3d Doors Windows Frames
Adding doors, windows and frames -fully customizable- to your model in just seconds!
3d Doors Windows Frames

RubySoft proudly presents: ‘3dWindow’ a powerful but easy to use extension for SketchUp to add 3d Doors Windows and Frames into your model. Never before has it been so easy to add them in low, medium or high level of details into your model. And it takes only seconds!

Downloading this extension will give you a ten days full (Pro) functionality. A license can be bought at our webshop after that.

From all of us at RubySoft: Happy SketchUp-ing!


There's plenty of windows and doors available for download on the warehouse but if you're producing designs and/or visualisations in any sort of volume; this plugin ensures consistency and ensures all doors and windows are exactly the same. Not to mention it removes all the time and difficulty of trying to create your own and have them look identical every time.

Super easy to use plugin with far and away, the quickest responding, most helpful and generous support people behind it.

I barely used the trial before deciding it was a plugin I would always use.

RubySoft have created a MUST have here!


I am trying to review this product to see if I want to purchase, but the window frames I place are all inside out. I cant seem to figure out why the windows all face inside. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello Seth,

Well... This is a new one! :-)
Since we have put our software online for some four years already and I never have had this question before I think it should be something about the way you use our plugin.
Perhaps we should have worked on the intuitivity but... we have the long expected version 5 on the development table.

Perhaps you can send me an email with the model that you have created so I can see what has happened. Please send it to support@rubysoft.eu.

Wishing you and the whole SketchUp community from all of us a very Merry Christmas and a jolly SketchUp-ing 2018!


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The Plugin is super cool,
paid and enjoying my fastest modeling..Thanks Rubysoft.!!

can u give me the serial key plz i luv it

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Hi Sketcher, good to read that you are enjoying our software :-)
Thank you for the kind words.

If you pay us a small fee I can give you one serial key (LITE) or for a bit more you can even have two! The latter will also give you the rights to use our software in a commercial setting. Just visit www.rubysoft.eu and I am sure you will be able to do the necessary to 'luv it' for an even longer time! Looking forward to welcoming you as our latest client!


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Great plugin, Thank you !

hi its great

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Dear All,
I'm testing the trial version, and I found your extension very useful, the generated models are very detailed and nice! Thanks! (I tried the other ones too on this site, but they are either too complicated and slow, or the generated models were too simple)
Unfortunately the previously mentioned problem with the generated faces still exists in this current release so I have to explode every window and put in a new glass in place of the deleted "original" one.
When do you plan to release the version 5.0?
What I'm missing from this great addon is a slightly better door creation part. For instance, we should be able to make simple wooden door without glasses. Or is this available in the full version?
Thanks for your answers in advance!

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Hello Ákos T and thanks for your comment.
All will be taken care of in the long expected v5. We are working on it. Every day. But I cannot give you an exact date on the release. A very cautious estimation would be October though. So enjoy a long holiday and you will be served afterwards with v5.

Best regards,

You can download the latest version 3dWindow: 4.1.8 'Elizabeth' from our website

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Hello Luomu Z.

I am not completely sure what you wanted to achieve here. But to all others who read this message: the current version as of June 2017 is 4.3.a.

It can be installed from within the Extension Manager or downloaded from our website www.rubysoft.eu and then installed directly into SketchUp.


Beste Alex,

Het was heerlijk en super om mij te helpen, ik kan deze maar alleen aanraden om RubySoft aan te schaffen.

Niet alleen voor het program maar ook voor de ondersteunning.
Nogmaals van harte bedank voor de perfecte service.

vanwege, Van Peer Vital

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Hello Vital,

Thank you for your kind words and you are always welcome for support!

Best regards


It was great to help me and I can only advise to buy a RubySoft license.

Not just for the program but also for their support.
Thank you again for the perfect service.

Regards, Vital van Peer)

Almost every face is inside out. Is it possible to reverse faces?

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Hello Armin K.

We are aware that a flaw might happen in v4.2 after manipulating the frame. It is resolved in v5 (but that version is not yet available).

I never heard about 'almost every face'. Can you please send me the model or frame so I can see what has happened? It should also only become an issue when you start rendering.

A solution is to explode the frame and use the default SketchUp option to reverse a face but again I am anxious to see what frame you created that would meet the description you gave it. Please email to support@rubysoft.eu.

Thanking you in advance,


Hi Alex

Thank you for activation 3D Door and Window Plugin. This extension is useful for me and increase my productivity to make and revise 3D model for my customers. In the past I lose the time at least 1 day for preparation member of door and window. When I have used this plugin, I can finish within 5 minute (Beginner).

Look forward version 5th.

Rayong, Thailand

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You are welcome Khun Praneet!

We will keep you informed about the release date of v5. We are working hard on it.

Best regards,

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if you want people to evaluate your software, make the full version available to them for a trial.
what a load of crap that you can use five windows and that is the limit.

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Hi Shaun,

We do offer the full functionality in the trial. That is the first part of good news!

About the fact that we do limit: well that is for a reason and yeah I understand that you cannot complete your project that way... But let me tell you a little secret as some other good news: if you explode the 3dWindow you can still continue past the limit of five frames since it will no longer be seen as an intelligent 3dWindow but just a pile of lines. Do be aware though that you cannot modify the properties anymore so you will be playing with the lines if you want changes.

Then for the last piece to ease your mind: if you just send us an email and provide with some resonable arguments or just when you ask politely why you should have an extension we are more than happy to grant you a serial that will give you more time and will also remove the five frame limit.

Happy SketchUp-ing!


Shaun ..'s picture

Hi Alex

Thanks, will send a mail through later. I need half an hour with the full soft in order to make a decision to purchase or not. What you have looks nice and will be happy to pay if it will fulfill my needs.



You know what, Alex ? I'm stunned by your zen attitude and the fact that, despite such a hostile comment, you manage to offer him hat he does want !
By the way, nice trick, the five frames to explode... XD really really smart XD

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Thanks Gwenael. Appreciated.
The explode function is common sense for every SketchUp user and has been going around for a long time.

If our software can help the designer/architect to ease the workload they will quickly understand the value and buy the software. If someone is pertinent in not willing to buy he or she will not buy and keep installing the trial over and over... and over (sometimes too :-))


Shaun ..'s picture

You know what, Gwenael? I am stunned that you have the time to poke your nose where it does not belong, surely the developer is able to take a bit of crit from me. If you are happy paying money when you are not sure how something works, kudos to you!!! If I were you I would rather spend time concentrating on getting my spelling correct before I post on a worldwide forum.

I was just talking to Alex, I didn't expect anything from you... but I'm flattered :)

You know, you can perfectly express your criticism staying polite and using kind words. In fact, I'm interessed in this topic because it is a way for me to get informed before buying it... but nevermind, I never ever will put my nose in your business, keep up just like the way you are.

Oh, by the way, I'm sorry not to master fluently a language that is not mine, I will immediatly suture my mouth to preserve your nerves.

"Peace and Tranquillity on Earth"

Shaun ..'s picture

No you were not just talking to Alex. you decided to stand in judgement of an opinion that I have and make an assumption that I was being rude in an effort to brown nose the developer, to get who knows what out of it.......

Whether English or any other language it is good manners to mind your own business and you would do well in remembering this. I made a comment to the developer and was waiting for his reply on his software, not from you!!! At no point in my message do I recall inviting you or anyone else to comment on my comments.

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Except that posting in a public forum (vs. private msg) is inherently an invitation to comment on your comments...

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World peace can only start one step at a time, Shaun...
Or one bit after another bit as we IT-guys like to say...

And... for everyone else reading my posts: English is NOT my primary language so please don't be just as hars on me if I might make a typo one day too... My apologies in advance!

RubyWindow claims you can design and place a complex window in less than 30 seconds. Having just designed and placed over forty windows, French Windows and doors I can confirm that claim!

After you have entered the basic data for your project there is a logical sequence of 1) Selecting frame configuration 2) Adjusting frame dimensions and details 3) Selecting window/door fill 4) Adjusting the details and finally 5) Choosing the Level of Detail (Low for modeling, Medium or High for presentation). All this can be completed in 30 seconds per window.

I had a “special” project that needed louvres/shutters instead of one of the normal window fills. The folks at RubyWindow showed me how to prepare a custom “user component” and enter it into the UC library.

It is an excellent easy-to-use extension producing high quality models/graphics for a wide range of windows and doors. It is especially useful for schematic design before a window manufacturer is selected for construction. If the window manufacture does not have his own SketchUp models then RubyWindow will be able to produce darn good imitations.

As final note – every country/region seems to have its own convention for naming the parts of a window/door. It is worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the convention RubyWindow uses.


I would like to buy this plugin, but here's the thing : you mentionned the 5.0 version few months ago, and this is still the 4.2 version that is available on your website. Do you keep working on this software ? Will it evolve in the next months ?

I would also like to know if there is a library of other profiles.

Thank you for the good work you did with this plugin, and happy new year to the team !

Gwénaël N.

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Hello Gwénaël,

We are full time and in a devoted and dedicated manner working on a completely revised v5. Since it is a new plugin 'from scratch' it takes some more time than expected but it will meet standards that even a factory can (fully automatic) process the frames. So it will be a real new breath of fresh air. We will approach our dedicated clients to join us in the beta testing soon.

The current version 4.2 is a stable version (no bugs have been reported the last months) and it will stay fully functional.

Thank you for your kind words and a happy new year to you and to all the SketchUp-ers in the world!

From all of us here at RubySoft: “Happy SketchUp-ing!”


Ok, thank you for your answer, that was fast :)

Some more questions... I LOVE questions :) !

1 - I use Thea Render plugin for Sketchup and was wondering if I could apply my own materials on doors and windows.

2 - From time to time, I put in my projects specifics sliding doors / windows : 3 equal sliders on 3 rails. I searched for this kind of element in the free trial but didn't found it. Do I have bad eyes ? Or is it not available for now ? If so, will it be part of the 5.0 version ?

Best regards.


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You are welcome!

Anwers: I love answers! :-)

1 - Sure. You can still play with all the colors or designs on the components as you like. nJoy SketchUp and live your heart out! :-)
2 - We don't cover all options nor all possible doors, windows or accessoires like door handles and so on. We DO have the UC (User Component) possibility in a FULL license version. You can first create the frame like you can do right now. Each 'area inside' a frame can be filled with a filling (duh) which can be a door a window or any specific component (user component) that you have created before as SKP file or can download from the 3dWarehouse. It will automatically be scaled and placed in the opening. The other accessoires can be placed anywhere you like. Even the 'welcome' floor mat. :-)
Three doors on two rails will be available in version 5. Three on three will be more of an aluminium solution rather than wood and does not have our first priority. But again: if you have created a two slider solution it is easy to clone one door!


정말 감사합니다.

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참 잘 오셨습니다



I could not get Ruby Windows to be recognized after installation in Sketchup Pro 2016. I requested help and they found I had an unusual problem. The technician connected directly to my computer (with my permission) and worked until the problem was solved. He then extended my trial period so I did not lose the trial days to evaluate the extension. I am very impressed with the technical support they provided. I am now using the extension. Thank you to Alex.
Harold W.

Dan F's picture

I like the plugin, but the licensing process sucks. It should be instant. I've paid and am waiting for my license now for over 24 hours. I've got work to do... I need what I've paid for...

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hi Dan,

Good to hear you like the plugin. As I have explained in my email: we have had to travel some 1.600 miles the last 21 hours so yes it took a little longer than normal to respond. We try to be quicker than 6 hours for any email coming in and do manage to get the average time down to less than an hour.

I have compensated your wait time by extending your license expiration time.

Everyone though will have to deal with the following considerations:

1) We normally live in European Standard Time zone. So In summer GMT/UTC+2 in winter GMT/UTC +1
2) For security reasons we don't have the generation of the keys written in some fance online application that probably will get hacked one day revealing the way the coding works and revealing our customer information!
3) When we receive the confirmation letter of the purchase with your key and pin outside office hours, you might have to wait a bit since we don't have an alarm bel triggered when we try to sleep for a few hours.
4) We don't mind helping you in the weekends, during holidays, after 9pm if we know beforehand and are more than happy to skip our mother-in-law's birthdays if we can help our clients.

So you have been the first in two years that had an effective wait of 15 hours. Again: our apologies and we hope to serve you as quick as all others whenever the next time will be.


Kate S's picture

Nice extension but its only a trial. It would be very helpful if it's free for us to use.

If you are good at something, never give it for free...
*torrent downloads

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Kate,

Yes it is a trial (that is where the whole second alinea is talking about). And yes, as discussed some time ago in this thread already, we know that it would be helpful if it would be for free. But I have tried your approach the other day at our local Shell after filling up the tank of my car.

Even this multi-zillion dollar company did not even wanted to let me test drive their fuel for ten days...
The world is harsh these days don't you think?

Best regards and if you need a key to evaluate the plugin a few more days, feel free to drop me a line! You are always welcome.


Best regards,


Strange I get some customers who think that because you are drawing for a living (Architecture) that its a such a simple thing to move a few doors and windows, change the pitch of a roof, extend a floor plan that you should do it for free....... Just taking a trial of your software before investing for future projects. Thanks for the 30 days grace ! :)

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Thank you for your comment Simon!

I hope the tutorial and video (available on our website (link in the mail that you have received)) will explain the working and capabilities of our software. Feedback is always appreciated and whenever you decide to buy a license please remind me of this comment and I will make a nice gesture too!


Jack G's picture

what about if you want windows to open

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hi Jack

You can use the normal SketchUp tools to open, rotate or move a window.

Easy as 1-2-3. :-)

Happy SketchUp-ing,


Hi there guys,

Nice plugin. After watching the tutorial video it all became clear and I like the quick implementation in my models. Is there a way of changing profiles myself?
Keep up the good work!

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Herman,

Thanks for your comment. We are working on version 5 right now and expect it to be launched this fall. With that version you will be able to create your own profiles. Also the possibility to insert other than squared frames will become available (multi-angled frames).

If you want to become a beta tester please send us an email via support@rubysoft.eu.

From all of us at Rubysoft: "Happy Sketchup-ing!"


Sam F.'s picture

Rubysoft is one off the best and most ''game'' changing things in he plugin store off sketch up.
This is the most easy way to draw a window,door,sliding door,........
And most off all the service from the team is stunning they will help you until the problem is solved.

Big thanks to the rubysoft team!!

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Sam F.

Thanks for your comment! We try to do our best and always happy if we can help our users and clients!

Happy SketchUp-ing from all of us!


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my add door button doesn't enable?

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