2d simplex bool
Trim, intersect, union, subtract, split faces.
2d simplex bool

Make any bool operation with 2 groups of faces in same plane. Select first group, select second group with control key and press any icon of the "2D Bool" toolbar.

You will find "2d Bool" toolbar in View/ Toolbars.



This toolbox is expected to perform Boolean operations with 2D components. The main detail to remember is that each of the geometries must be disengaged in a gathering. http://www.aoneassignments.com

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It works really very well. I have made this live at two websites. It was giving me the good results that I had never seen before.
Have a look
and http://bit.ly/2vm3ZxM


Thanks. It works fine
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thanks i hope it works

Surya Limpapeh's picture

Work Fine on SU 2015 - thanks

Barry Milliken's picture

It works but all arcs are exploded. I need union that doesn't explode arcs.

nawzad o's picture

Thank you very much

Hans V.'s picture

Tried to use this extension in SU8 but none of the options worked!
For me this extension is useless.

Skelion's picture

Works perfect in SU8. Try to clear selection and select one group and after the other.

Mike L's picture

Works great in 2013. Select one then the other group then the tool

ماجد ا's picture


Galin G's picture

have it multi-trim?

atg a's picture

es gratuito?

plutodog121 .'s picture

Subtract and Trim dont' work - error is "You must select two groups in order using Cntl(Command in Mac)"

I have tried selecting both groups by holding down the Cntl key and just by regular selectio - always the same message and the objects are not affected.

try selecting both groups with shift rather than control.. make sure you made the two objects separate groups as well.

Skelion's picture

Plugin works in Sketchup 8 and 2013. You need to click in toolbars and activate "2d Bool" toolbar.

piyush B.'s picture

nothing in SU 2013 as well..


1coolconservative's picture

No 2D Bool icon in the SU8 toolbar, and cannot find in any of the SU8 menus

This plugin install only in SU 2013.

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