2DXY SlickMoves
The power tools of 2D Graphics enabled for any plane in 3D space.
2DXY SlickMoves

SlickMoves Description:

14 indispensible tools for manipulating Components and Groups.  

The familiar power tools of 2D graphics generalized to 3D: 

  • Rotate about Z axis by any angle (2 tools) 
  • Mirror about center X or Y (2) 
  • Resize (absolute or incremental) (1) 
  • Align (Left, Center, Right; Top, Middle, Bottom) (6) 
  • Equal Space (between objects or between their centers) (2) 
  • Display the Active Plane and XY Axes on any group or component. (1)  

How they work:

  • Select one or more OBJECTS (Component Instances and/or Groups) 
  • Click on one of the 14 SlickMoves tools. 
  • All selected Objects are "moved" IN ONE CLICK.  

You never need to:

  • Select vertices, intersections, handles or inferenced points. 
  • Measure or draw guides. 
  • Use Scale factors 
  • Use special keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl)  

This Means:  75% fewer clicks for many common design tasks. Fewer move mistakes. Much less zooming in and view rotation. More fluid design process.  

Why?         Because we live in a world dominated by gravity. Therefore, most Objects sit on a horizontal 2D plane. Many others are attached other 2D planes. Usually we want Objects stay on plane. Usually we want to move Objects in the local X or Y directions.   

"Most elementary acts of design are 2 dimensional."  

(Works in either SketchUp Make or SketchUp Pro: versions 16 and later.)

(Please send questions to the support email.  Questions posted as Reviews may not be answered.)

Watch the 4 videos, download the free trial, read the help file.

Version Release Notes included in Help (User Guide).


kiwi10's picture

I can recommend this extension, though I use it in combo with "s4u-align" and "JF MoveIt" (sketchucation.com). To be frank it took me some time to implement all the 2DXY-tools effectively into my workflow. I guess that a 30-days trial would convince more people to buy it.

Update for Version 3.0: Now the Resize tools works perfectly for us using metric units. Thanks for sorting out this issue so swiftly after I brought it to your attention, Barry:)

Summary: I have used this versatile tool for almost a year now and would recommend it to all people out there who are still on the fence. It has really saved me a lot of time on all of my projects so far.

Rotate and Mirror are my favorite tools, i use them every other minute. Nevertheless Resize tool,a lifesaver


very useful plugin, it could save a lot of time to align groups and components, thanks for this plugin... :)

Julian S's picture

SketchUp 2017 compatible version please, I'm having licence issues...

+++ EDIT +++
This seems to be a Trimble issue, thanks Barry for being of assistance. The tool worked fine under SU 2016 and helped to speed up workflow.

kiwi10's picture

I also had licenses issues getting it to work in su2017, but I solved the problem by unistalling it in the (new) extension manager. Then after reinstalling it it works like a charm.

Barry Milliken's picture

Use the customer support email address shows on the right.
This spaces is for reviews.

Simon P.'s picture

this is some con stuff i tried to install the trial but not working

Barry Milliken's picture

Send email to the support address on the right of this page with specific details of what you tried to do. This space is for reviews NOT support requests. Please use clear English: "some con stuff" makes no sense.

tomasz c's picture

Not perfect but very nice. Don't work in " local space" [in group etc.];

tomasz c's picture

...or maybe needs alternativ 'line\axis' to align/spacing things .. in some cases

Barry Milliken's picture

SlickMoves can align objects to any edge or vector in 3D space. For most situations it is only necessary to first select (or temporarily create and select) an appropriate face as the "active XY plane". In some cases you need to first use the SketchUp Axis tool. This is covered the the video "What's new in 2DXY SlcikMoves 2.0" and in the User Guide. The above applies for either nested or unnested objects.

tomasz c's picture

Yes everything work fine; again thanks for that tools; there are very helpful

Bob James's picture

Bought extension and installed it here in EW. The next time I opened SU, 2DXY SlickMoves doesn't load and I get an error saying the trial has expired. Not good.

Barry Milliken's picture

Warehouse requires you to uninstall the trial first.

10004iomthon .'s picture

Dear Barry Milliken
1 plugin can install 3 pc or not?

Barry Milliken's picture

Extension Licensing is controlled by Trimble, NOT by the extension developer. Here are the rules: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000264

DIRK S's picture

Great assortment of modification tools. Simple and easy to use. For me the resize tool alone is worth the cost. Very useful! Barry responds immediately to any questions or comments. Good plugin!

Rick G's picture

I have purchased both 2DXY Site Survey and SlickMoves ! They both work extremely well and are huge time savers! Well done Barry! Also, the support from Barry has been 2nd to none and very much appreciated. Let me know when you develop the next time saver Barry!

10004iomthon .'s picture

Dear Barry Milliken
Today I starting download trial

Elliot S's picture

Hi Barry
I've been evaluating Slickmoves and am not getting the results I expected with the "Equal Spacing Left-Right" tool. What's the best way to send you jpegs to show you what's going in?

Barry Milliken's picture

Bug fixed in version 2.0

Fred J's picture

Beautiful plugin, efficient modelling tools; specially thanks for all prompt help

Mohammad T.'s picture

I only buy sketchup2015,I want to use it,can you sell me an one which can be used in sketchup2015

Barry Milliken's picture

2DXY SlickMoves works with SketchUp Make 2016 (which is always free) OR SketchUp Pro 2016. If you bought SketchUp Pro within the last 12 months, you can upgrade to 2016 for free.

deleted's picture

Great plugin, one thing i don't understand is what the different between mirror tools and flip along red,green in sketchup?

Barry Milliken's picture

With the SlickMoves Mirror tool:
1. You can select multiple objects for mirroring without the entire selection being treated as a temporary group. So each object mirrors independently of the others and about its own local axes. (SlickMoves RotateZ and Resize also work this way). If you select 2 or more objects and do a "flip along", you can only mirror by global axes, not the individual local axes.
2. You don't have to remember which axis is which color.
3. One click to mirror versus (a click then mouse traversal of hierarchical context menu, then another click).

deleted's picture

Thanks for your explanation...

Pejman T's picture

Can you make a 2015 version?
I like the plugin.. But I do not have plan to upgrade my 2015 just because I recently bought a pro one..
I think (80%) it is compatible with 2014 and 2015 since the ruby core is not changed a lot...

Waiting for 2015..

best regards

Barry Milliken's picture

If you recently bought SketchUp Pro 2015, then I believe that you get free upgrades for a year.
It was discovered that the weak encryption used in SketchUp (Pro or Make) 2015 was hacked and that allowed hackers to steal extensions without paying. SketchUp 2016 fixed this. So I waited to release 2DXY SlickMoves for only Sketchup 2016.

2DXY SlickMoves also works with Sketchup Make which is free for all versions.

Pejman T's picture

There are lots of plugins that are not compatible with 2016 ...
while some ( like yours ) only works on 2016 ...
please help us users not to encounter fragmentation

there are lots of more valuable plugins are compatible with 8,2013,2014 and 2015 .. what about theme ? If you believe that SU is hacked, is all of theme hacked ? so why some people still buy theme ? ..
S4u made his new plugin (divide) compatible with older SUs (lets be honest , I think If someone wants to hack, his tools are more interesting than yours )
In my opinion , not making a plugin backward compatible just because of that reason is not reasonable! hackers are interested in more wide community than SU users and its plugin, isn't it ? ... is there any warranty for 2016 not to be hacked ?!?! while they hack every new programs each day or jail break every IOS version ..

Lots of users like me do not have enough reasons for immigrating to 2016 ... The changes is not something special like what we seen in 2015 (64bit)..
As you know, not only immigration requires money, but also It is so time consuming to find updated plugins not installed from warehouse, ( there are lots of tools which is not available here and should downloaded manually ) toolbar positioning, moving other files, finding supporting files , etc ...

so .. please be kind .. :)
make it compatible with older SUs and don't hurt us ... :)
I’m waiting …

best regards

Behnam T.'s picture

the price is not resonable ...
curently there are free tools which do the job ..including cadfather q align ,mover 2, etc...
so there is no need to spend so mush for buying something that could be found free

most of all ...it do not support prior vertions: su 8 ~ 2015

Barry Milliken's picture

If you watch all the videos and download the free trial, you will see that 2DXY SlickMoves is much more powerful and general purpose that those are.

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While I love to use SketchUp for 3D design, many basic design tasks are fundamentally 2D. My extensions will enable and streamline such tasks. I am a licensed architect and have been an avid SketchUp user since the first beta release in 2000. (See my architectural website nearby.) I have been using 3D CAD since 1977, and also have developed extensions to other 2D and 3D CAD systems at various times since then.
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