Solid Inspector
Inspects and highlight problems with solids.
Solid Inspector

Version 2 availible for SketchUp 2014 and newer!

Version 2 have the ability to automatically repair many manifold problems and provide better information on each error.


 Select a group or component and activate the tool for an analysis of what would prevent it from being a solid manifold.

Alternativly, just open the group or component and activate the tool. Saves you from jumping in and out of the object while editing.


  • Click on an group or component to analyse it for holes.
  • Use Tab (Shift+Tab) to cycle through and zoom to the errors.
  • Use Up/Down Left/Right arrows to cycle between errors.
  • Use Return to zoom to current error.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Solid Inspector


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Tudor N.'s picture

yes i installed both and they appear in the extensions

what's weird is that i installed it with skp 2014 and it appearead and when i restarted the program impossible to find it again, although it still existsin extension. SO i decided to install skp 2015... same thing it worked for the night and this morning when i reopened sketchup it is not in the menu again....


ThomThom's picture

Do you have Bezier Surface installed as well?
I found a bug where having both installed would make Solid Tools not load the menus. I've uploaded a patch that should go live as soon as it's been through moderation.

Tudor N.'s picture


I installed the plugin but it does not appear in the tools menu...
I'm using Sketchup Pro 2014

ThomThom's picture

What is the full path to where you have SketchUp installed?

Bob v's picture

Hey there,

Sounds like an awesome plugin but it doesn't seem to be working for me.

I made a group (also tried making it a component) with 2 components inside that weren't touching. I clicked on Tools>>"Solid Inspector" and then clicked on the group and it doesn't do or say anything.

Furthermore I would like to know if it also checks if solids (components) are intersecting because that is the main reason I would love to use it for.

Thanks very much for the tool and hope to hear from you soon (or anybody that knows a solution).


BTW using SU 2014 pro

ThomThom's picture

Hi Bob
The extension doesn't consider sub-components - that's why selecting the parent group doesn't yield any results. I'm working on an update that will provide better feedback. Though it won't dig into sub-components that either.

Btw, I'm curious of the scenario you describe, using it to check if two components (already solids) intersect? Can you either make a post of or send me an PM there with an example email? My username is "thomthom".

Bob v's picture

Ok, I made a thread but it hasn't been approved yet -.-
Anyway i'll send you an PM in a few minutes ;)

ava M.'s picture

Hi, nice plugin,
but I can't turn it off, as soon as it is activated.
Have to close SU and reopen it to return to normal workflow after inspection.

Hitting ESC, ENTER, CTRL+C does not help. The Tools->Solid inspector can't be unchecked.
Clicking "somewhere in space" does not help.

SU2015pro 15.0.9350 64bit.
Just downloaded the inspector plugin 1.2.0 and TTlib 2.9.13 from warehouse.

Edited in 5 minutes:
hitting SPACE (or clicking the select arrow) disables it, hurrah!!!
Probably you should note this in dox, or change the cursor to some magnifying glass or whatever, to make it more obvious.'s picture

Hi there,

I'm using Sketchup 8 on Windows 8. When I go to preferences>extensions the menu doesn't give the option to install extensions; the button just isn't there. Anybody who has any idea why this could be?


ThomThom's picture

You then have an older version of SketchUp 8. The Install Extension button was added in the second update to SU8. Please update to the latest version.

Grant M's picture

I keep getting the same error message from the extension warehouse when I am trying to install.

"An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 200
Debugging information follows.
Path: /en/system/ajax
StatusText: OK
OpenID redirect

Any ideas on what to do to fix this?

ThomThom's picture

There was some updates being pushed this weekend - might have cause some disruption. Are you still seeing this?

Also, what OS and what SketchUp version?

Grant M's picture

OSX Yosemite and Sketchup 2014

Now its installing, but telling me that additional are needed.


The support library TT_Lib² is required in order to use core.rb.

Please download and install the latest release.”

ThomThom's picture

Yes, you must install TT_Lib in order to user most of my extensions. Click on Download and it should open the page in Extension Warehouse for you to download.

(Please beware that Yosemite appear to have stability issues in SU2014. Many have reported crashes. These crashes should be fixed in SU2015.)

Fruntside's picture

Another fantastic tool. Thank You!

A D's picture

Not sure it works correctly/consistently. I made a solid box and removed a face. Then grouped it. It does not find the error.

ThomThom's picture

Can you share a link to the model?

Shawn K.'s picture

I decided to try this out. I believe the object has to at least be a component, and not just a few faces that meet. Have you designated that the joined faces are a component?

John S's picture

I found that the TT_Lib must be installed first to enable the solid inpector tool to show up in the tool bar. I had to uninstall the solid inspector tool then reinstall it. Apparently it must show up after the TT_L in the Preferences list.

Leo J.'s picture

Fantastic, thank you.

D J's picture

Helped very much
was getting stressed for hours trying to figure out why it stated the object not being a solid

many thanks ThomThom


Laura S.'s picture

This is a life saver, thanks! :)

Marcos G.'s picture

Anxious to try this out, but does not show up after installation (altho I get message saying installation complete)

TT_Lib Not Installed is the message upon re-start.

Mac 10.9.2, Sketchup Pro,

Thank you, Thomas!

Bakhytzhan T.'s picture

Nice plugin, but how to select those highlighted problems and simply delete them all?

Paul S.'s picture

I have spent so many frustrating hours trying to find and plug holes so I can ascertain volumes .......this is an absolute life saver. Possibly the most handy piece of software I have ever come across. Thanks!

Erik O.'s picture


So I installed Solid Inspector but the tools won’t come up under the tools tab. Inside Sketchup>Preferences>Extensions> the Solid Inspector shows up and is checked. How do I find the tools?

Mac OS 10.9 with Sketchup pro 2014


Miss B's picture

doesn't work at all for me... I don't know what i did wrong but when i activate the tool and i select the object that was ''not solid'', nothing happened.

I don't know if someone here could help me figure out what's the matter. Thanks

Dream Rents R's picture

Hmm, I installed the tool but like others, can't find it anywhere. I'm using SU2014. I don't see the Plugins Menu that Salvador mentions above.

Salvador J's picture

Ha ha ha ! I've been one of many who had problems to even find the tool. Ok, after some time searching, voilá! Plugins menu - Thom Thom Plugins - Solid Inspector.

On the other hand, I read that someone had trouble exiting the tool and called it "piece of c$&p". Well, for me (SU 2014 Pro) even tapping the spacebar exits the tool with no error at all. Also, as the author said, click on another tool will exit the tool just as well.

Thom Thom, this is by far one of the handiest tool around. I'm glad I found it. Works like a charm. Thank you very much. ;)

Mark j's picture

Great extension. Had some trouble installing, and then saw an error message saying that I must run SketchUp 2014 from the installation folder. When I did that, it found the TTLib2 and worked well without any error messages. I installed SU 2014 on a drive that my OS is not on, so that may be the problem if starting SU from the desktop icon.

Finally managed to get my print into a solid format. Thanks.

Ian S's picture

Absolutely love this plugin! Nice work friend! Cookie comin' atcha!

Freddi P.'s picture

Please explain how to install/activate in SketchUp 8.
There is no "Install" button on the Extensions preferences page. Placing the .rz file in the Plugins folder does not seem to work either...

Zackary A.'s picture

Absolutely brilliant plugin. Really simple and intuitive to use.

Randy M.'s picture

will Solid Inspector work with the latest Sketchup version 14.0.4899 ?

ThomThom's picture

Yes, it should work. Though I'm hearing reports that some people have problems downloading. Checking if there is an EW issue.

Karisfa's picture

I can't find this on my toolbar, or in any other menus. I've installed it, restarted the program...thoughts?

EDIT: never mind, I got it. Bottom of "Tools". Thanks.

Mike A's picture

OMG!!! FINALLY found it... Yeas bottom of Tools Menu... Thanks!! (-\

Natalie S's picture

Love this! But I just updated sketchup and now cannot install this..:(

cant find the tool in the menu

Love it! Thanks for making. I've incorporated this tool into my stardard process flows.

Stefan B's picture

I installed the plugin, but it's nowhere to be found...

James B's picture

I have just spent the best part of an hour trying to find out why one of my 'follow me' shapes was classed as a solid and then the next wasn't. With your tool I found the error in 30 seconds! Thanks heaps!

Oh and while I'm here, a curse on whichever numbnuts at Trimble/Google programmed the FollowMe tool to create hidden internal faces when going around bends!


I can't seem to find the tool to use this.
I might just be derping. :P

I can't seem to find the tool to use this.
I might just be derping. :P

Geo's picture

Solid Inspector is the only inspection tool I recommend in the SketchUp Help Forum.
The way it “points” to the problem helps users to not only find the error but to learn from their mistake.


I've recently got into sketch up and installed solid inspector and that requirement TT_Lib2, but for some reason it's not working. I've used solid inspector on my model but when I pass the file to a friend and they use their solid inspector, mistakes come up despite mine having none.
I've tried purposely to make a non-solid shape and selecting it, using the tool but still, even though it's a non-solid, no circles or mistakes come up, can you please help me, it's costing me a lot of time having to rewrite over and over the model.
Thank you in advance.

Great plugin, helped me find issues with my model, but after looking at it for a bit I honestly am not sure just whats wrong with it. Half of my model is red lines and circles, I started with a 2d shape and extruded from that, may have trimmed it a bit etc. Is there any suggestions as to what would allow someone to try and close a model up?

Right now the only portion of the model is in red is overlayed with itself in a + pattern. I was going to try and trim it from overlapping but it wont let me due to solid errors, but its sub components are in yellow in my library of parts off to the side.

A good tool if only I understood what was wrong with it to begin with.

Peter G's picture

Hey Thom!
I have problems installing your plugin.

I have tried to put the rbz file both in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins and C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Tools.

I then restart sketchup, and I cant seem to find the tool.

Any suggestions?

I use:
Windows 7
Sketchup Pro 8

Jeffrey D's picture

I've used this for years. It allowed me to 3D print when there was two co-planar lines or missing/loose lines.

Thanks ThomThom!

Cookie/Beer coming your way when I get paid next!

Patrick A's picture

Still have the problem of my object not being a solid when I try to use one of the solid tools. No Red or Orange circles apear on my SU.