Shadow Analysis
Analyze solar conditions of built environment.
Shadow Analysis

Shadow Analysis is a simple tool for analyzing daylight conditions. Analysis are presented in the form of colorful pictures – different colors donote different amount of exposure to sun light. Shadow Analysis was created to help architects understand daylight conditions in dense urban area and provide them with a tool for designing better, more sustainable buildings and urban spaces.

Demo of Shadow Analysis for SketchUp 7&8 and MAC OS can be downloaded from the link below: 

If you would have any questions regarding our plugin or you would be interested in buying it, please send us an email at:


Analysis are presented in the form of colorful pictures – different colors donote different amount of exposure to sun light. Shadow Analysis was created to help architects understand daylight conditions in dense urban area and provide them with a tool for designing better, more sustainable buildings and urban spaces. 700-901 dumps

why your software is not compatible with CATIA ?

have to change default styles to hiddenline and dont know how =/

tomasz j's picture

Please refer to 0:24s of this video tutorial for instruction how to change style to hiddenline.

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i hv downloaded this plugin ....its a zip file . how can i plug in to it.....plz rply

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or just rename the .zip extension to .rbz

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download with internet explorer and it will download as a rbz file

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could you drop me an email at I will send you a demo directly.

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Installed it with Sketchup2015 Pro. Seems to install fine, but whenever get to "coloring", an error occurs. Can't seem to get it to finish the full analysis. does it not work with 2015?

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i would turn off hardware acceleration in preferences of the sketchup file. This reduces crashes.

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its in rbs ile!!! what can i do???

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Can you be more specific about the nature of your problem?



I am trying to install for Sketchup 8 Pro on Windows 7, and after following directions of where to place files, on the "Choose install location" prompt, when I choose the path where my files always go for plugins, it gives an error saying "Selected location does not belong to any Sketchup installations on your system." I picked the only folder where my plugins are installed (other plugins work fine in this location). When I open Sketchup, the ShadowAnalysis plugin shows up under the Plugins menu, but when I click it, I get an error saying "Cannot find ...:///0/Shadow%2020Analysis%20for%20Sketchup/ Make sure the path or Internet address is correct." I am connected to the internet fine.

Not sure what to do at this point, nothing seems to work. Please help!

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impossible d'utiliser la version démo, elle demande le code d'activation.. dommage

DeltaCodes's picture

There is no licence required for dome, please ignore this request and continue installation.

Rick D.'s picture

Tried downloading plugin, using SkUp 2014 No luck. Click on rbz file, opens up SketchUp and then tells me there's no model. There's definitely some issues, in regards of this plugin.
Just figured it out. Save the extension RBZ somewhere on your computer, open SketchUp, go to your task bar, click window, then preference and then extensions. If you don't see the plugin, in the extension box, there's a tab on the lower left corner that says, install extensions. click on the RBZ file were you had saved it. Have fun. :) Not working for SkUp 2014 getting ahead of myself. My apologies.

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The plugin run and open a webpage with a error message.
Just after a lot of questions to register, in demo version! O_O

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This software seems working only in 2013 and 8. Is your Sketchup 2014 Pro? This may be your problem and mine...

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Shadow Analysis 2014 is available to download from the link below:

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Yes Michael, we are sure that all works properly, otherwise - Christian and our other users should also have some problems mentioned by you.

If you will have any problems or questions about our Shadow Analysis feel free to contact me via e-mail:

or our company:

I will be glad to answer your questions.

Kind Regards,
Maciej Korzeniecki
DeltaCodes Representative

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Are You sure, that this demo works on SketchUp Pro 2014.
The install puts the files in the appdata folder, but the plug in dos'nt play.

C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins\ShadowAnalysis2014\ShadowAnalysis_2014\Resources\en

The rb is placed in ShadowAnalysis2014 and the rbs in ShadowAnalyses_2014

(There are still referrals to ShadowAnalysis2013 in the rb file.)

Very good plugin!

I downloaded demo version, but it doesn´t work.

Maciej K.'s picture

Dear Christian,

Just as said Fabian, you need to select the two files you have downloaded and drag them to the folder from the browser plugins. If you will have any further problems contact with me on my e-mail: or by contact form from our home site.
I would be glad to answer on all your questions.

Kind Regards,
Maciej Korzeniecki
DeltaCodes Representative

there isn't the rbs file. i can't load the extention

Fabian A.'s picture

tienes que seleccionar los dos archivos que descargaste y arrastrarlos a la carpeta de los plugins desde el explorador