2017 SU2XL
Exchange data between SketchUp and Excel
2017 SU2XL

You get 2 toolbars.


SU2XL toolbar

You can export SketchUp entity (line, surface, volume) data to Excel or a csv file.

You can import some data from Excel (or a csv file) to SketchUp.



You can add personalized pieces of information to the entities. It's useful to identify the entities exported by SU2XL to a worksheet.



Very interesting extension, just starting to experiment with it. Thanks, Michael M.

Why is there no the Defenition?

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Can you detail what you mean by "Definition"? I'm sorry but I cannot help you if you don't make your question more specific.

The Component Definition is the main parameter of the component. Why is not it exported to Excel?

The component definition.

It would be usefull to have a column in the excell export with it.

mine was expired... how should i do?

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You have just to download a most recent version of the plugin and install it. You find a recent version here on the Extension Warehouse or on www.wisext.com (on the site you can download a Windows Installer).

Where is the Defenition?

I love this ideas, but being new to sketchup I need a step by step of how to use this tool.

The video or written instructions I need would be.

1. Draw a board in Sketchup.
2. Apply Label using your tool.
3. Draw another board or object,
4. Apply Label, using your tool.
Do that for about 6 different kinds of boards or objects.
Duplicate some of them.
Then show, Step by Step how to export it into excel.

I tried it today and corrupted my Sketchup drawing. Luckily I had a backup.

Perhaps someone else besides yourself, who is using it successfully already can do this. I use Screencastify for screen capture to make instructional video. I think it's still free. Or Camtasia, which isn't free.

If someone will send me the steps I would be happy to make a screencapture video. I bet a lot more people will be successful using it if there was some kind of step by step support. I downloaded the table, but honestly that didn't help much.

Thanks for making Sketchup that much better.


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I understand your request and I intend to add this kind of video showing how to use the tool step by step but as I develop this tool on my free time I cannot promise to do that in the next weeks.
Some months ago a user posted a (silent) video on YouTube showing how he uses the tool. He writes with a Cyrillic alphabet but it doesn't change anything to understand the process. Maybe it could help you.


Olivier L.

is it possible that i can see the entity length of a window frame and windows. i use my sketchup drawings to calculate the length for the painter. and he wants m1 instead of m2. so if I draw a window frame as a different group and a window inside the frame as a group aswell. can ik generate the length of de wood?

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You can tag the main edges defining the window frame with the Wattributes tool and you export the data with the "data with attributes" tool. You will get the lengths in Excel and you will have just to sum them.


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Man, this is an almost perfect tool for generating BOM's. Is there anyway it can generate a BOM for a selected component, including all subcomponents?

For example: I have a sketchup model that includes a sofa, loveseat, and chair. They have the same type of arm so each one uses that arm as a component. I'd like to be able to select the sofa and generate the correct BOM.

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The way to export subcomponents is to tag them with the "Wattributes". And press the "Data with attributes to files" (yellow icon) to export all the tagged entities to Excel.


Hello. Thank you for your tools!

A question. Is that possible to add an attribute as a droplist? From your vedio, it seems possible.

Thank you!

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In previous versions there were droplists to select the recently used attributes. But they could make the plugin instable. I will reintroduce them in a future version once the problems are solved.
Thank you for your support.

Olivier L.

Does it mean that only recently used attributes automatically show up in the droplist? Is that possible to set the pre-defined items in the droplist?

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The recently or most used items are shown in the droplist. But I record your suggestion to a specific selection of item, for a future version.

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thanks , very helpful, you made the world of sketchup much easy.

So far very good. How can I add more items to the excel file as I create them in SK without deleting what is already there?

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Indeed exporting data from SU to Excel refreshes the whole destination sheet (it deletes and rewrites the lines). If you want to work on some pieces of data in Excel (to format them , to add comments, etc.), I suggest using another sheet. As the records (lines) can be different after each import, a basic reference to the data with "=" can be unstable and you should better get the values by combined INDEX / MATCH formulas or VLOOKUP formula.


Olivier L.

very good thanks

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Merci pour ce travail !

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