s4u Make Face
Select edges for Make Faces
s4u Make Face

Select edges for Make Faces( or Right Mouse)

I'd happy if you donate a cup of coffee .


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Cant download the file. please help.

Hello! I'm new to sketchup so I apologize if this question can be answered simply. I'm using imported building foot print data for an entire city. When I select the layer and click make faces nothing happens. Please advise. Thanks!

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Send your file to me.

Hi! Thanks for your reply! I managed to get the issue sorted. I'm not sure how, but I know that it probably didnt have anything to do with the make faces extension.

I am now working with our GIS team to figure out how to eliminate the coordinate system in the ARC files so that when I import the .dwg files it is not placed on a coordinator system in the millions.

Thanks again for an amazing extension!

Amazingly useful - just saved me manually tracing 13,101 lines. Thank you.

hi how did you do it?

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This plugin is a must:)

Simple yet wonderfully useful plugin for any one importing CAD files a the basis for a model.

Thank you very must

i dont find make face option what can i do??

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Thank you that you have this plugin
Good and quick plug for student projects, particularly architecture students


thank you very much

very good

thank u

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This looks like exactly what I've been needing all these years

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Hi, I don't have any Plugins folder. Do I have to put the file just in sketchup folder or should I create a new folder with Plugins in the name?

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have you tried to check its file location there you'll see your sketch up files, click it and there you'll see the plug-in in folder. just copy and paste your download file and replace it. hope i help. :-)

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Hello Mariana...hope you found the solution...?

here is the path to your plugins folder and plugins in Sketchup 2015:

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp\Plugins

Greetings from Denmark...Jakob Hovman.

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please see this link : http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000263

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Hi, I don't have any Plugins folder. Do I have to put the file just in sketchup folder or should I create a new folder with Plugins in the name?

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Hy, I have this plugin for SU2015 may I obtain an update for SU2016?

Thank you for your answer

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It's working on SU 2016.

it's NOT work on SU2016. Many people say you this!

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Excuse me, I already copied this plugin to my PLUGINS folder of my sketchup program. I can't seem to open this plugin in my sketchup. I cant find it in the Plugins button. Can someone please help me with this? :(

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After downloading this plugin, you just have to copy and paste it to the plugins folder of sketchup right? I cant seem to open this plugin from my sketchup program. Someone please help. :(

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Really helpful plugin! Thank you

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Thank you :)

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thanks you :)))))

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Gracias me ayudo con mi Tarea! :)

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Thank you so much! This plugin totally saved my life! :P

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si dono

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so cool~

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Really helpful plugin! Thank you

nice nice nice

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merci bcp

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Thx for this plugin ! :)

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thank you

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Ótimo pluging. Parabéns.

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Thank you for this plugin. It works great!!!
Ever thought about making it right clickable?

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I like set shortcut more than rightclick ( it's not good if multiple plugin add rightclick )

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Great pluging

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