Dynamic Components
Dynamic Components add parametric behaviors and animations to SketchUp.
Dynamic Components

Dynamic Components are components with special attributes that allow for more advanced functionality. In some cases, a dynamic component may include parametric funtions, a component of a stair for example, that when resized, automatically adds more steps. In other cases, a dynamic component may include clickable interactions – for example a cabinet component whose doors can open and close when a user clicks on them with SketchUp's Interact Tool. And in other cases, a component may be dynamic because it includes additional information attributes, for example, a faucet that includes information such as a Product ID, material finish and so on.

3D Warehouse is an excellent place to find dynamic components of all sorts of products, ranging from windows and doors, to faucets and fixtures, solar panels and park benches, and more. Appending the search modifier "is:dynamic" to your 3D Warehouse searches can help narrow results to models with dynamic attributes.

Components are made dynamic by adding attributes to the component. Attributes can be simple data points such as the component's name, description, model number, size or price.  When creating a dynamic component, you also have the ability to create formulaic attributes, whose values relate to other attibutes – for example, varying sizes or colors that depend on the model number. In addition, you have the option to create custom attributes for all sorts of applications. Refer to Dynamic Components Predefined Attributes for further information.

All SketchUp users have the ability to import and use dynamic components. But only SketchUp Pro allows you to create dynamic components, or to add dynamic attributes.


Excellent for professionnals.
Thank you


Every time I select the component and press S and resize the component how I want it, it just goes straight back to how it was and slightly messes up the component...how do I make it stay the size I change it to.

I'd suggest sizing the dynamic components using the "component attributes". There are attributes LenX, LenY, and LenZ representing length in the X, Y and Z directions. You will need to "add them in" on the Component Attributes window. These can be assigned a static value like [LenX] = 24, or they can use a formula, like [LenX] = 5*LenZ . Look for a guide or youtube video about it if you don't know how yet. It can be challenging to start

Hello there, I'm thinking about whether I can add a mandate to a component dynamically utilizing component input. Buy Coursework UK for case in point, I have an offer button component and need to include `mid-button` order if input was `true`, is this conceivable?

The slide show presentation which you have shared here is pretty much good to understand the dynamic components and its working. I think the information is useful for students. I have gone through it and understand the concept.Irvine garage door repair

Great feature all around.

However it needs an "OR" operator.
It has "OR(LogicalValue1, LogicalValue2,...LogicalValueN)"

But what I'm looking for is the ability to be able to create a statement that says:
=IF(Profile="A"or"B"or"C"or"D", True, False)
Which is currently impossible.

I don't think implementing something like this would be impossible because it has the function "AND(LogicalValue1, LogicalValue2,...LogicalValueN)" and the Operator "&".
Which can create statements like "=IF(Profile="A"&"B",True, False)"

Also I believe Ruby uses || in place of "OR" so it should also be able to be used in Sketchup. Shouldn't it?

It is possible to use the expression Or(Profile="A",Profile="B") instead of Profile = "A" or "B". I figure you already know this but just in case. I agree with you, It would be great to see the "OR" or "||" used in the argument in the way you are describing. Using OR as it is now, really sucks when you have 3+ conditions, especially when referencing a component attribute with a long name.

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this is useless it doesnt work or load, maybe it needs updating.

would help if the developer came online and answered some questions otherwise hes crredibilty is out the window like this plugin

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Did download but why Does not appear when i open ?

Hello, I have problem with Generate Report -
Message from webpage
ERROR: Object doen`t support this property or method @ / compiled_42b27d10.js[851]

Only OK Buttons have and when I click on -
ERROR: Not implemented @/3653.js?412704[1]

Please help me!

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So I have done countless searces with no luck,
I have reinstalled both Dynamic Componenets & SU and still get this;
"ERROR: Callback function error: Object doesn't support property or method 'attachEvent' @ / dcbridge.js[594]"
Does anyone know what the solution is?

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The link referred to in the description (Dynamic Components Predefined Attributes) is erroneous.

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It's 11 months later and it still hasn't been fixed?

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unclear.. unclear.. unclear..

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I have a problem. When i resize ( for example ) steps, the dont automatically add more steps.. they just stretch.. Whats the problem?
I'm using Sketchup 2015

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nice to know

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I have Sketchup 7 Pro

My generate an attribute report is not working.

Downloaded the Dynamic Components 1.3.2

Sketchup do not have a install block on the bottom of the popup window when I try to install the download

Paul Visser

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hi sketchup team,
i like to use SU much and love to use. but when come on the animating part i get frustration the code and many things huh. can u have a make a simple plugin for it. (To open door, to slide the window, opening the drawers, etc.) As with the dibac plugin has the ability to open the door my just clicking. In that manner can u have plugin so that the animation can be much faster other than to put the coding on it. Dibac plugin we dont have code to open the door just when we click the door, the door open ups. In that way i need a plugin when i click the door open and then click it must close, window when click they must slide and when click they must close and some other feature. It can save the time and coding also without getting error and getting frustrating.

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Really Cool Tool Guys!

We use it for scaling our handrails and staircases in all our models and it just speeds up the workflow. Awesome!

You can see two examples of the staircases and handrails in the animations we have made on our website. (note all models on our website are made in SketchUp)




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