services and choose out of more than 150 printing materials.
3D Printing Extension

3D Printing Extension by 3YOURMIND


Optimize your model for 3D Printing and upload it with one click to the 3YOURMIND portal.


You can then choose from a number of materials and compare prices of the best 3D printing services in real-time such as Shapeways, i.materialise and Sculpteo.

Before ordering your model with the 3D printing service of your choice, the portal is an optimal tool to

  • automatically repair the most common 3D printing errors

  • check whether your design is printable

  • select and preview from over 150 different materials and finishes

  • or download the repaired and optimized file for your own printer

This app is free of charge and there are no hidden costs. For a sneak-peek visit 3yourmind.com or take a look at our demo model.

Note: This plugin requires Sketchup STL. Please install this extension before. For troubleshooting download our documentation.

By downloading, installing or using this Extension you agree to the terms and conditions of 3YOURMIND GmbH.


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The most common and universal file formats for 3D printing are STL and VRML. STL stands for “stereolithography” – it is a 3D rendering that contains only a single color. This is typically the file format you would use with desktop 3D printers. VRML (“vermal”, .WRL file extension) stands for “Virtual Reality Modeling Language” – it is a newer digital 3D file type that also includes color, so it can be used on desktop 3D printers with more than one extruder (i.e. two more nozzles that each can print with a different color plastic), or with full-color binder jetting technology.

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I have already installed the Sketchup STL plugin, but the 3D printing extension doesn't work.
Error message: To use this extension you need SketchupSTL exporter installed. https://myassignmenthelp.com/uk/

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With this new module, Vectorworks clients can check, break down and repair their 3D document to advance it for 3D printing. With a single tick on the 3D printing augmentation inside Vectorworks, the record is transferred to the examination apparatus, where it can be scaled and saw in various 3D printing materials accessible. At last, clients can immediately think about costs for their 3D model and request it onlin. http://www.vidwonders.com/

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Péter B.'s picture

I have already installed the Sketchup STL plugin, but the 3D printing extension doesn't work.
Error message: To use this extension you need SketchupSTL exporter installed.

3YOURMIND GmbH's picture

Hello Péter B.,
we are very sorry that you faced this issue. Our 3D printing extension is now updated to the latest version of Sketchup so you can now fully enjoy it!

I've got the same problem...
Is there any resolutions ?

3YOURMIND GmbH's picture

Hi Bmp V.,
3D printing extension by 3YOURMIND in now updated and ready to use. You can download it in the Sketchup Store or from our website: https://www.3yourmind.com/apps.

não gostei, tem que se cadastrar e é ruim faz um up para o servidor credo, muito ruim

This is the Best extension I've found for repairing my 3d models. I have had a 100% success rate so far. Great work!!

3YOURMIND GmbH's picture

Hello Chris,
Thanks for your feedback! We are working hard to keep our service great.


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