3d Doors Windows Frames
Adding doors, windows and frames -fully customizable- to your model in just seconds!
3d Doors Windows Frames

RubySoft proudly presents: ‘3dWindow’ a powerful but easy to use extension for SketchUp to add 3d Doors Windows and Frames into your model. Never before has it been so easy to add them in low, medium or high level of details into your model. And it takes only seconds!

Downloading this extension will give you a ten days full (Pro) functionality. A license can be bought at our webshop after that.

From all of us at RubySoft: Happy SketchUp-ing!


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Hi Scott,

We have tested this version to work on SU2015 but next Thursday (19th) we will send version 4 to Trimble to be placed in the Extension Warehouse. That one certainly will work with SU2015.

If you want to receive the release candidate already, drop me a line at info@rubysoft.eu.

Best Regards


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that"s very beautiful ruby i like it
Thanx alot

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Thanks Moha!

ivan h's picture

thanks looking good

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Thanks Ivan!

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What can I say... This plugin is one of the best tools on here. It has saved loads of time modeling detail!

Rubysoft was more than helpful when I had trouble installing. To me that is a bonus. Cant wait to see what else they bring to the table!

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Hi Will,

Thanks for the nice comment. We try our very best to solve issues that people may encounter.
Keep up the good work in SketchUp!


amr f's picture

nice .thanks google

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Yes Google possibly helped you to find SketchUp.

Thank Trimble for the continous development of SketchUp... :-)

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hello sir nice day, its an amazing plugin thank you very much, i want to ask you a question though about the plugin,

What kind of code did you use to write it Ruby or Python, i am a newbie in programming just wanted to know!

thank you

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Hello Hekuran,

Thank you for your comment and compliment. The plugin has been written in Ruby script (v2.0), the one that is embedded in SketchUp. (Not to be confused with Ruby-on-rails. :-) )

If you run into a problem or an issue during your own development, feel free to email us via our website (and we will try to help you out).

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Amarachi N's picture

how do you work this

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Hello Amarachi N,

Sometimes I doubt if a post is a genuine one or a spam. Yours is a good example.
Somehow though, the five words you spent on your comment, could be the result from a Sketchup user that connected to the warehouse so eagerly to download our plugin (lol) so to miss all hints, video and URLS's about the way how it functions. I therefore opt to inform you about the video above which will give you a clear image how to work the plugin. You could also follow the link to the demo to the right of this comment or read in my reaction below (to the previous post) where to find a tutorial to see how easy it is to insert frames, windows and doors to your model

Patrick V's picture

Just loaded your extention and can find how to add windows, but how to add a door?
Cannot find a single 'door' button, only 'window' buttons...

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Hi Patrick

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to insert doors into your model:
Please visit: http://www.rubysoft.nl/main-menu/rubywindow-tutorial-basics/

In our next release we have added the User Component functionality so when you have added a frame to your model you can easily add any .SKP files into the frame.

Hope this will help you.

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all I want was to download the extension but I end up watching her 2x, shes really beautifull... hmm just saying... anyways nice and easy to use. ty

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Hi Yosh,

She would like to thank you for the compliment on a personal level and I will take the one based upon the technical valuation of the plugin ;-).
On behalf of the whole team we would like to wish you and the entire SketchUp community a sincere: Happy New Year!
Let the SketchUp-ing begin!


asfandyar N.'s picture

Sorry for being Noob lol, found it, the name was kinda strange. Anyway lets try this plugin.
Thanks for making such a nice plugin.

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Hi Asfandyar,

We have some instructions / tutorial and a demo movie on our website: www.rubysoft.eu. Hope that might help you.

We expect Trimble to launch our version 4 to the public soon!
If anyone want to receive the release candidate, drop us a line!

Happy SketchUp-ing!

asfandyar N.'s picture

Hi guys, i have installed this plugin several times but didn't find the window of plugin. Here the snapshot is, and how much does this plugin cost?

King c's picture

very nice

Tim G's picture

Dear Alex,
Thank you again for your prompt response and I apologise for not noticing that you had enclosed the version 4 beta file. I have now installed this and it works perfectly, creating breakthroughs on walls as required. While I would love you to “Take control of my computer”, I think the matter is now resolved, so I will plod on till I encounter my next problem, which as an old retired architect, I imagine will not be long from now, but to give you support guys a break, I think I should probably read up on a few manuals first

Many thanks again for a perfect bit of customer service.

Best wishes,

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every good

phakdey c's picture


L c's picture
L c

I like this plugin - its nice. However, it has a very narrow range of functionality - its just doors & windows. This is a small part of an architectural model. Thats why i cannot understand the pricing. It seems beyond comprehension when you compare it to every other plugin out there on the market for sketchup. Perhaps if it included innovative wall tools, stairs, roofs etc then you could justify the price. I would suggest 75% off the full price and you might get a lot more sales.

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Well L c,

It depends how you look at it. First of all the plugin will take a few seconds to add high level frames and windows to your model. We took an architects wage hour which would be required at least to draw them in a model as a baseline. So from that perspective it might even be a bargain. Then, also non-architects don't need to spend much time since everyone can use it and add these components to their model in a price friendlier non-commercial use lite-version.
In the price we also include helpdesk services and offer the design of a free frame profile set for specific needs if required.

Sure we might get more sales if we reduce the price by half, but that is what we do now during promotions. :-)

By the way, the latest version 4 is around the corner with new and more functionality based upon the users input.


Henrique S's picture

You talk about helpdesk as if it were a favor to the customer
I understand that helpdesk is a must and about any business with your customers.
At least this way we know what the company thinks of its customers.

L c's picture
L c

promo ? i cant see it anywhere.... ? where do we find that ?
BTW, If you compare the cost of this plugin, say, to the cost of plugins in other software like 3dsMax, then its nothing unusual. I just thought that it was unusual in its context.

Hana S's picture

Hi I installed it, but no tabs come up on the screen for me to use? How do I enable it?

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hi Hana

I have responded to your email a couple of hours ago with some ideas.
Hope it worked out just fine.


Mark C.'s picture

Available update for 2015 soon?


Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Mark

Certainly! We have submitted our version 4 (also for 2015) for review by the Trimble quality assurance team and expect it to be released to the public very soon. :-)


Waleed E.'s picture

doesn't work for sketchup 8 ??

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Hi Waleed E.

Sure it does. :-)
We - and our users - have created thousands of frames in SketchUp 8 already.

Please contact me via the support center so I can help you find the reason why it doesn't work at your computer.


taleb O.'s picture

Hello, I already download and install Rubywindows; but now I need to remove it from my Sketchup 2014, I tried everything but nothing worked, even if I uninstall Sketchup when I reinstall it back and it automatically shows me an error message; I hope we can helped me shortly

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Taleb,

You can find the detailed removal instruction (for version 3.0.5 and before) on our website at the customer service section. But since no one wants to click on the hyperlink I have done the work for you:

To remove the plugin on a Windows machine (with SketchUp 2014 for example):
1) Close SketchUp
2) Go to: C:\Users\[your name]\Appdata\Roaming\SketchUp\Sketchup 2014\Sketchup\Plugins
3) Remove file: RS_Window.rb
4) Remove folder: RS_Window
5) Restart SketchUp.

For all other users, please use our ticketing system if you run into something and want to get in contact. The extension warehouse will NOT inform us when new messages are posted! We also CANNOT get in direct contact with you for speedy replies.

Best Regards,


Pascale K.'s picture

Hi Ruby-Team

I need your help, I get an error when starting SketchUp Make 2014. Here the text shown:

Fehler beim Laden der Datei C:/Users/Pascale/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/RS_Window/RubyWindow_Start.rb
Error: #
c:/users/pascale/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2014/sketchup/plugins/rs_window/resources/libraries/language_class_lib.rbs:38:in `fetch'
c:/users/pascale/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2014/sketchup/plugins/rs_window/resources/libraries/language_class_lib.rbs:38:in `initialize'
C:/Users/Pascale/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/RS_Window/RubyWindow_Start.rb:53:in `new'
C:/Users/Pascale/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/RS_Window/RubyWindow_Start.rb:53:in `'
C:/Users/Pascale/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/RS_Window/RubyWindow_Start.rb:34:in `'
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `require'
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `load'
C:/Users/Pascale/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/RS_Window.rb:18:in `register_extension'
C:/Users/Pascale/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/RS_Window.rb:18:in `'
C:/Users/Pascale/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/RS_Window.rb:10:in `'

Thanks for helping!
Best regards

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Pascale,
Please visit our website www.rubysoft.eu customer support, where we have a solution for this German language error available.

And for all other users, please use our ticketing system if you run into something and want to get in contact. The extension warehouse will NOT inform us when new messages are posted! We also CANNOT get in direct contact with you for speedy replies.

Best Regards,


규석 이.'s picture

I had problem with filling my windows with different shapes but
they responded fast and gave me information that i needed

thanks for the fastest reply ever.

Few tips.

When you want to fill in to the window frames or door frames/

don't make windows within a group or component.

the filling option won't be active if you do.

thanks for everything its an awesome extension.

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hi Gyu Seok,

You were welcome. I am glad I could help you out.
Thank you for the nice comment and I hope you got the project finished in time!
All the best from all of us,

Richard S's picture

Hmmm. The title is misleading as this is a window, not door maker, but when one edits a window, door variables appear from somewhere. And a simple window looks great from a distance until on closer inspection dosent actually look like a construction I know of in the UK. Perhaps Im being a little harsh and expect too much or perhaps Im doing something wrong? Oh and another thing, the colour selection is a bit odd - Im sure Im not the only one who wants a natural looking wood window!

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Richard, thank you for your comments. Please let me respond:
The extension will give a user the possibility to dynamically create all kinds of frames. The frames then can be equipped with 'fillings' like doors, windows or panels.
There are three levels of detail. The lowest will create frames (and fillings) that can be applied anywhere in the world, but as you mentioned the high level of details variants are for now based on common Dutch profiles. We do offer our users to email us (country) specific profile requests though, which then can be downloaded for free and can satisfy also your specific UK needs. We will 'supply' on a 'demand' base.
We really don't understand where you did see the door variables appear from 'somewhere' other than by selecting them from the toolbar :)
The coloring of frames or usage of patterns can be edited like normal faces or objects. Just select 'No Choice...' in the General Color Preferences and on you go. The only colors we have defined in the color settings are the ones SketchUp offer from their default 'named colors' palette. We have built a more extensive one for our next update.
That update will also offer the possibility to add your own components as fillings and 'breaking through walls' functionality to mention some.


jim R.'s picture

gracias y probablemente aya algun manual porfa

Mageswaran K's picture

I now got to click the Door, Double door, Panels, Racks, etc. but if i click it it stays with panels,.Im triying ti click double door, but it still stays on panels. Please i really need help.

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Hello Mageswaran,

I am not completely sure what the issue is but please send us an email with your details so we can help you out.

For all others reading: if you encounter anything you would like help with: please use the HELPDESK link to the right. We are not being notified if anyone places a comment on the warehouse... (Trimble... reading this too ;-) ??)

Will have you on track in no-time.


Mageswaran K's picture

How do you use Double Door, Window, Double Window, etc. Its always grey. I want to use it badly. Could you please tell me how?

Robson d's picture

Quero agradecer ao pessoal do suporte pelo apoio que me deram para resolver um problema. Fique bastante imprencionado com o proficilonalismo deles e a competência da equipe, parabens a todos.

Ruby Soft HQ's picture

Obrigado Robson!

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