Trimble Connect for SketchUp
Publish, share and collaborate on SketchUp models using the Trimble Connect platform
Trimble Connect for SketchUp

This extension is compatible with SketchUp versions 2014, 2015 and 2016. It is not compatible with SketchUp 2017. Please go to the new Trimble Connect 2.0 extension for 2017 compatibility.

The Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp provides direct access to projects, models, and other features of the Trimble Connect platform. Create a model in SketchUp and then Publish to a Project and share with team members. Import a model into SketchUp to use as a reference model. Pull in changes from collaborators as needed.  Make changes and re-publish your model. 

For more information on Trimble Connect visit -

Your use of the Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp is subject to the Trimble Extension End User License Agreement.



Once installed, the Trimble Connect Extension will be located under the Extensions/Plugins menu.   

Sign In / Sign Out… -   Sign in or out of Trimble Connect.  If you don’t have an account click the “Sign Up” button.

Open Model… - Open a Sketchup file hosted on Connect.

Publish Model - Upload a SketchUp model to a Connect Project.

Publish Model As… - Upload a model to a specific folder or upload model with a new name.  

Import a Reference Model… - Imports a model file (skp, ifc, dwg, dxf) to use as a reference.  The geometry in a reference file can be leveraged to coordinate modeling tasks.  A layer will be created for each reference model to help you manage visibility.  Reference Models are positioned based on the origin of the file.  They are also locked.  To reposition a reference model, use the “Position Reference Model…” feature on the context menu.

Update Reference Models - Updates all reference models with the latest versions available from Connect.  To upload a single reference model, use the Update Reference Model feature on the context menu (right click on any reference model).

Open Trimble Connect... - Opens the full Trimble Connect web app inside SketchUp.  This allows you to manage your projects folders, add todos and configure Trimble Connect.




Russ C's picture

Good god! In my haste I didn't read the compatibility - thanks for pointing it out ThomThom #feelingabitdaft

mac D.'s picture

It fails to deliver.

Unfortunately you need SketchUp 2014 or newer use this extension. It uses features that where not available to older versions of SketchUp.

John B.'s picture

Could you be more specific?

184738098's picture

I have been successfully installed trimble connect,But it has a lot of problems,I can't delete the project file,Cannot rename the project name,Can't download upload file,Problem a lot,Can you help me solve?

There is a problem, I want to use this function to do model crash tests, how to use this function, where to find it?

BryceOsaurus's picture

It sounds like you are having problems with the "Open Trimble Connect..." dialog.  What web browser do you have?  I would reccomend you upgrade to the latest version of IE or Safari.   Let us know if that helps.



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