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Import and Export STL files for 3D printing
SketchUp STL

The STL file format is widely used across different 3D printing and modeling interfaces. For instance, many of the models you might find on are available in STL format, and several popular 3D printers accept STL files to prepare models for fabrication. This extension provides import/export functionality for STL files to and from SketchUp, so you can easily export SketchUp groups to STL, or import an STL design and manipulate it within SketchUp.

Once you install the extension, you’ll find two new options under the File menu:

Export STL: This function requires you to select one or more groups for export (so you’ll need to group your geometry before using this).

Import... (STL): With this plugin, you’ll find STL as a supported format within SketchUp’s Import command. STL files will be imported to SketchUp as a group.

For questions or help with this extension, head on over to the SketchUp help forum.

Note: This extension was originally developed as separate plugins by Jim Foltz, Nathan Bromham, and Konrad Shroeder. Now, it’s in continual development as an open-source project on GitHub that’s hosted by the SketchUp team. Stay tuned for updates!


Francisco Javier V's picture

Wonderful !!

Thank you.

Saludos desde México.

I have the SketchUp 2017 trial version. No way to export an stl-file. The best I can do is to export an obj file.

Do I need WinRar or something similar to install this?

No you don't

Hi SketchUp Team
Great software & this is a usefull plugin thank you...

Jim's picture

David I noticed you edited your question into a comment - did you get an answer?

Jim's picture

Hi David,

Please use the SketchUp Forums[1] for support. The forums are designed with features for back-and-forth discussion of topics - unlike this comment section.


Understood - thank you for your help - keep up the good work:-)

Many facets are missing when I import 1_4x20_hex.stl from

Jim's picture

Dave Y. you will need to import the nut at a larger scale to get around SketchUp's small-face issues.

Excellent. Works perfect in my machine.

using 2017 trial. can't get this to work. Installed via extension warehouse within app, and also manually via browser download. what gives?

I get a text box to tell me it was correctly installed and available for use. I restarted the program just in case. also verified extension manager set to unrestricted and the extension is enabled.


Please post to for support.  For example,  Comments aren't really meant to be a support funciton.

Jim's picture

Hi Chris - what isn't working?

Do you see a menu under the File menu named "Export STL.."? If so, the extension is installed correctly.

The import is available under the File > Import menu. Once the dialog opens, select the file type to the right of the Filename textbox. It is a drop-down list of available import types. There should be an "STero Lithography (.stl)" option there.

The SketchUp forums are a good place to ask further questions:

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Whats with this not working? under the extensions manager window is says ''unsigned''? PLZ help and thank you

Jim's picture

Because this extension is not signed, Sketchup will prevent it loading if you have the extension loading policy set to anything but "unrestricted". The extension itself is not broken. If you need to use this, you will have to set the extension policy to unrestricted in the Extension Manager.

Robert Y.'s picture

me too, whats happening with it

Jim's picture

I filed an issue at the GitHib site about getting this signed.

I'm having the same issue. Does anyone have a solution?

si fragen welche Sprache und dann ist alles Englisch,

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Can anyone from Trimble explain to me why exporting an STL is still something one needs to add as an extension? When you make the extension yourself, and you created the program, how is it possible that you can't build the function into the program itself?

Jim's picture

Hi Colby,

Tommy explains it pretty well in this post[1]


Амаzing extention! )))
Тhank you~

Is this possible only in sketchup pro?

No I got it to work in the regular one. I rebooted the program and loaded my part in.

Same question here ? It seems to work only with Sketchup Pro... :(

nah, It works with other sketup models

The import function works fine for me, except only one STL file can be imported at a time. So it's not of much practical use since I need to import hundreds of individual STL parts to form an assembly. If I could select multiple files in a folder for import, that would be great.

Gavin P's picture

Don't suppose you've found a way of doing this? I have the same requirement.

I did. Windows 10 has a built in program named 3D Builder. You can open all the STL files in that, then export as a single STL for import to Sketchup.

One catch is 3D Builder crashes if you try to import too many files all at once (> 100 or so). So if you have a lot of parts, you may need to import in batches. Still way better than 1 at a time.

Gavin P's picture

Thanks Ben

I'm getting the colorful ball, when importing a100mb STL file.
Tried different ones but still want load.
Says "not responding" and had to Force quit

Can anyone suggest a solution?

I am having the same problem. Is there any solution that works? My file size is 7 MB


How long have you waited?

15 Min and after a while checked the "Force quit" and it said Sketchup not responding


For support, please post here, or read one of these threads:  This area is for comments, not support.

Siggi B.'s picture

It seems to be exporting in the wrong units, mm instead of inches. 2" becomes 2mm, not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I got it to download without a problem, but when I go to upload stuff, I get a notice in the bottom left hand corner that the STL upload is complete, but nothing ever pops up?

Jesse P.'s picture

Tried to import this but it just hangs on Mac. Simpler things seem to import OK. Is this thing too big for this import tool or for Sketchup itself, any idea?

Excellent, now it work perfectly. Thanks for fixing this.


OK, please retry, things should be working.  In the future, please report these to for faster responses, as this space is really for reviews of the extension.

Just thought to post that it does install. I was having the same issues as others, but finally realized that I may have to run it in admin mode.

Main issue... You have to run SketchUp as Administrator. Once you run it as administrator it allows the program to install stuff.

I tried to do exactly that, but the forum signup was also broken at the time.

All plug-ins. This lil beauty pops up on hitting Install/Download...
'An AJAX HTTP erro occured. HTTP Result Code:500....
...500 Internal Server Error.. nginx'

How does one stay ahead of competition... when vibrant new customers starting to use your software cannot access plug-ins... It was one of the "selling points" for SU... time for greener pastures...

I have a problem to download this extension. AJAX error HTTP code 500, internal server error.

Eli M.'s picture

For anyone having the 500 problem... if you've dowloaded and installed this extension before using you're google profile, you can still find it in you account under "my extensions".

I was able to install and use it from there, even though this is a clean install on my PC and never actually downloaded the extension here..

Hope that helps. :)

Could you provide the raw .rbz link from the 'my extensions' page? I am getting the 500 ajax error and I don't have it on the 'my extensions' page.

Eli M.'s picture

Provide it how, exactly?

In chrome if I right click and select "Copy Link Address" on a extension I already have in "My Extensions" such as "Advanced Camera Tools" it will link to:

I was looking for something similar for SketchUp STL to get around the 500 ajax error.

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