Filter selection by what you can see.

When you click & drag to make selection sometime unwanted entities behind get selected as well and this plugin will help you filter them out. 

Usage: Plugins > Renderiza Tools > iSelect

What is new:

  • Group & Component selection is fixed
  • Context Menu Added (right click > iSelect)
  • Add keyboard shortcut

How to set keyboard shortcut:
Window > Preference > Shortcuts > Function = Edit/Item/iSelect > Add Shortcut


More Info & Help...


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It seems to work improperly. Please take a look at this screenshot:

As you can see, also some of the visible faces were deselected :(

I noticed that while having softened edges in my selection.

I described this problem also in SketchUcation.

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I'll look into it and see if I can solve the problem.

best regards

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It works fine with Sketchup 2016.
Thank you so much for this great extension.

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Thank you!

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This is a plugin that brings Sketchup back into the professional world. This is an extremely useful but simple plugin. This should have been used in the original commands of SketchUp. Thank you!

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Great plugin. Thank you so much.

Love the way all sketch up users come together and build plugins like these! Great plugin and makes working on complex drawings sooooo much easier!! Thanks!!!

Really useful!
thank you Renderiza.

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