Shape loader
Shapes loading and resizing. Requires SketchUp 2014 or newer !
Shape loader

Shapes loading and resizing.

Compatible with MSPhysics 1.0.0+. Added 'Grounds' item to the toolbar and added attributes to shapes if MSPhysics is installed.

Requires SketchUp 2014 or newer !

Reason: Need the Ruby 2.0.0 and fileutils.rb



Ctrl -> equilateral shape.

Shift -> symmetrical shape.


- Up -> change quality.

- Left -> change origin between center and corner.

- Right -> change origin between bottom and corner.

Down -> activate 'Move' tool when the shape loading is complete.





- From now saved the last used quality of spherical-shapes into "config.ini" file.

- Added +2 quality to spherical-shapes. Now available 1-5 ( 1 is "very low", 5 is "ultra" ).



From now saved the all settings into "config.ini" file.



Fixed the error of context menu.



- Added context menu to process of 'Ground loading'.

The script has been renewed to be it's simpler.



- Added new keyboard shortcuts to change the origin of scale ( Left, Right, Down  arrows).

- Replaced the 'Torus' to 'Wedge' shape.

- Fixed some bugs.



- 3 types grounds.

- The scale line is displayed.

- The axes of the shape is located in center.

- Added shape attribute for MSPhysics.

- The scale of shape is reset to 1.

- The rounded shapes are available in 3 quality.

- The Hidden Geometries are not visible while scaling.

- Fixed the Capsule scaling.



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Tojei P.'s picture

Your plugin is only worked on the Z axis. Please add more feature like snap-in face object.

Michał P's picture

Nice workflow, allows you to place shapes precisely. But maximum quality/ precision/ subdivision of sphere is far too low :( I'd say it's useful for lowpoly modelling only.

István Nagy's picture

Hi, update to 1.4.0.

This should come by default in Sketchup!

István Nagy's picture

Thank You :-)

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