* LightUp for SketchUp
LightUp is the fastest and simplest SketchUp renderer on the market. Experience true real-time rendering all within the SketchUp window. SketchUp has never looked so good!
* LightUp for SketchUp

Welcome to true real-time rendering

LightUp is the fastest and simplest SketchUp renderer on the market.

Thousands of professionals, from one-person architecture practices to movie-makers at Pixar, choose the LightUp plugin for SketchUp to instantly illuminate their models and show their work in the best possible light.

LightUp is the only SketchUp renderer that uses object-based rendering. This means you get stunningly accurate and beautiful results instantly inside the SketchUp window. The speed of LightUp makes it perfect for the way designers work. You can tweak and iterate your models and immediately see results. There's no waiting around for minutes or hours as with old-fashioned ray-tracing renderers. Move the camera around your model and watch everything render perfectly in real time. Create fly-through movies and export a file that can be played by your clients in their web browser.

Whether you're working on product visualisations, architectural designs or immersive 3D experiences, LightUp gives you speedquality and simplicity in a single SketchUp extension.

You can try LightUp FREE FOR 30 DAYS

So click the "Get this Extension" button in the top right of this screen and get started in minutes.

Happy lighting! 

Adam Billyard
Creator of LightUp 


model mean?

actualy im using laptop

Dell (forgot model)
i7 2.0

pokongku .'s picture

Hi Adam,

LightUp is truly an amazing software!

I've got an entry level PC and LightUp still works. After removing most of the planar reflections, questionable components downloaded from 3D warehouse, Pointlights that were way too strong, Sketchup surfaces that were not quite planes and grouping building and grounds into one group, I could then set the scenes and actually made a movie out of it. I had to render in LightUp twice because the rendering didn't complete the first time (presence of dark smudges in some areas). I used Sony Movie Studio to compile several movies together.

The finished movie looks really good. The camera movements were smooth and graceful.

Thank you for your continuous support. It's a great product.

I am going to get a new computer with a faster processor and better video card. Could you show me how to load LightUp to the new computer? Do I need to use the key for the last download?

pokongku .'s picture

Hi Adam,
I noticed whenever a Sketchup model is in LightUp rendered mode, the camera movements become jerky and sluggish.

Normally the camera in Sketchup moves very smoothly.
We are not dealing with animation or movie recording.

I just want to show the model in LightUp rendered mode to clients but it has proved unsatisfactory.

Is there anything I can do to make the camera move smoothly on screen in LightUp?

pokongku .'s picture

I managed to record this segment, not using the LightUp recording feature, but by OBS Studio video capture and then editing it in Sony Movie Studio. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f94hcm1r9w63cyh/SCENE11ex2.mp4?dl=0

I could not get LightUp Movie Maker to work. Kept getting the bug splat.

OBS can record in resolution of 1920x1080 and higher. How do I set up LightUp for higher resolution rendering?

Also when I use the camera motion control in LightUp rendering, the action is not smooth, as you can see in the attached segment. Anything I could do to improve on that ?

Hi Adam

I purchased the annual mac lightup for sketchup lisence few days ago, but the file was not downloaded successfully for unknown reason. Today I checked my online bank and realised the lisence actually costs me 148 pounds !!!

If there is nothing wrong with my memory, the price I paid is different with the price I saw previously on the website. (I thought it's 14pounds or sth. The payment page pop up when I was in download page, and there was no option of visions , the one I got is not even a student vision) I paid this much for a plugin which cannot be used in my laptop, so I am asking for a refund and sorry for the inconvenience.
I am a interior design student so I would like to download a 30 days free trial and if I like it I will recommend it to my classmates and get a lisence later , as a student I really can not afford the price of the annual lisence right now so please help me and process a fully refund to me plz!!!!!!!!

pokongku .'s picture

Do I need to un-install LightUp before downloading new installer for new version of LightUp with existing Reg Key?

Can you please respond to the issue of LightUp not being able to animate the scenes?

pokongku .'s picture

Hi Adam,

As per your instructions, I have "hidden" all the PointLights, leaving just a minimum of emitters. The building and grounds are in one group. I am using AO and have set the color box to black and custom AO at 6m. Resolution is 5cm. I planned to add pointlights back one at a time. Gamma as been set to medium.

Now every time the model was rendered, the program would crash at various points, although the rendering time is shorter now (about 3 hours). Bug Splat reporting followed. Ruby console is empty.

I have not changed anything else. I use to be able to finished rendering the files with no problem. Could you please help by reviewing the attached file and see if it would render at your end? Here is the dropbox link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/4c3aqqdgcz8mhmm/BUNGALOW%20MAY%204%201AM%20in%20LU%20w%20irr%20updated1.skp?dl=0

pokongku .'s picture

Hi Adam,

Still struggling to make this thing work. I've turned off all planar reflection and turned on Trigger Anim.

1. The animation still does not work. It is frozen in the opening scene. I tried the animation in SketchUp mode and it worked.

2. None of the point light or emitter worked as if they have all been turned off.

I have sent you the SU file hoping that you will find what I have done wrong.

LU crashed after getting stuck in animation. (SU Bug Splat notice popped up.)


pokongku .'s picture

I've recently purchased the LightUp full version and am still experimenting with it. I find it very difficult to control the camera movements, with the mouse or the keyboard. There is no "braking" and the camera always ends up in the middle of a wall and causes the screen to turn black. And sometimes during camera movement, the screen froze so the program could pause and catch up (with status bar turning).
I made a small movie of a very simple model and it worked well.
Now I was trying to make a 12 second movie of a larger LightUp model (160Mb) and no matter what I did, the outcome was just the fixed image of the opening shot. I cranked up the camera speed to 5 so the camera could move without stopping. I had Trigger Anim on all the time. I tried different resolutions from the lowest to the highest - nothing worked.
I sent the whole SketchUp file to LightUp hoping to get some clue of what to do next - so far there's been no reply.

Adam B.'s picture

When exporting a movie from LightUp, if you have "Trigger Anim" checked, LightUp will autoplay the Camera animation setup between Scenes. You need at least 2 Scenes setup in order for LightUp to animate between Scenes. Having just a single Scene setup (as in this case) means LightUp will wait for you to manually navigate your model and record your path.


Hi Adam
following the tutorial on how to rig up an interior when i get to the stage of selecting the tour tool for incremental render sketch up closes and i have to restart it?

hi Adam,

wondering why my student version keeps crashing whenever I try to render my model. First time using the student annual version, i used the demo version before this and it rendered fine.

thanks in advance,

Adam B.'s picture

Hi Louise,

Yes, we had a couple of crash bugs in the last release. These have been resolved and if you login, go to Downloads and at the bottom of the page enter your RegKey, you can re-download a new Installer (5.0h) with the fixes.


hey there, i clicked get this extension, then signed up for the 30 day trial. however when i downloaded the file, it launched sketchup, then when i clicked start using sketchup, sketchup loaded then gave me the error message " this does not appear to be a sketchup model" this is very frustrating as my normaly sketchup loads just fine but this only happens when i click the lightup download rbz file. any help appreciated.

Adam B.'s picture

Hi Hugh,

LightUp downloads as SketchUp ".rbz" file. Its not a SketchUp model (.skp file).

- Simply launch SketchUp,
- Go to Preferences->Extensions,
- Click on the "Install Extension.." button and select the ".rbz" file you downloaded.


kendrick A.'s picture

when i open my install extension i can't find my ".rbz" file? where can i locate it?

Adam B.'s picture

In your Downloads folder.


I purchased the annual student version of light up right after using the demo version. I tried entering the registration key but it said that it was invalid. I then followed what it says in a thread to download the uninstaller for the demo version but as I tried opening it, it said that the file was damaged. Any suggestions on how to use my paid student version after using the demo version? I'm a Mac user, btw.


Sam M's picture

LightUp-v33c is the last version I bought, I haven't been able to upgrade yet. I do use Sketchup 2016 though. Am I right in assuming that I cannot install 33c for use in 2016?

The installer doesn't give any error messages, but also doesn't install it into the plugins folder. I also don't get an .rbz file to use via "Install Extensions...".
How do I proceed, or is it just not compatible anymore?

Regards, SAM.

Adam B.'s picture

SketchUp2016 moved to 64-bit so you will need to 64-bit version of LightUp. It also introduced .rbz installers.

So you can login, go to Downloads and click 'Buy or Upgrade' to purchase a discounted upgrade to LightUp v5.


Vanessa V's picture

What's an Mray?

I'm trying to figure out why it's taking 4 hours to render my sketchup file.

i need an answer to this question

Chan P's picture

i ve download demo version few days back and decided to purchase LightUp.
downloading and follow instruction as given, still have domo vesion in my sketchup.
what must i do to get LIghtup working for me, thanks.

Adam B.'s picture

When you purchase, you get a new Installer AND a new RegKey.

Just to be sure, remove the DEMO version by opening File Explorer and in the textbox, type:


and navigate to Roaming/SketchUp 2016/Sketchup/Plugins

to remove the lightup file and lightup folder.

Launc Sketchup and confirm there is no LightUp before using Preferences->Extensions, Install Extension...


Hello I have just download the trial lightup V5 for Sketch Up 2016 - received the demo / RBZ. but when opening I received error quoted as

" SketchUp was unable to install the Extension you have chosen for some unknown reason.

Consult your Extension's documentation for additional help. "

Please advise how to proceed, thank you.


Adam B.'s picture


The (not very helpful) SketchUp message indicates you have another copy of LightUp installed.

Run the Uninstaller for all the old LightUp installs, launch Sketchup to confirm there is no LightUp and then use Install Extension again.


Where do I find the uninstaller?

Thank you,


Adam B.'s picture

Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs

caitlin m's picture


SketchUp is telling me my activation key is invalid. What should i do?


Adam B.'s picture

invalid or Expired? If it says Invalid, it means the RegKey you are using does not match the installed version of LightUp. Carefully check that the version of LightUp you downloaded is the one you install - if your Downloads folder has older installers, its easier to choose the wrong one.

If it says Expired, you'll need to visit the LightUp website to renew the license.

Claire C.'s picture


Is it possible to install Light up trial to a Sketchup pro trial? I downloaded Lightup & it came as a .pkg plus 3 x bundles not as a .rbz file so I'm unable to install the extension in my Sketchup pro free trial. I downloaded the trial from the Lightup main website. Could anyone advise the best way to instal Lightup trial in a Sketchup Pro trial if possible?


Adam B.'s picture

Hi Claire,

LightUp for Macintosh is still using our original LightUp installer. Just run the .pkg installer and the files will be copied to the correct locations.

LightUp supports SketchUp Make and Pro from version SU8 upward.


Hamza J.'s picture

How to install it... I have not setup... I have rbz file of lightup... what I can do.... please help...

Adam B.'s picture

Yes, we recently transitioned to using the SketchUp built-in Extension installer rather than our own installer.

.rbz files are SketchUp Installer files.

So Uninstall ALL versions of LightUp using Add/Remove programs from Control Panel.

1. Launch SketctUp 2016

2. Open menu Window->Preferences

3. Click on Extensions

4. Click on “Install Extensions…”

5. Choose the .rbz file you downloaded from LightUp.

lacour's picture


Très content d'avoir acheter LIGHTUP

Est il possible de faire varier la puissande des éclairages IES ? je n'y arrive pas
merci de votre réponse


Adam B.'s picture

In PointLight dialog, change "LLF" from 1.0

LLF = Light Loss Factor

However, you can enter a value > 1.0

Ionut C's picture

No...... estoy utilizando la misma 4.6 .

demo version .
Al descargar se instala solo como , bien lo explicas , siguiendo los pasos .
lo descargue varias veces , y al poner tu clave ...... invalid license .....
y es la clave que das con la descarga .

Ionut C's picture

Esto me pasa a mi igual .

Se instala solo , pero a la hora de poner la clave , dice que esta invalida.

que debo hacer .

Adam B.'s picture

Are you running an old version of LightUp perhaps?
The latest version is v4.6h which is shown at the bottom of the Preferences dialog.

jimena S.'s picture

i cannot found material properties (mac) i have already tried everything
Query Tool + Alt and nothing.
Please help

Adam B.'s picture

On Macintosh, its QueryTool + Cmd + Mouse click.

Alexis S's picture

Dear Adam,

I am working in an extremely large sketchup file, approximately 130MB. Sketchup quits when I try to 'GO' with Lightup. I am able to use Lightup with smaller files (15MB), but the rendering time is still very slow--even placing a light has lag time. I am using a pretty decent system with a Xeon processor, 32GB of RAM, and Nvidia quadro K4000 graphics card with 3GB of VRAM. Do you have any explanations as to why I am having troubles? Or should I just quit while I'm ahead.

I should also mention that I have only installed the 64-Bit Demo...

Thanks you for your time,


Adam B.'s picture

Lighting time is a result of how much lighting is needed. Check your Resolution is set appropriately; perhaps watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywyI0vJNNzQ

Alexis S's picture

Hi Adam,

I watched the video, but my issue is more related I think to the fact that IF my model renders at whatever resolution -- I stress the 'if' because most of the time it quits or is too slow for my design timeline because my model is so large... even if I only place a single light -- I am not able to navigate inside my model without sketchup completely freezing. I think this program would be perfect for my purposes (as I design and mock up interior spaces for an interior design firm), if I could only get this to work faster and without freezing.

I think my question becomes this:

Is the size of my SketchUp file responsible for this issue? If so, is there a way to remedy this without losing content within my model? If not, can I improve my computer's hardware in order to acheive this?

Alok C's picture

installed light up v4 6E . i am running SU 2016. STILL ON WINDOWS PREFERENCES ON EXTENSIONS I DO NOT SEE LIGHT UP.

Adam B.'s picture

OK, if it is not shown by SU2016, then you have not installed LightUp in the copy of SketchUp you are running.
Where do you have SketchUp 2016 installed?
Where did you install LightUp?

Alok C's picture

SU2016 is installed in c/programs/sketch up
And light up in c/programs/plugins

Adam B.'s picture

LightUp is a plugin for SketchUp so needs to be installed in the SketchUp Plugins folder.

The LightUp installer discovers this folder automatically and sets it up as the location to install LightUp. Did you change it perhaps?

No matter, run the LightUp installer, it should give a default install location which you should accept and not edit.

Alok C's picture

Adam I think I am too dumb or My computer is. I have done all these options. Lightup automatically installed in programs/plugins. which did not work the first time. i manually installed in SU 2016 plugins folder and still does not work. i think i will hav to give up on this extension.

from start downloaded lightup for 32bit SU2016 . (i am using O.S windows 10)
automatic installation in c/programs/plugins.
i deleted and installed in c/Sketchup/plugins. didnt work.
deleted and reinstalled it for automatic installation . still doesnt work. please note iam running the setup file of lightup from my desktop.

Adam B.'s picture

SketchUp 2016 is 64-bit. You need to also run LightUp 64-bit installer (LightUp_x64.msi)

Thank you for your feedback, LightUp is installed by many thousands of users each month so I'm really not sure what is going on.
Perhaps it may be simpler to resolve if you use the LightUp support email help@light-up.co.uk


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