PlayUp Tools Exporter to Game Engines
PlayUp Tools is a plugin for SketchUp that allows people to create and export content to a 3D game engine.
PlayUp Tools Exporter to Game Engines

When it's easy to make content, there’s more time to be creative.

A productivity tool designed for designers, PlayUp Tools simplifies the process of exporting and importing content by allowing SketchUp users an easy and optimized pipeline for porting and placing a level full of components and groups into a game engine.

The current build of PlayUp Tools is for Windows only and supports the ability to export to the following engines: Amazon Lumberyard, Crytek CryENGINE 3, Epic Games Unreal 4, and Unity. Please visit for more information.


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Hello once again! After further experiments, I can confirm a texture issue coming from Playup. Some meshes in a Playup scene will have skewed UV's on import into Unreal 4, but if I export the same mesh indiviually from Sketchup as a FBX object, the UV's are as intended. The problematic textures are those aligned with the texture placement tool in Sketchup itself, as well as UV's generated using SketchUV. For instance, any pipes I create with a tiling tube mapping will export fine as an individual FBX object, but the UV's will be skewed via Playup. So I have to manually replace each mesh instance - not painful, but not having to do it would make Playup an even better than it already is! If you would like evidence, just let me know. Also, please consider an education license - I am an teacher, and would would love to deploy Playup in our labs (100+ seats), but it's currently more expensive per seat for Playup than it is for an educational copy!

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Can confirm my issue was due to UVW mapping - artist didn't realise the yellow texture handle was a no-no! Keep up the great work!

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