CLF Shape Bender
Bend a group or component to match an existing curve.
CLF Shape Bender

Create a shape to bend.  It must be a group or a component.  Then select a single horizontal (red axis) line to use as the base for bending.  Then select the curve that the shape will bend to match.  Wait for it to think, then it will show a grid and preview of where your object is going to transform to.  Press the UP Arrow key to toggle the orientation of the bend.

Access the plugin via Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Shape Bender, or there is a Shape Bender toolbar.


i dont know intalling shape bender,please help me

I'm getting errors from SolidSolver when trying to make the bent shape solid for 3D printing.
First SolidSolver says: The form has been 'intersected'.
Next it says: There are 60 coplanar edges. Remove them?
At this point, SolidSolver has already removed part of the shape.
Can you help me with this? I would greatly appreciate it.

SU Make 2017: SCLF SB works properly. Thank You so much! System: Win 8.1 x64 Corporate.

Hi htere

wondering as a ground 0 beginner, where should I sart to learn if I just want to create a sine waved ramp with varied width?



This works fine in Sketchup 2016....Really cool tool...thanks Chris

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thanks u so much -- sir

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why i can't download this plugin into my 2014 version sketchup.. please help .. thanks a lot

Hi Chris, this is absolutely great. Exactly what I would need, but ... :)
I´m getting everything to work up until the green indication how the final result will look like, so I know the thing must work, however... Once I push "enter" to confirm, the green lines disappear and I´m left with my curved line.
Am I doing something wrong ? The reference block in the previous step shows an all blue grid (not red and blue). Thanks in advance for the reply.

NO me funciona en sketchUp 2016?

Not work in 2016=(

Works for me.

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Hi All from Germany,

I have a problem with Shape Bender, using a photo as an texture in a shape bender element.

Where is it possible to ask question to an Shape Bender support?

Greatings from Europe


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thank you so mcuh...

i am in sketchup make 2016 - i have to go into extensions to get the tool but it first asks for a straight line and then for the line to be on the red axis. - i have done this and nothing happens it keeps asking for this. what am i doing wrong?

I had this as well..I needed to reset the world Axis to its original place and draw a line on the red and then it worked.

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same problem i've got
so what's wrong

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your contributions to the Sketchup community.

I've used Shape Bender in Sketchup 2015 to bend some relatively complex shapes and they've all been great. One that is causing me problems is complex and made up from a triangular mesh which was created in MeshMixer. After bending I get holes in the surface from where your 'benchmark lines' (does that describe them well) go.

Any fix, or is this a feature?

Best wishes, Jon

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Wow. Great tool. I used it to create an ACCURATE screw thread form, INCLUDING tool pull-out feature and end square to axis, without having to slice the final component

Link to model

THANK YOU!!! You saved me so much headache!

worst not working in my 2014 version

Hi Chris, I used the Shape Bender tool to bend a component, the bent image is quite different from the original. The original single image became multiple splitted images after bent. Did I do anything wrong?
(anyway I can attach a screenshot here?)

wonderful plugin!! thank you so much!!

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Maybe somebody known why it doesn t work. It happens in the following way: i do all the things from video, but when i click ''enter'' it disappears. What i should do?

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Why not working in 8

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@Adnan A: Scroll down to models made with "shape- bender" - all made with SU 8 !

Faster are SU 64bit versions only when You have much RAM.

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I am looking forward to using this tool. However the extension does not let me select a single straight line that is parallel to the red axis as the basis of the operation. I select the target group to be bent, then I activate the Shape Bender tool. The mouse cursor changes to an arrow with straight horizontal line below the arrow. Then nothing visible happens when I click the line to be used as the first (straight) reference. If I turn on the Ruby Console window I see the following each time I click on the candidate straight line:

Error: #
/Users/Tom/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Plugins/clf_shape_bender/clf_shape_bender_data.rb:255:in `line_picker'
/Users/Tom/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Plugins/clf_shape_bender/clf_shape_bender_data.rb:187:in `onLButtonUp'

As a test if I click on some other geometry in the model the extension display the plausible error "Please select a single straight line first."

This is with SketchUp Pro 2016. I have never used or downloaded this extension prior to today. I downloaded/installed Shape Bender via the Extension Warehouse window within SketchUp itself; no errors were reported, the process seemed similar to other extensions I've installed. I've quit and re-started SketchUp, which makes no difference.

is it works in 2015

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Works in Sketchup Make 2016, even though it isn't listed as a compatible version.

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I am having issues with it in 2016 curving text. The letters are curved but then are missing chunks of surface. Anyone else seen this?

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Yes, I confirm. I have 2016 too and it works perfecty!

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Thanks, very helpful tool

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I can't select the line next to the component. It either does not work or sometimes it says "please select a line that is drawn on the red axis".

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it is working in 2016!!!

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I have tried many different ways to get a curved wall to match up to the underside of a curved stair case. Both start and end points work but then it is sticking out past along the center.

I can not seem to figure out why, I have dropped multiple points down to create the curve above but still does not want to work.

Any thought on what I maybe doing wrong.

I am using GKWare stair maker to create my stairs.

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I USED it .... works... but my curved ramp is not formed on the curve...... it is formed AT SOME DISTANCE without any smooth curves

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Man!!!!! U r one life saver!!!!!!! Cheers mate!!!1

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This Plugin does work with 2016, follow J Carl B's instructions (at the top of this thread). I found easier to orient my geometry ( A 3D wire mesh fence) in the horizontal plane and then rotate up when bent.

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Can a fix be made so that Shape Bender works when using it in a 'mm' scale model as it seems to work fine in the meters range but not in mm - apart from that great plugin, pity I have to make my bolts and nuts huge and re-scale them after bending

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Hi , needs an update for su 2016 , gets crashed when using it

looking forward to your fix :)



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Saw it working on 2016. The model (the shape that you want to bend) and the line drawn alongside it (when making a ramp) MUST LIE ON THE RED AXIS.

Then the arch/lines can't be connected to any face etc.

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Thanks. This is a great tool. Works great. Wish I had a beefier computer to play with it on.

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LOVE IT!! Watch the video folks, I had trouble to start with too. Being an engineer, I never read directions (sorry Chris). Installed it this morning, fiddled around, watched the video - short answer, 1 draw the shape and then group it, 2 draw a
helper line (on it along the red axis), draw a reference curve, also along the red axis, this will be the shape you want to bend it to.

Select the tool, select the reference helper line, select the reference curve (toggle through the arrow keys until the green grid is on the reference curve - hit enter, yer done!

Great Tool Chris... Many Thanks!

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Hi, Chris...I can't even find shape bender's icon in toolbar... should I install plug in first? FYI, I use sketch up 2014

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I can't seem to find the toolbar for Shape bender. I have to go to "Extensions -> Chris Fullmer Tools -> Shape bender" every time... Is there a way to enable this and use the toolbar? I've seen people on Youtube with the toolbar active. Btw, I'm using SU15.

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Right-click on your toolbar, and tick "Shape Bender". Its not the biggest toolbar in the world (just one icon - a horizontal bar, with an arc above it), so look carefully ! I missed it in my first few weeks of using.

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This tool is a blessing Chris. Thankyou.

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