Auto-Invisible Layer
When turned ON, the visibility of a newly created layer will be set to OFF for all your existing Scenes
Auto-Invisible Layer

This extension was created to help with the following scenario:

Manually created layers have their visibility property set to invisible or "ON" by defualt. When created in a model that contains previously created Scenes , the new layer will be automatically visible in every existing Scene. Problem-->  If a user wishes the new layer to be invisible or "OFF" in the scenes, the user may have to go through each individual scene to manually update the layers "OFF" setting .

When the Auto-Invisible Layer extension is turned ON, upon the creation of a new layer, it will automatically go through each existing Scene and set the new layer visibility to INVISIBLE/OFF. This is done automatically as the layer is created through SketchUp's standard Layer creation methods.



  • After installation, turn the extension ON by going to the Extensions menu > Auto-Invisible Layer ON/OFF.


  • The extension is session based.... ie you will want to turn it on everytime you start a new SketchUp sesson.  
  • The extension will work only on new layers created through the standard SketchUp layer creation methods.  The plugin will not work with Scenes/Layers introduced through the File > Import of files





I just want to keep the review and comments open on this plug in. Its a great time saver. The ability to toggle on/off visibility of new layers in existing scenes SHOULD BE BUILT INTO SKETCHUP! Until then, I am glad this plugin is available.

When installed in SU 2017, I get a warning it may not work as it isn't listed as compatible with SU 2017 (M2) on Mac. But so far, it seems to work, at least in a simple case.

Can you update the listing if it is in fact designed to work in 2017?

And I think there are a couple of typos in the introduction to the plugin:

"Manually created layers have their visibility property set to invisible or "ON" by defualt."

should surely be

"Manually created layers have their visibility property set to *visible* or "ON" by *default*.

i just loaded this up on SU 2017 on an iMac. It seems to work just fine, and removes a minor but persistent aggravation.

I have the same problem as the first post - does not seem to work in SU 2016?

Ok to assist those of you who (like me initially) could not get this to work - it does indeed work. If I now understand correctly once you switch auoto-invisable on that layer any subsequent layers you create will be switched off automatically IN ALL SCENES EXCEPT THE ONE YOU ARE WORKING IN! However that is a temporary and initial state and on leaving that scene and returning to it again that layer will also be switched off automatically and you have then to manually switch it back on. You can then subsequently move through your scenes switching it on as desired. This is really usefull and would have saved me two days of scene and layer management in the big current model I am working in.

Thanks to the autjhor I will save time in the future

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Why didn't I discover this sooner! Works great. In my workflow, I always set up a "(Working)" scene tab as my first scene, which only saves style and shadow properties (I use a fast modeling style and shadows are hidden). Before I add a non-visible layer with this extension ON, I go to my Working scene tab first. This avoids any confusion it might present to the other scenes.

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I can't get it to work with SU 2016 (16.1.1451) under OSX 10.11.5 (El Capitan). It says it's enabled (check mark next to extension) but new layers still show up in all scenes. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. I do enable it every time I open SU.

I suspect it's something I'm doing wrong but I can't figure out what the problem is.

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Worked very well for me.
SU 16.0.1
OSX 10.11.3

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CMD, good job,
finally someone who understand how it is working with "create group from slice" for a good architectural layout !!! Thanks man !

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Does the job!

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Very nice and useful plugin.
Thanks a lot!!!

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I am using SketchUp 2015. Tis extension doesn't work for me.