CLF Shape Bender
Bend a group or component to match an existing curve.
CLF Shape Bender

Create a shape to bend.  It must be a group or a component.  Then select a single horizontal (red axis) line to use as the base for bending.  Then select the curve that the shape will bend to match.  Wait for it to think, then it will show a grid and preview of where your object is going to transform to.  Press the UP Arrow key to toggle the orientation of the bend.

Access the plugin via Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Shape Bender, or there is a Shape Bender toolbar.


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Hi Chris, from what I gather you've moved on from this but I figured why not try. I'm trying to add concavity to my 2D shape in both the x and y axis. The addin works great when adding curvature along the x axis, but then when I try to bend that result in the y axis, no luck. If you had any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Thank you for your help.

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It sounds like you need to bend the x axis first. Then rotate the whole thing 90 degrees so that the old "y" axis is aligned to the x axis. Then bend again. Then rotate it back 90 degrees.

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.rbz is a zipped .rb file, so rename the .rbz file to .zip then unzip the file to get to the .rb file for installation in SU8

Dee Dal H.'s picture

do u have a .rb version?
.rbz wont work on my Sketch up 8 :(
please Help

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.rbz is a zip file. unpack it. inside is your .rb !

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useful tool

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Hi Chris thank you for the extension.

Can i bend the shape with both side different curve? because the 2nd curve is different with 1st curve

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This is badass

Allan R.'s picture

that was simple, fast and painless!

thank You so much!

worked perfectly for me on SU 15

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that is file name (clf_shape_bender_0-6-1_0.rbz)? how to install for sketch up 2015 ?

Ta S's picture

Hi How to access that file ?

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Hi Chris.. great extension,. I have a question though, how do you get rid of the unnecessary soothingness like what you did at the ends of the ramp ?... everything else seems to work perfectly

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thxxxxx alot

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hello. im using sketchup 8. and i cant use the plug in as how it is explained on the tutorial. i aws trying to make a curved ramp just like in the tutorial.. i group the ramp, make it a component, after that draw a line and curve. i selected the grouped ramp. click the bender tool, after that it says that i need to click a line along the red axis. but i cant click the line. pls help.

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Athiwat S.'s picture

very good.

Caroline G's picture

Beautiful plugin! It took some time for me to understand where to draw the line and the arc line, but now, it's working great!! YAY!

Thank you so much!

rodrigo S.'s picture

não consigo baixar o plugin.

Andy M's picture

i'm not getting this to work. I can select the line parallel to the red axis okay, but then when the cursor changes to an arrow with the curvy line below it it will not detect the curved line I want to bend the component to. I have clicked everywhere in the vicinity of the curved line with no luck.

Andy M's picture

The curve is just a simple curved line made with the arc tool. No faces connected. I tried exploding the curve to see if that made a difference, but no luck. however now I sometimes get a dialog box that says "Please select a series of lines with no connected faces - like an arc." But that is what I'm trying to select--a simple arc make of six straight segments.

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Hi Andy, typically that happens if the curved line has any branches or forks.  It only works if it is a simple curved line, with no splits in it.  It also has to be ungrouped. I don't think it will work if its inside of a group or component.  Does that help?

Andy M's picture

Finally got it to work. Apparently my curved line was too long. I was trying to bend some dimensional type to a curve that was longer than the type itself. When I shortened the line to approximate the length of the type then the tool worked.

Gary N's picture


I am using 2015 Pro, and the selecting a single line on red axes is not working for me. I have uninstalled it and installed again from the Extension warehouse but it didn't fix the problem. I have verified that the line is parallel to the red axes. Any idea?


Perspectiv's picture

I have uninstalled and reinstalled SB. I have tried it on two different computers with two different SU installations (both SU2015 Pro)
I draw a simple 10m long, 1m wide and 1m high ramp and make it a component. The base of this ramp is parallel to the red axis
I draw a simple arc
I draw a straight line along/parallel to the base of the ramp and parallel to the red axis.
I select the ramp and the cursor changes to the line cursor, and the message in lower left corner states "Please select a simple line that lies on the red axis".
But I can not chose the straight line. I move the cursor around and click and click, and when the tip of the cursor is directly above the line, I get the message "Please select a line that is drawn on the red axis. But the line IS drawn at the red axix. Parallel to the red axis.
I then try to draw a line directly on the red axis starting in 0,0,0. Does not work.
But now comes the funny part - when I take my ramp and the straight line and rotate 90 dgr. so that the ramp and the line is now parallel to the green axis, then the straight line got blue, and I can select it. And then the arc also go blue and I can select it. I get the green wireframe-ramp and start and end. So far so good. Because the wireframe ramp is not bend, and when I press ENTER, the ramp is not bend to the curve/arc.
And the most frustrating part is that I made it work many times, and I do this exactly the same way as before, but now it does not work.

Perspectiv's picture

I have the exact same problem. I select the component I want to bend, and the cursor changes to the "arrow with straight line". How ever it does not detect the line on the red axis. It worked for me a long periode of time, but now it doesn't. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SB with no succes. What am I doing wrong?
Using SU2015 Pro

JESSICA W.'s picture

It works perfectly, most of the times. But I tried to use it in a stair to match walls and it generates some strange forms, that obviously are not right, I have already tried to explode components, spin all of the objects, select red lines in all the position but it keeps generating the same form. If you could please clarify this, it would be great. Thanks

ben M.'s picture

work intermitently the first time I used it was great but most of the time it won't produce a smooth extrusion only comes up with lines or doesn't follow line exactly very frustrating

Chris Fullmer's picture

Hi Ben, if its deleting faces ('only coming up with lines'), then it sounds like you need to scale up the model. SketchUp does not work great with tiny faces.  It will follow the line exactly, but you have to position the shape directly on top of the line.  If it is offset away from the line, then it also offsets the bent shape.  Hope that helps.

Greg K.'s picture

Hi Chris, hoping you might help me:

I have a solid shape that's fairly complex, ~45000 elements. I've run CleanUp^3 and gotten rid of any stray lines or hidden junk. I've run "Solid Inspector" and it's watertight. I've added a line parallel to the red axis, passing beneath the centerline of my solid (the long axis). I've added the arc I want to bend to, which has only a slight bend in 29 segments, positioned above the same centerline of my solid. The endpoints of the arc are precisely above the endpoints of the reference line. I have no problems in selecting my solid, the reference line, and the desired arc. Then Shape Bender goes to work and it generates ...a mess.

Screenshots are in this Imgur gallery... ...The green projected result is not bent at all. Looks like it has simply translated & rotated the entire shape along all the segments of the arc, so it ends up parallel with the final segment and not bent at all. Then there are portions left "straggling" in space behind the bending path. Up arrow key just swaps which end the shape is pushed toward, versus the end with the straggling bits. I've tried hitting [Enter] and examining the final result, which is the same.

I've tried every related suggestion I could find here or on other blogs: I've reoriented the component axes to match the global coordinate axes. I've moved the shape so it isn't straddling any axis, to avoid a "Divide by zero" type of error. These didn't help. I have also tried resizing the model to 10x scale, and then instead of making a mess, Sketchup just hangs for a long time and then crashes while "Processing line and curve segements" ( I'm not aware of any unexploded groups inside the component, except possibly the rounded corners of the perimeter. But I've separately built a simplified model having rounded corners using the same plugin, and it bent with no problem.

If you're willing to have a try, please download my model here (3.55MB)...

I did bend a previous model of this board, which unfortunately was *not* watertight and could not then be used for 3D-printing my prototype. So I know your plugin is amazing, and can get this done. Not sure what is breaking it now?

Former version (bent successfully) shown here...
I'm on Sketchup version 7.1.6860 and using clf_shape_bender_v055_v0.6.1

Enormous gratitude for what you've built, and for any time you can spare to troubleshoot this issue.

ben M.'s picture

Thankyou Chris this has fixed that problem I scaled my models up by 100 and then back down when they are complete. still having trouble making them solid though with another group or component mainly for screws. Cheers

Mondher A.'s picture

Does not work for me… Needed it so baaaad.
I opened a new project, draw a rectangle, made it a component/group and then tried to select the line on the red axis but no reaction…
I can see ‘’Chris Fullmer Tools’’ in Extensions, but the plugin does not work… :(

Can someone help me?
Thx thx thx

Chris Fullmer's picture

You don't select the red axis, you have to draw a SketchUp edge parallel to the red axis, then select that edge.  Then it will work.

Hanugrah A.'s picture

Hey it isn't workin for me. I stuck when option selection then i press enter, and nothing happen. Mine sketchup 2015 Mac

Chris Fullmer's picture

If its a complex object, it can take hours to finish computing.  After you press enter, if SketchUp does not respond, then the tool is still processing the shape.

nihaal s's picture

im not able to select the line after getting selected the group. what is the problem? the tool is not detecting the line. it is saying "Please select the single line first". I have done that but the msg is coming all the way again and agin

Perspectiv's picture

I just love this plugin. When I can get it to work.

Because I often have the same problem. "Please select a singel straight line first" though I am trying hard to select that line.

I need to bend a 3D cosine curve, and did it with succes a couple of times a week ago. But now I cant select the line parallel to the red axis. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SB. The 3D cosine curve is 100m long. I have scaled it to 25%. I have made the curve 2D. I have made it a group and a component.
Problem remains. Help

Chris Fullmer's picture

It has to be a single line, not multiple edges in a straight line.  The line also has to be parallel to the red axis.  You may need to right click on your model axis and choose "Reset Axis" to put the visible axis back aligned to the world axis.  Then make sure your straight line is parallel to that red axis.

Perspectiv's picture

My line is a single line, the component axis is equal to world axis, the line is parallel to the red axis. The component has no stray edges.

Gaurang B.'s picture

i have downloaded the plugin but how will i get it sketchup 8 pro. please help me as soon as possible

giancarloskiify ..'s picture

como lo instaloo?? tengo el sketchup 8 pro...
ayudenme por favor

Edward H's picture

I have the shape bender on the plugins toolbar. I am selecting the component and the line adjacent but I am getting a message to "Please select one group or component" Please advise


Harriet K.'s picture

This plugin is a lifesaver. Thank you so much Chris Fullmer, and Sketchup!! It saved me so much time and effort, and it worked perfectly!!

mentalworx's picture

Sketchup Pro 2015 here. Chris you are a genius. This is brilliant. I use it to bend laser-profiled sheet metal, to create a curved dj console.

Only slight problem I have - which might just be a coincidence, is that since I used shape bender, my middle scroll mouse button stopped orbiting. I've been through all my mouse settings to try to recover, but no joy. All other functions are working, and mouse battery is at 60%. Any thoughts ? I've just ordered a new mouse anyway.

Many thanks


NotAvailable N.'s picture

Won't work with Sketchup Make 2015. What a pity ...

Chris Fullmer's picture

Hello, it should be working with 2015. Can you clarify what is not working?

Ernest P's picture

Not work for me too, it stuck on selecting line, nothing is selected so nothing is going on later.

Up: Finally got it working. This is kind of tricky. First you make model, make group from it. After that draw separate line on this model among red axis. This line dont have to be part of group, it just a helper. Select group but not selecting line. Select Shape Bender. Then click on helper line. Then click on curve. Choose options. Gotcha!

(This mentioned in tutorial video, however not make enough attention. I noticed this only after i got it self, then wrote that comment and look video again)

R S's picture

Thanks Ernest. and Chris: Its all about the sequence of clicks;
1) grouped object,
2) shape bender tool
3) adjacent line along red axis
4) path

I have same question as another subsequent enquirer re; why red axis only ?
Thanks in advance

Chris Fullmer's picture

It was just a limitation of the brain that created the extension ;)

R S's picture

Chris If that was a limitation of the brine that created the extension I'd hate to see what you could do if you concentrated !
Its a great extension as is.
On a different concern, I am looking for an extension which allows control over placement of dimension data -- along the dimension data line . I find I often need this to avoid clutter /overlap with nearby data of another dimension line.
I can shift the data along the line by prefacing or suffixing the data with a few dots to drive it to one side of center or another but is there no better way to control data positioning on dimension readouts ?
Richard Stanley

Zang Tang's picture

Great extension, thank you!!!
it works fine. simply and very useful. great idea!!!
works very well for stairs with a strange profile...
Q1: why it work only on a red axes? (or not?)
Q2: i tried to use it to place some components (columns) along a path:
i have drawn a column, transform in component, multiply (20) it along a line and make a group, drawn the line at the base of the group. i have drawn a second path semicircular, select the group of 20 columns, select the extension, select the path1, select the path 2, and all go well, the columns are distributed on the semicircular path, but, surprise, they aren't more a component. i have done some mistake?

thank you

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