Cleans up and optimizes your SketchUp model.


  • Fixes duplicate component definition names ( When in model scope )
  • Purge unused items
  • Erase hidden geometry
  • Erase duplicate faces
  • Erase lonely edges ( Except edges on cut plane )
  • Remove edge material
  • Repair split edges
  • Smooth & soft edges
  • Put edges and faces to Layer0
  • Merge identical materials
  • Merge connected co-planar faces

Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » CleanUp


  • TT_Lib² — 2.10.0

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Paul P's picture

Hallelujah! ThomThom you my good man, are a genius! Was working on a provisional patent application, using SketchUp Make 2016 to model my invention for drawings. When low and behold...The entire file disappeared! After a short search, found your Cleanup3 extension, and had a little trouble loading it. Opened the file again and Shazam! The entire file was back! Thank you so much for your work! Keep up the great work!

Works like a charm. Took care of stuff which otherwise would have taken hours to accomplish!
Thank you so much!

-Installed Cleanup3 manually
-then installed TT_lib through the warehouse.

Tried and used CleanUp3 each time lose Skalp section definitions...?

Please advise

ThomThom's picture

Skalp create unused definitions?
CleanUp have no knowledge of Skalp. I'm also not familiar with the details.
I would recommend you start a thread on the SketchUp forums where you include a sample model and perhaps a couple of screenshot of what you observe.

(I check that forum.)

Aaron T's picture

This is one of my most used plugins, and a long time ago Thom added the feature to keep edges between different materials when merging coplanar faces.

What I need now is a feature to recreate those edges where they have been previously hidden.

A checkbox under 'Coplanar Faces' that allows us to 'unhide/unsoften edges between different materials' would be fantastic!

Thanks for all of your great work.

bencharef S.'s picture

il ne veut pas s'installer sur mon sketchup 2015 je devien folle :'(

ThomThom's picture

I'd recommend you make a post in the SketchUp forums where you describe what happen when you try to install - including any error messages you might get.

Wow this program is amazing!

Working on a model of Homer and the file size jumped up massively in sketchup.
Original was 0.32MB but after adding a few changes in Sketchup = 1.18MB, almost 400% larger
Games are quite intensive and this inefficiency wouldnt do.

After using this great CleanUp plugin, now a more reasonable 0.44MB.
Now I can send this off to the team working on Simpsons Hit and Run Modding

bencharef S.'s picture

okay thank you so much

Tony A.'s picture

i installed the plugin a couple of months ago and it worked fine. The status bar at the bottom of the SU window showed progress, etc. For some reason, it has stopped working. It does absolutely nothing. What gives?

ThomThom's picture

I would recommend you post this question in the SketchUp forums where it's easier to follow up with Q and A.

Tony A.'s picture

I posted here.

Angel S.'s picture

Once again, you have proved to be a Wizard! Thank You SO MUCH! Was able to merge faces and create flat patterns for 4" deep aluminum channel letters spelling "C L U B" cut on a bias thru the middle of the word ....weird shapes to try to saved me!.... and hours of work...

Shira D.'s picture

Amazing extension! works perfectly!

Safder L.'s picture

Hey...i want to know if i can install CeanUp3 on Sketchup 7.

ThomThom's picture

Yes, but you need to manually install it. You can refer to this article for general instructions:

Nguyễn Quý H's picture

Nice works Thom .
And i have a question that how to make a TOOLBAR of Cleanup3, as Solid Inspector Plugin???
Because every i use CleanUp3, i must have 3 mouse activities.

Studio U.'s picture

It doesnt work for sketchup 2016

Noah S.'s picture

Yes, it does.

Lyndon A.'s picture

When will this tool be available for 2016 users?

Sebastián L.'s picture

It worked for me, you need to install TT_Lib? no need to download it from the Extension Warehouse. Install both then restart.

PATRICIO A.'s picture

i installed on Osx sketchup 2015, in preferences, then extensions, then install extension on de bottom right corner of the window, then search for the downloaded file: tt_cleanup-3.3.1.rbz
install it.
then instal the latest TT_lib2, download from:

i restart sketchup after install it and appears the menu options on the extensions bar.

everything Ok.


Count M's picture


This is very frustrating...

I am searching for it and can not find it. I don't have a "Plug-ins menu item, and looking under extensions, it is not showing up... what is going on with this thing?

Count M's picture

Please disgregard. I did not know that I had to exit the program and re-enter it. It wasn't in the notes. :-)

Gabriel V's picture

After selecting my specifications (I tried selected and the model as a whole) and clicking the clean up but nothing happened. I hope it is a silly mistake on my bart but what do you think I am doing wrong? Also when I tried to merge faces I got the error 2605 - Face merge resulted in lost geometry! (I imagine this is because that selection does not attempt to merge just coplanar faces)

Garth K.'s picture

I'm using SU Pro 64bit and your Cleanup3.
I have imported a standard OSM (Openstreetmaps) file of an area and want to combine all the road polylines into single polygons - then tidy the ragged bends up and extrude the roads into the start of a 3D model. Once the OSM is imported I explode the drawing and Unhide the hidden geometry. This exposes all the shapes and one can see that all the roads are made up of overlapping rectangles.
I want to remove the overlapping geometry to leave a single a single polygon (well as much as possible ) of the whole import so I can work on roads as a whole.
I use Cleanup3 to remove the overlapping geometry with your Merge Faces tool and that takes away most of the overlaps but an error occurs:

10 errors occurred. Please report the error and sample to the author.
>10 - Face merge resulted in lost geometry

I can continue - and if I now use the Erase Stray Edges facility half of my model is removed.

I would like to post the errors image I have taken and a copy of the SKP file for you to have a look at. Where can I do this?

Saifudheen P.'s picture

Very use full.
Thank you Thom.

Chris M.'s picture

Doesn't seem to work. Win7 IE11 new SketchUp2015 install with tt_lib and CleanUp from Extension Warehouse. Clean... option brings up a blank window.

Chris M.'s picture

Self reply, Figured I'd post it if anyone else had this issue. Looks like it might have been due to my windows username having a ' in it. Caused the %SCRIPTS% line in window.html to not work correctly so it didn't link the inputbox.js Was easy enough to fix. Change %SCRIPTS% to match the line above but with %PATH%js/inputbox.js instead and save. Worked like a charm after that. What ever allows %PATH% to use my funky username probably needs to be added to %SCRIPTS%. Probably something in the tt_lib.

Anthony W.'s picture

I have the same problem. But i have absolutely no idea whats your post mean.
Could you be kindly elaborate more? Like treating me like an ignorance computer script layman.

tranquilgames .'s picture

all good, works a treat!!!

Thomas C.'s picture

Brilliant tool.

I found myself importing several .stl files into Sketchup but as is the way with such models all of the faces are built with triangles - many many triangles. This tool successfully cleaned up all of the faces - merging triangles in the same plane into solid faces. Hours of work reduced into a few mouse clicks.

Only one thing that was a pain - I didn't have the TT_Lib2 plugin so got a message saying to download it. But having done so I ended up with 2.9. So I then got a message saying 2.10 was required, click here to download - but the download link was to 2.9! Cue endless loop. Fortunately a quick guess and changing the download link to end with 2.10.0 instead of 2.9.x allowed me to download the correct version.

ThomThom's picture

Ah! I've probably forgotten to update the link. Thanks for reporting.


this is sagar.
i have installed this plugin and it is seen in preference->extension dialog box.
but the plugin is not opening to use.
how to open the plugin..i saw the above video in that u have a plugin menubar next to window menubar but i dont have at all....wt 2 do....???

Castor R.'s picture

Download it from inside sketchup, then download TT_Lib2 (also inside). Worked for me.

ThomThom's picture

Have you also installed TT_Lib2 which is required by this extension?

Marija V's picture

Excellent tool - I've halved the size od the model, I'm working on!

Thanks Thom!

rf s's picture

When working on a large model where lots of people import different objects (that only they are going to be editing, thus they are the only ones that need access to layers etc), this plug-in is a great tool to reduce the objets to the minimum size possible.


Matthew L's picture

Could you please send me my email back then because I don't want to write everything over again. thanks

Matthew L's picture

Hey Thom,

I sent you an email about a week ago and never heard back, could you please help me out.

ThomThom's picture

Hi Matthew. I'm currently in the states travelling. My emails are very back logged at the moment. I'd recommend you make a post in the forums, - as I'm not likely to have much time until I'm back home next month.
There are plenty of skilled SketchUppers which I'm sure will be able to answer your questions.
(It's also my preferred way to answer questions - publicly in forums so other people can benefit and even propose a better answer than what I can muster up.)

Cathie S's picture

I'm seeking to install Cleanup3 but when I try to install it I get the error message:
" This extension has not been marked as being compatible with your version of SketchUp. You may experience usability issues if you try to install this extension."
I am using Sketchup 2014 which it says is supported, on a Mac with OSX 10.9.5. I'd welcome any suggestions as to why I'm getting this message and how I can install the extension.

ThomThom's picture

This sounds like a bug in Extension Warehouse.
Can you make sure you are signed in before downloading?

V P's picture

I installed the plugin but can't access it. I don't have the plugin menu like you do in the video. What do I do?

ThomThom's picture

Did you install TT_Lib as well?
Have you restarted SketchUp?
What SketchUp version are you using?
Are you using Windows or OSX?

Timmy L's picture

when i run cleanup it reports what it did in a box on the screen… when i run it immediately again, it reports the same thing? why isn’t it saving what it says it did?

ThomThom's picture

Some times SketchUp there are some small items that doesn't really "fix". These are not easy to detect. Just ignore them. When the number of fixed items doesn't change any more then CleanUp has done what it can.

Jason G's picture

Good M'aftern'evening,

I am getting the following message upon opening SketchUp (version 14.1.1282 on Windows 7 Pro):

Error Loading File core.rb
Error: #
C:/Users/jasong/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/core.rb:225:in `'
C:/Users/jasong/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/core.rb:33:in `'

I am not sure if the problem lies with the TT library or the Clean up tool. I have attempted to re-install both, but this message remains. I would appreciate any help you might provide.



ThomThom's picture

The core.rb file hasn't been installed correctly. How did you install it? The preferred method is to use Extension Warehouse from within SketchUp to install it. Alternativly, download the RBZ and use Preferences > Extensions > Install Extensions.

Your error, showing that the core.rb file is located directly in the root of the Plugins folder - which I've only seen before when people used ZIP utilities that extracted without preserving sub-folders. Though I see you use SU2014 - so I'm surprised if you'd done that.

Jason G's picture


I do not recall installing "core.rb" at all. I just uninstalled/reinstalled SketchUp and deleted all associated folders, yet when I opened the reinstalled version, the error message was still present. I am currently searching my computer for this file so I can remove it and start from scratch. Any further ideas?


update: for some reason I could not see the files listed in the error message. After copy/pasting I was able to see and delete those files and so I am hopeful the new reinstall will take care of the problem.

update2: problem solved!