s4u Make Face
Select edges for Make Faces
s4u Make Face

Select edges for Make Faces( or Right Mouse)

I'd happy if you donate a cup of coffee .


excelent! works just fine in 2015 :P

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Does anyone can make it in 2015 ?

its properly working in 2015 i am using

Suforyou's picture

it work on 2015

its not working on 2015

Does the plugin have limits? Because i've been trying to make face for a site plan, and i can't seem to get it to work. Does importing from DWG broke the plugins?

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No limits! You try divide zone then makeface.


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with 2016 not working

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I checked ,it's working on 2016

hello, i installed the plug in, but wen i try to use it it does nothing... i've already tryes the help website from SU but it didn't help..... help me please!

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Select Edges then Click the tool.

how to install this?

Worked like a charm. Thank you very much.

It sure did Lord. It sure did.

This extension does not work in Sketchup Pro 2016.
please healp me

This extension does not work in Sketchup Pro 2016.
please healp me

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Thank you
good plugin

This pluggin doesn't works in sketchup pro 2016, when I select the layer and click make faces nothing happen. Help please!

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thank you so much <3

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This extension does not work in Sketchup Pro 2016.

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It works in Sketchup 2016. What do you get error message?

No erroe message. Not work... SU2016

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Hi buddy, great plug in you have here! Thanks for this! Once this project gets handed in, I'll gladly make a donation :) (cross-fingers)

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its not opening in my sketchup..which software is required to open this app can u tell me..it's not opening.my windows is not able to recognize this file

Cant download the file. please help.

Cant download the file. please help.

Hello! I'm new to sketchup so I apologize if this question can be answered simply. I'm using imported building foot print data for an entire city. When I select the layer and click make faces nothing happens. Please advise. Thanks!

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Send your file to me.

Hi! Thanks for your reply! I managed to get the issue sorted. I'm not sure how, but I know that it probably didnt have anything to do with the make faces extension.

I am now working with our GIS team to figure out how to eliminate the coordinate system in the ARC files so that when I import the .dwg files it is not placed on a coordinator system in the millions.

Thanks again for an amazing extension!

Amazingly useful - just saved me manually tracing 13,101 lines. Thank you.

hi how did you do it?

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This plugin is a must:)

Simple yet wonderfully useful plugin for any one importing CAD files a the basis for a model.

Thank you very must

i dont find make face option what can i do??

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Thank you that you have this plugin
Good and quick plug for student projects, particularly architecture students


thank you very much

very good

thank u

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This looks like exactly what I've been needing all these years

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Hi, I don't have any Plugins folder. Do I have to put the file just in sketchup folder or should I create a new folder with Plugins in the name?

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have you tried to check its file location there you'll see your sketch up files, click it and there you'll see the plug-in in folder. just copy and paste your download file and replace it. hope i help. :-)

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Hello Mariana...hope you found the solution...?

here is the path to your plugins folder and plugins in Sketchup 2015:

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp\Plugins

Greetings from Denmark...Jakob Hovman.

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