Trimble Connect 2.0
Publish, share and collaborate on SketchUp models using the Trimble Connect platform
Trimble Connect 2.0

We are pleased to introduce Trimble Connect Extension 2.0

The Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp provides direct access to projects, models, and other features of the Trimble Connect platform. Create a model in SketchUp and then Publish to a Project and share with team members. Import a model into SketchUp to use as a reference model. Pull in changes from collaborators as needed.  Make changes and re-publish your model.

What’s New in 2.0!

  • ToDo’s - These are project related tasks that can be associated to specific models, assigned to specific users and prioritized. Keep your team on track with ToDo’s.
  • Comments - Need to give feedback on certain elements of your model? Use comments to communicate with other team members.
  • Improved Model Referencing - We’ve made it far simpler to import, align, and update referenced models.
  • Collaboration Manager - This is where you can create and manage ToDos, manage reference models and add comments about a model.  The buttons across the top allow you to see the various panes: ToDos, Comments, Reference Models and Launch Trimble Connect
  • Open and Publish Dialogs - These have been improved to be faster and more user friendly.
  • New ID Options - Now you can log in with a Trimble ID, or with a Google account. Users that do not have, or cannot create a Google account can now create a new Trimble ID account using any email address as their username. Hooray for options!

This version works only in SketchUp 2017. If you don’t have SketchUp 2017, please consider upgrading at this time. Otherwise, see version 1.1 of the Trimble Connect extension.

For more information on Trimble Connect visit -

Your use of the Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp is subject to the Trimble Extension End User License Agreement.



Once installed, the Trimble Connect Extension will be located under the File > Trimble Connect menu.

Open Model… - Open a Sketchup file hosted on Connect.

Collaboration Manager- Manage To Do’s, Comments, and Model References.

Publish Model- Upload a SketchUp model to a Connect Project.

Publish As… - Upload a model to a specific folder or upload model with a new name.

Import Reference Model… - Imports a model file (skp, ifc, dwg, dxf) to use as a reference.  The geometry in a reference model can be leveraged to coordinate modeling tasks between different stakeholders on a project.  A layer will be created for each reference model to help you manage visibility.  Reference Models are positioned based on the origin of the file.  They are also locked.  To re-align a reference model, open the Collaboration Manager. Then click on the manage reference models button at the top, and then click on the details for a particular reference model.

Launch Trimble Connect- Opens the full Trimble Connect web app inside SketchUp.  This allows you to manage your projects folders, add todos and configure Trimble Connect.



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I have Sketchup 2017 Make. I reinstalled twice a few seconds ago and furthermore reinstalled this expansion twice. Each time subsequent to introducing this expansion nothing seems to occur. There is no "Trimble Connect Extension will be situated under the File > Trimble Connect menu." 

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In the event that this element requires Pro, it would be ideal if you say so to abstain from squandering individuals' opportunity. If not, at that point it seems, by all accounts, to be broken.

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Now you can log in with a Trimble ID, or with a Google account. Users that do not have, or cannot create a Google account can now create a new Trimble ID account using any email address as their username. If you are not able to resolve then visit  HP Support

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Once again, Ive just spent half an hour on this absurdly flawed, and for me, completely unnecessary process. Very grumpy!

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How to get rid of this usless bloatware?
I have a Mac with SU2018 Pro.

I've just tried and failed to get Update in Extension Manager in SU 2018 Pro to work to update this extension, which I was prompted to do when opening SU.

Following a suggestion from Dave Richards in the SU forum, I've downloaded the RBZ v2.02 file from here via my browser, and used Install Extension to install it.

Nothing happens.

I uninstalled the extension using Extension Manager, then tried again. Nothing happens this time either and apparently now I don't have the extension showing at all in the Extension Manager.

Perhaps I need to restart SU and try again?

Fortunately, I don't need to use this extension, but it is irritating to have it continually prompt me to update it, then fail to do so, even manually.

PS. A restart seems to have resulted in the extension reappearing, and not prompting me further to update it.

The installed version is now indeed 2.02.

But this extension, and failure to update it automatically, is a recurrent topic in the SU forum. What I've done works, though I got no feedback that it had until a complete restart. But it should NOT be necessary to go round the houses to update an important Trimble extension that is essential to some people's workflow.

I never installed this, so why is it there? It installed itself, and then reinstalls itself whenever and attempt is made to uninstall. Disabling it doesn't work either, because it re-enables itself.

Disable it, uninstall it, nuke it ... makes no difference. Every time I start SketchUp I get a message that this unwanted - and UNAUTHORISED - plug-in needs to be updated. But any attempt at updating - in the hope that it might become permanently uninstallable - does nothing more than provide two conflicting messages, one stating that the update failed and one stating that it was successful.

I didn't want this in the first place, I don't want it now, and I will never want it in the future. Since the software was paid for, I expect to get what was wanted, not what some third party wants to install. And what I do NOT want is Trimble's spyware installing itself by stealth.

Get it sorted out.

Dan Rathbun's picture

SketchUp comes with a set of Trimble extensions that cannot be totally uninstalled, but they can be switched off so that they do not load if you do not need them.

See public forum post ...

Yes there are issues with updating this specific extension. The solution is to update it manually.
The link to the instructions are posted in the same topic thread (post 19) by Katya of the SketchUp Team.

If you uninstall any newer versions of these distro extensions, SketchUp will recopy the older version from the release folders, and you'll get the dreaded update notification. (And yes, the Extension Manager should not allow uninstalling these "uninstallable" extensions, as it just causes confusion.)

Perhaps you can explain how to switch off these unwanted extensions. The link does not explain it.

M.A. S's picture

James, all the same conditions I'm living with. I could not agree with you more. Trimble Connect is a disaster and Trimble is killing one of the best, if not the best, 3D drawing program. I never authorized installation, I certainly didn't authorize notifications, yet my repeated attempts, as a Pro user, to get attention at Trimble falls on untrained tech support who send me instructions that are relics of the days (and versions) past when Extensions were manged inside the program Preferences/Settings. Amazing what $120/year gets you nowadays.

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So this is only for the pro version?

Past Tense Of Draw's picture

After you install, you just need to completely shut down SketchUp, and then reopen it. You will now see Trimble Connect in your Extensions Manager.

TaNell_Tech0 .'s picture

Downloaded > Extension Manager: Install Extension > Nothing Happens

SketchUP Pro 2017 v17.2.2555 64bit

I have Sketchup 2017 Make. I reinstalled twice just now, and also reinstalled this extension twice. Each time after installing this extension nothing appears to happen. There is no "Trimble Connect Extension will be located under the File > Trimble Connect menu."

If this feature requires Pro, please say so to avoid wasting people's time. If not, then it appears to be broken.

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