Edge Tools²
Suite of tools to simplify edges, close gaps, cleanups and more.
Edge Tools²

Suite of tools for working with edges.

Simplify sets of curves - reducing the number of segments. Very useful when generating terrain from imported site plans. The Epsilon value asked for is how much the simplified curve is allowed to deviate from the original.

Close small gaps - useful for importing DWG drawings where edges doesn't quite line up. Gives you a visual map of there there are edges with open ends and offer solutions for closing them with one click.

The Divide Edges tool let you offset edges that fit extends to the boundary of the face itself.

And much more! :)

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roxana S.'s picture

could you please let me know how the tools actually work I have installed them

Chris N's picture

I love you ThomThom! You make my life a lot easier!

hibaz 's picture

hi I have installed successfully some tools like (edge tools 2) ,.,.,.download>Window > Extension Warehouse but I cant find it in sketchup 2013 and use it, where r they?

Ibrahim J.'s picture

tools Edge tools

ThomThom's picture

Did you restart SketchUp?
Did you also install the required TT_Lib?
Is Edge Tools listed and enabled under Preferences > Extensions?
Do you not have the toolbar or menus under Tools?

Will L's picture

Can this tool be used to make existing lines dashed? Or to create dashed lines?

ThomThom's picture

Afraid not - SketchUp does not have support for line types like that.

Robin H.'s picture

This plugin has been super helpful when importing topography from AutoCAD! It simplifies edges/curves and makes creating a terrain multiple times faster and easier! Thanks so much!

Amine G.'s picture

i dont have this tools in my sketchup 2014 pro how can i add it please !!!

ThomThom's picture

Window > Extension Warehouse

Then search for Guide Tools and hit the install button.

Ivan M's picture

Hi ThomThom,

I have a question, can you write a plugin to show the total length for each edge on a selected group?

I want to have a small tool to help me with electrical wiring diagrams and length of wire but I have no idea on programmation.

Thanks in advance,


Klaus L.'s picture

i use 2014, win7 64 bit.

installed both the tools and lib.

when i inspect edges it shows 0 gaps on an impoted dwg file from illustrator when there are obvious, miniscule line breaks:

"open ends: 0
small dots: out of range
long dashes: within range
Solid line: best solution."
then it says edge length and nothing after. I noticed in your video your model shows multiple colored lines on the side that indicate the types of breaks. that text does not show up.

not sure what i am doing wrong. scaling the drawing up to make gaps larger or changing the tolerances doesn't seem to help either.

thanks for your help.

ThomThom's picture

Can you provide me with the model somehow? You can PM me the link on the forum if you don't want to share publicly:

Cal C's picture

Works for me.
Thanks so much - great extension. Just saved me hours of work fixing an imported DWG file.

Don Torbjorn's picture

None of your plugins seems to show up in SU 2014. They show up in System Preferences - Extentions, but not in the Toolbars menu, nor under Tools, Plugins or anywhere else. They are not hidden under other toolbars. I have installed and uninstalled several times and closed and reopened SU, to no avail. In SU 2013 I have had no such problems, and I have found your plugins really useful, so if there is a solution to this I would be most grateful!

Trường T's picture

I use SU 2013 and no show, but in SU 2014, it is working very good. Hope you fix it soon!

ThomThom's picture

Windows or OSX? Do you get error messages? Did you install TT_Lib?

Matthew L's picture

What is TT_lib?

also I have a problem that I cant seem to figure out. I have a curved face (its been exploded and I put a rectangle through that face, but sketchup doesn't make construction points or lines rather, on the intersection between the rectangle and the face. This is a problem because if I select the face thats on one side of the rectangle, it selects the hole face. I want to be able to select the part of the face on each side of the intersecting rectangle separately. The reason is that I want to be able to delete one of the sides and I can't do that without going back and trying to draw the intersection of the rectangle and the face. This usually doesn't work very well. Do you have any suggestions?

ThomThom's picture

TT_Lib is a shared library between my extensions. It's linked in the description under Requirements.

As for the other problem you describe, I'd recommend you make a post in the forums with a screenshot and possibly a sample model: http://forums.sketchup.com/
It's much easier to tell what's going on with some visuals.

skullz6.13 D.'s picture

Same as Iris Z, not showing up under toolbars on 2014

EDIT: Dont worry. Had to close sketchup and reopen to get it to show

Iris Z's picture

I'am a french user ok sketchup beginer , i have Sketchup pro 2014, and I dont't see anything changing after download the edge tools pluggin. (or another one..) i can't find where the pluging have been installed. Can you help me please?
Thank you

João R's picture

Hi ThomThom, im having a problem here with this organic edge.
I imported a CAD file and i have an organic shape, and i used on that broken edges "Simplify selected curves" but now i need to add more segments but i cant. the Entity info on segments is locked...
how can i add more segments on the curve ?
thx.. keep the good work

installed really easily in seconds for the extension warehouse and icons worked fine
using SU 13.0.4123 on Mac.. will test on a large import

do i just put it in the plugins folder? I have done this and it doesn't appear in any of the menus in sketchup

ThomThom's picture

The easiest way to install it is to install it via the Extension Warehouse feature in SketchUp2013+.

For manual installation refer to this guide: http://www.thomthom.net/thoughts/2012/01/installing-plugins-for-google-s...

Carlos Majollo's picture

Not Work Sketchup 2013

ThomThom's picture

What doesn't work? You'd have to be more specific before anyone can help.

Pedro G.'s picture


Pedro G.'s picture

no puedo ver la barra de herramienta flotante del plugin, tengo sketchup 2013

Bruno L's picture

The toolbar doesn't show up in sketchup 2013, only in the menu

ThomThom's picture

There is now an update to SketchUp 2013 available that fixes the toolbar issue. Download and install the new version to fix missing toolbars.

ThomThom's picture

Regarding the missing toolbar - this is a bug in the initial release of SketchUp 2013. You can find the toolbar hidden under your existing docked toolbar. Undock them and double-click it in order to undock it.

I can't find the tool bar either ,although I checked the boxes in the menu for the quadface tools and the edge tools ,but still not showing , not also in the plugins bar , so ... help !
ps: I downladed the required program that you recomended

Pedro G.'s picture