Repaint Face
Quickly change the color of faces, even when nested inside components.
Repaint Face

If many faces need to be changed to the same color, this tool can speed up a tedious process.  When the tool is activated, you are asked to pick a color.  Then, double click on any face you want to repaint - even if it's inside a component.  The rules for components still apply - change one, and you change them all.  But this tool keeps much of the functionality of the select tool.  You can still single click to select components, and you can right click (so you can make unique, for example).

Version 1.1.1: Tool Icon was missing from package.

Version 1.1.2: Updated for SU2016


Deb W's picture

Is there an 'undo' repaint face command?

daiku's picture

The system "undo" should work. Ctrl-Z on Windows. Option-Z on Mac. Or under "edit" on the main menu.

Deborah B's picture

This is a smart extension but I see a few problems*:

1. Users only have access to a specific set of colors specified by the plugin designer.

2. The list in the dropdown is so long that it runs off the computer screen.

3. The dropdown only stays open while you keep the left mouse button down.

4. The plugin disappears when you attempt to click on a surface to repaint.

Also, if it could be possible for the to user to select an option to paint all surfaces with the same material a specific color/material that would be awesome (maybe within the immediate group of the surface the user is painting). I'm not sure how this could be implemented programmatically since it might be difficult to for the plugin to determine what the user is specifically referring to. But maybe other users have suggestions on how to do something like this.

Nevertheless, I see great potential in this plugin and I suggest users download it so that they can play with it and make suggestions for improvement.

*I am using 2014 Pro.

daiku's picture

1. Actually, it's all colors pre-defined by sketchup. Which leads to problem #2.
2. Yes, there are so many colors defined, that a drop-down is a problem. But if you start typing the name of the color, the list will get shorter. Behave differently on WIndows than Mac, by the way.
3. Not sure what you mean here. The drop-down should disappear once you choose a color. The hit OK to start using it.
4. Double-click on the face (as described above in the instructions). It will stay active until you choose another tool. Single click should behave like select tool, and does not deactivate the repaint tool.

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Is there a way to add oppacity to the colors?

daiku's picture

No, not at this time.

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Is it being worked on, I could really use that ability

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