* LightUp for SketchUp
LightUp is the fastest and simplest SketchUp renderer on the market. Experience true real-time rendering all within the SketchUp window. SketchUp has never looked so good!
* LightUp for SketchUp

Welcome to true real-time rendering

LightUp is the fastest and simplest SketchUp renderer on the market.

Thousands of professionals, from one-person architecture practices to movie-makers at Pixar, choose the LightUp plugin for SketchUp to instantly illuminate their models and show their work in the best possible light.

LightUp is the only SketchUp renderer that uses object-based rendering. This means you get stunningly accurate and beautiful results instantly inside the SketchUp window. The speed of LightUp makes it perfect for the way designers work. You can tweak and iterate your models and immediately see results. There's no waiting around for minutes or hours as with old-fashioned ray-tracing renderers. Move the camera around your model and watch everything render perfectly in real time. Create fly-through movies and export a file that can be played by your clients in their web browser.

Whether you're working on product visualisations, architectural designs or immersive 3D experiences, LightUp gives you speedquality and simplicity in a single SketchUp extension.

You can try LightUp FREE FOR 30 DAYS

So click the "Get this Extension" button in the top right of this screen and get started in minutes.

Happy lighting! 

Adam Billyard
Creator of LightUp 


Adam B.'s picture

OK, if it is not shown by SU2016, then you have not installed LightUp in the copy of SketchUp you are running.
Where do you have SketchUp 2016 installed?
Where did you install LightUp?

Alok C's picture

SU2016 is installed in c/programs/sketch up
And light up in c/programs/plugins

Adam B.'s picture

LightUp is a plugin for SketchUp so needs to be installed in the SketchUp Plugins folder.

The LightUp installer discovers this folder automatically and sets it up as the location to install LightUp. Did you change it perhaps?

No matter, run the LightUp installer, it should give a default install location which you should accept and not edit.

Alok C's picture

Adam I think I am too dumb or My computer is. I have done all these options. Lightup automatically installed in programs/plugins. which did not work the first time. i manually installed in SU 2016 plugins folder and still does not work. i think i will hav to give up on this extension.

from start downloaded lightup for 32bit SU2016 . (i am using O.S windows 10)
automatic installation in c/programs/plugins.
i deleted and installed in c/Sketchup/plugins. didnt work.
deleted and reinstalled it for automatic installation . still doesnt work. please note iam running the setup file of lightup from my desktop.

Adam B.'s picture

SketchUp 2016 is 64-bit. You need to also run LightUp 64-bit installer (LightUp_x64.msi)

Thank you for your feedback, LightUp is installed by many thousands of users each month so I'm really not sure what is going on.
Perhaps it may be simpler to resolve if you use the LightUp support email help@light-up.co.uk


Joe B.'s picture

how much space does it take up

Adam B.'s picture

<2M bytes

yamuna k's picture

I downloaded lightup.. but I cant find plugin option or lightup option

Adam B.'s picture

Open menu Window->Preferences->Extensions and check that "LightUp Tools" is checked.

Laura M's picture

I have installed LightUp into the only sketchup version I have ever had and there is no "LightUp Tools" in that location.

Adam B.'s picture

What version of SketchUp are you running? Which LightUp installer did you use?

Laura M's picture

Make 2016. I originally used the 64bit installer since my SU is 64bit, but when that didn't seem to work I unistalled it and then installed using the other one.
Also, in Preferences/ Extensions clicking "Add Extension" results in a window to browse for a .rbx file, whereas in the LightUp folder there is only a .rb file which the browser will not allow me to choose. There is no option to change the file selection from .rbx to all file types.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to using LightUp.

Adam B.'s picture

If you are using SU 64-bit, you will need to run the LightUp 64-bit installer. The LightUp installer will default to installing LightUp for SU2016 (or the highest version of SketchUp you have installed).

NB LightUp is not a simple Ruby script, so requires a full Installer to be run - you cannot use the .rbx install from inside Sketchup (aka Add Extension).

Once you've run the LightUp_x64.msi installer, launch SketchUp and go to menu Window->Preferences->Extension and ensure the "LightUp Tools" is checked. [For all versions of SketchUp prior to 2016, this was automatic, but 2016 seems to sometimes need you to check the Extension to enable it.]

Alok C's picture

i have downloaded lightup but i am getting a message of " this installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor". i am working on windows 10, 32 bit on SU2016

Adam B.'s picture

Inside the LightUp download are 2 installers:

A 64-bit installer called LightUp_x64.msi for 64-bit SketchUp,

and a 32-bit installer called LightUp.msi for 32-bit SketchUp

You will need to run the 32-bit installer.

Alok C's picture

sorry Adam. from the key delivered to me it has downloaded 2 compressed files "lightUp-x64" and lightup.

the second file after unzip gives a pop up that you must unzip the lightup installer dowloaded before installing

Adam B.'s picture

Yes, you need to unzip the download onto your harddisk. What you are doing is double clicking on the download and Windows is peeking inside and showing you the files (as if its been unzipped).

You need to actually move the files out of the zip download to somewhere and run the installer.

Netanya A's picture

I downloaded the software and the computer says it's installed but I can find it or open anywhere. How do I open LightUp?

Netanya A's picture

I downloaded the software and the computer says it's installed but I can find it or open anywhere. How do I open LightUp?

Adam B.'s picture

By default, LightUp installs for the latest version of SketchUp you have installed on your PC.
So if you've tried SU2016, it will mean LightUp will install for SU2016.

If you are running a different version of SketchUp, just run the installer again and amend the install location.

For Macs, LightUp installs for all versions of SketchUp.

Joe R's picture

I'm having the same problem. There's no menu option to open the plugin and it doesn't appear anywhere on my mac

Adam B.'s picture

What version of Sketchup are you running?

Open the menu SketchUp->Preferences->Extensions and ensure the "LightUp Tools" is checked.

Myles M.'s picture

After the trial period, how much does the license version cost? Why isn’t that price posted on the initial page? I can understand the marketing reason for not letting future purchasers know, but as a casual (and retired) SU user, the license price for all my extensions has significance to me. I don’t want to download something that I’m sure to have to eliminate when the trial period is over and I find an unacceptable price to continue.

Adam B.'s picture

You can find all the LightUp pricing options at https://light-up.co.uk/index.php?t=pricing

Terrie A's picture

why wont it let me download it aagh!

Adam B.'s picture

You can login, go to Downloads and near the bottom of the page, enter your RegKey in to re-download the installer.

bestoon R.'s picture

very well i like this

مصطفى محمود ق's picture

The program is excellent and wonderful private property that his movement during the show thank you

Lorenzo M's picture

I like it! Works pretty fast and almost great. For those I decide to buy a year license.
I be waiting for more engine upgrade and customization materials.
For light preview (in case you have too much faces/polygons or multiple lights) i thing it is good idea made a faster smaller windows visualization test or similar… smarter than we are now in the menu.
Go big Guys!

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Nick W's picture

Does this extension work with the new version of SketchUp 16?

Adam B.'s picture

Yes Nick, LightUp v4.6 works well with SketchUp 2016

We have updated the Mac installer to address an issue with the new Trimble certificate system.

Alonso M.'s picture

Installed latest version of LU today as a trial. Opened Sketchup 2013 and i don't see anything, no registration key, no buttons, i did exactly what LU webpage said "Macintosh Users: Open the ZIP file and launch the installer (LightUp.pkg)." i'm stuck, what do i have to do in order to make it work!?

Help please!

Adam B.'s picture

Hi, Check that you have installed LightUp to the version of SketchUp you are using. Just run the installer again, and confirm the install folder is where you run Sketchup 2013 from.


Alonso M.'s picture

Hi, thanks! That's what i have been reading but I can't confirm the folder, it only lets me select my "Macintosh HD". Is there a particularly way to select the specific Sketchup folder directly from the LightUp installer?


phil s's picture



I do not get the red, yellow and green icons at the top of the 'light properties screen'

it all goes south from there, I am running windows 8.1 on an HP envy 23 machine


soy el titular de la cuenta y no puedo iniciar secion en la extencion warehouse

Mister P's picture

ERROR CODE 2503 (((

yg W.'s picture

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chea K.'s picture

i want to make lighting like you ...but i can't. Can you teach me How to do it step by step ?

Ana L.'s picture

The first time I installed LightUp it wouldn't show up on Sketchup, anywhere. (& yes, I was on the correct version of SketchUp that LightUp was installed on)
After about a week of not using Sketchup, the LightUp toolbar finally appeared on Sketchup, but I was never prompted to type in my registration key anywhere. Every time I clicked on any of the LightUp buttons (query tool, tour tool, preferences, etc.) NOTHING happened, it was as if I didn't even click anything to begin with. I have since uninstalled LightUp & re-installed it (per the instructions given every time I opened up SketchUp) now the LightUp toolbar is gone from SketchUp again. Adam, could you please help me understand WHY I'm having such trouble with LightUp??

Adam B.'s picture

If LightUp complains that it is 'Missing files', it means some of the files it expects to be available are missing.

I suggest you uninstall ALL versions of LightUp, run your installer again and ensure you install to the location of SketchUp you are using.


Иван М.'s picture

The same question. Tried to install LightUp pkg. Nothing happens with SU. A window, wich ask for serial just not appear.. I tried restart SU, reboot OS, nothing helps. Macos, Sketchup2013..
Any suggestions, please??

Adam B.'s picture

The LightUp installer sets the install location to the highest version of SU you have installed.

So most likely you have (or had) SU2014 installed and LightUp set the install location for SU2014. If you want to install for SU2013 too, then run the installer again and amend the install location to where you have SU2013 installed.

SU2015 is 64-bit so you need to run the LightUp 64-bit installer found in the folder "SketchUp2015_x64".


Sietse V's picture

Hey Adam,

I just downloaded and installed the LU demo, but i dont see it in SketchUp nor does it ask me for a key. Can you help me out?

Perspectiv's picture

I have downloaded LU demo and until now it looks very promissing. But ... I have to run both SU2014 and 2015 since many of the plugins I use have not been upgraded to SU2015, amongst others Sketchyphysics.
And here is my problem - I installed LU and it automaticly installed it self in SU2015. But I would rather have it installed in SU2014 if I have to choose.
I was promted for SU-version when I installed. What do I do?

Adam B.'s picture

The LightUp installer looks for the latest version of SketchUp as the default install location.
Because you had installed SU2015, LightUp will have setup the default installation location for SU2015.

If you wish to install LightUp for another version of SketchUp at a different location, just amend the Install Location when it is presented by the installer dialog.


Frederick F's picture

I am very interested in trying out this extension but I have some concerns. Mainly, I need to know whether this extension is a limited trial version. Is there a trial period, after which I will need to purchase a full version to continue using it? Also, is it compatible with SketchUp 2015?

Adam B.'s picture

There is a free 30-day trial and if you find LIghtUp useful, you can purchase the retail version from the website.

LightUp is compatible with SU7, SU8, SU2013, SU2014 and SU2015 (64-bit) on both Macintosh and Windows.

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Adam has been using SketchUp since version 4 when he was working in the video games biz at Criterion. LightUp grew out of the desire to marry video game realtime graphics with the great usability of SketchUp.
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