AR|VR Extension
Publish models to the SketchUp Viewer on AR & VR devices.
AR|VR Extension

The AR|VR Extension extends the functionality of the SketchUp Viewer for Hololens application by giving you a quick & easy, one-click option to publish projects you’re working on in SketchUp directly to your Microsoft HoloLens device.

For companies who may have a limited number of HoloLens devices, but who still want to conduct multi-user collaborative viewing sessions, the AR|VR Extension allows users to join collaboration sessions via SketchUp on their desktop.

This extension currently works with the SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens application, which can be purchased from the Microsoft Store.

To learn more about  the AR|VR Extension, or the SketchUp Viewer, please visit the SketchUp Help Center.

If you would like to inquire about volume licensing for the SketchUp Viewer, please contact the SketchUp Sales team.


sketchup can't install give the error plzz help me

How to use??

jumpjack2 .'s picture

Can this (or any other) plugin create "stereopanos", or stereo 360 panoramas like this?

(open it in your gyro-equipped smartphone)

Does this work with HTC Vive?

SketchUp Viewer on Hololens is both amazing and frustrating. Simple models seem to load fine, and look spectacular in both the tabletop and immersive views. But when I load a more realistic model (> 100K edges), the model finishes loading, but then stalls at "Generating Thumbnails, 0%". The interface gives you the option to cancel thumbnail generation, but the cancel never happens. From this point you can see your model (and even walk around in it), but you cannot interact in any way -- menus are unavailable. If I can only view models with stick-figure-level details, the usefulness of this very expensive product will be limited. Is there a software update coming that improves performance on real-world content?

Thank, unfortunately i was cheking the first price for the hololens (developers versión). It´s too expensive. Anybody knows about chiper lens or alternative solutions.

Thanks Chris.

I have the same problem. Please give us a feedback for the problem.


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Hi Jamie, it should be fixed - try it again!

Thanks, Chris

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Won't install, unknown error. Tried from the store and manual

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Thanks for the notice Jason! Appears we had a corrupt zip file somehow. I've re-uploaded it, should be all good now. Thanks!

Jason R.'s picture

Thanks Chris

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