Edge Tools²
Suite of tools to simplify edges, close gaps, cleanups and more.
Edge Tools²

Suite of tools for working with edges.

Simplify sets of curves - reducing the number of segments. Very useful when generating terrain from imported site plans. The Epsilon value asked for is how much the simplified curve is allowed to deviate from the original.

Close small gaps - useful for importing DWG drawings where edges doesn't quite line up. Gives you a visual map of there there are edges with open ends and offer solutions for closing them with one click.

The Divide Edges tool let you offset edges that fit extends to the boundary of the face itself.

And much more! :)

Menus & Toolbars

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  • TT_Lib² — 2.7.0

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Michał P's picture

I use these tools a lot but unfortunately I cannot set a key shortcut for any of them because thery're not listed in SketchUp's tools list in Preferences > Shortcuts. Please, if you could, make some upgrade that would include them into the list.

ThomThom's picture

That is done automatically by SketchUp. Commands from the main menu or the toolbar will always be available under Preferences > Shortcuts. If there are commands that are only accessible via Right-Click you need to ensure you have a valid selection for that command in order for it to appear in the list.

If you still have problems, please post back with the names of the specific commands.

very good

Michał P's picture

A brilliant tool! I mostly use the first button - "Split faces into multiple pieces". But wish it remembered the last distance used :)

vikas kumar S.'s picture

using sketchup 2017 pro and it is not showing anywhere in view menu tool bar or extention tab im using windows 10 and my system is up to date . please fix this.

for those who has having problem after installing this plugin
after installing the plugin...

kindly restart sketchup and boom! there he goes

HI there, I have installed TT_Lib and i have tried all the suggestions in the reviews but nothing seems to work. I have no idea where my edge tools toolbar is, if i go to ''my extensions'' it is shown as installed and enabled but i can not find it anywhere on sketchup, any suggestions??

I'm in the same boat.. sketchup pro 2017... win 7.. all show up under extensions.. but no toolbar... any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers.. Bruce

ThomThom's picture

Do you see it menu items?
Is Edge Tools not listed in the list of Toolbars (under the View menu)?
The extension is marked as Enabled in the Extension Manager?

same problem of mine as of now . Sketch up 2017, Win 10

ThomThom's picture

What version of SU and what OS?

Windows 7

Sketchup Pro 2015.
Sorry I am not up to date with sketchup, I am not sure of what OS is?

ThomThom's picture

Do you find an Edge Tools menu under the Tools menu?

And if you right click on some empty space on the toolbar area, in the menu that appear, do you find Edge Tools listed there?

No, there is no Edge tools menue under the tools menu and I do not find edge tools when i right click on the toolbar area. it does however appear under Window-Preferences and the extensions tab

ThomThom's picture

hm... this might be better to follow up via the forum, where we can share screenshots and files. Can you start a post and tag me? (@thomhom)

hey going through the same problem as above. Help me out please.




Travis T.'s picture

Does this work with SketchUp Make? I downloaded it and it shows it's installed in the SketchUp preferences but I can't find the toolbar anywhere

ThomThom's picture

It works for Make as well. Did you make sure to install TT_Lib as well? Have you ensured the Toolbar is checked to be visible in the toolbar list?

Ive got the updated version of TT_Lib and im using sketchup pro. the edge tools still do not appear anywhere else other than the preferences

Jesper S's picture

chances are you are looking for it in the "extensions" tab, it's located under the "tools" tab. To add it to your toolbar, rightclick the toolbar, choose "Toolbars..." and find and check off the edge tools square there.

ThomThom's picture

Can you report on the SketchUp forums? It's easier to follow up there, where we can share files/screenshots etc.; forums.sketchup.com

(And please include OS and SU version.)

pitti s's picture

Could you do something like this for free? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay-ab8wcB-A )
I see that you are pretty good at programming those things that would be so cool I dont need it much and this way its not an option for me to buy

ThomThom's picture

Round Corner by Fredo is free, always has been; http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=RoundCorner

I've had tons of issues getting RoundCorner to install properly in SketchUp 2016 so having it in the Warehouse would be a huge help.

Alex E's picture

I agree. Its a Pain to have to register at Sketchucation to get it

Muhammad N.'s picture

i am trying to download Joint pushpull, but I am unable to dowload it. I am using 15.3.1331 64bit version of sketchup. So please anyone can help me ?

Kyle Z's picture

download still doesn't work :(

ThomThom's picture

I have alerted the Extension Warehouse team.

Kyle Z's picture


Knowlege Cafe sent me here. Hope Edge Tools^2 is back in business soon I'll check back. Thanks.

There's always an error when i tried to download the file? Any Solution?

ThomThom's picture

Extension Warehouse is experiencing issues with a third party service provider for the site. They are working to get the issue resolved.

Repeatedly getting an ERROR 500 when I try to download. Any Sketchup support out there??? Timely response would be much appreciated.

ThomThom's picture

Extension Warehouse is experiencing issues with a third party service provider for the site. They are working to get the issue resolved.

Ayesha K's picture

Thank you so much. After so many days of torture, I find this! Beautiful extension!

En O's picture

Great i try it i think its some i need and break my head and make me lose a lot of hair thanks for your time and work really apreciate.
A soon i try it i make u a donation

dea P.'s picture

i'm an suffering architecture student and you just made my life easier ! THANKYOU SO MUCH, SIR !!

Kara S.'s picture

Thanks for the plugin, ThomThom. Unfortunately, as others have posted, I'm unable to run it (Sketchup Pro 2016) because I can't find it under View > Toolbars, or Tools, or Extensions. It IS showing up under Preferences > Extensions, but I can't figure out how to run it. I installed it through Extension Warehouse. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Vimalesh M.'s picture

remove the plugin..
install the following library
reinstall the edge tool plugin..then it would work.

Trevor B's picture

I have a file that keeps crashing when I push pull any of my current blocks. I am bringing in a company logo and want to create a 3d video for advertisements. It has 31000 edges and I know that is a lot. I am trying to use this extension to clean things up but it is destroying my lines and loosing all its integrity. Is there any other tools that I can use to fix it?

Trevor B's picture

I am wondering if anyone has taken a raster image from illustrator, transformed it into a vector with its linework into autocad. In autocad I transformed the splines into polylines. And then I imported it into sketchup via landfx connections. By doing there was too many edges, segments, and lines so the file is too large and it crashes everytime I try to push pull. I am just checking to see if anyone has done anything like this and if it is even possible.

James H's picture

And on the 7th day god created ThomThom... Amazing plugin!

Kevin S's picture

I have installed the TT Lib and installed this but i cant see where the toolbar is?

any light on this?

ThomThom's picture

It's not listed in the list of toolbars? View > Toolbars?
What SketchUp version and OS are you using?
Is the extension listed under Preferences > Extensions?
How did you install it? Via Extension Warehouse within SketchUp or did you download the RBZ?

Aaron Troy's picture

I have been using this for a while but am currently doing a freeform design using splines in AutoCAD.

This tool can save you hours on cleanup. Helps to intersect all lines before looking for edge gaps.

Thanks Thom

roxana S.'s picture

sorry just looked it up on the video...thanks