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Align face to given plane. Useful when rotate, move or push pull doesn't work due to the connected faces.
Finds edges that can be welded into curves and welds them. Automatically welds curves generated by Follow Me.
Swiftly pick up any component and replace others with it.
Swiftly apply layers to entities in a Paint Tool-like fashion.
Cycle last used materials with a keystroke.
Create pipes from edges.
Manage linked models in SketchUp.
Precisely position camera relative to object.
Copy group or component relative to other group or component. Can be used for spiral staircases
Move entities relative to the positions of two groups/components. Can e.g. be used to copy a curtain relative one window to another.
Slice entities in two using section plane.
Swiftly hide the layer of the selected entities or show all layer in the active drawing context with just one click.
Cycle last used tools with a keystroke.
Swiftly memorizes and recalls a views or exports/imports scenes. Useful to cerate matching views in numerous models.
Manage view scale in SketchUp. Set layer visibility depending detail level and precisely apply scale to screen.
Hide the seam between groups/components where they touch. Perfect to get rid of those unpleasant edges between e.g. a slab and a wall.
Adds face on X Y plane in selected groups or components. Useful for imported 2D drawings to better see their position in 3D space.
Rotate entities freely around point. Fast rotation in 3 dimensions. Snap to edge from radius.
Change active layer in SketchUp. Written with the hope that the native active layer control will be removed.
Align camera to face while retaining its position.
Advanced attribute editor supporting classes like arrays, vectors and points, and entities like definitions, layers, materials and models. Includes tool to pick points and vectors.
Distorts a group or component to resemble an axonometric projection when viewed from above.
Saves the camera position in just 2 clicks so it can be retrieved later. Works between models. Perfect for version comparison for instance.
Find center of mass for selection.
Toggle whether ruby console should be open on start. Opens before most other other script runs.
Copies entities from one component and paste it in the corresponding position of other components.
When cuts that aren't flat are desired the model can be manually divided into groups representing each side of the cuts. This script helps putting the cut geometry on its own layer so it can be hidden when the model as a whole is shown.
Move all vertices inside selected group/component by letting the old X represent a radius and old Y an angle. Useful for creating spiral shapes.
Purges Dynamic Components of their dynamicness and turns them into nice regular components.
Rename selected components to have the lowest possible number. E.g. MyComponent#14 -> MyComponent#2.
Make selected instances and all their children unique. Useful e.g. to keep a backup component as reference within the same model.
Removes all dimensions in current drawing context and its contained groups and components similarly to native Edit > Delete Guides.
Toggle whether edges should break or not when drawn edge intersect another edge.
Deletes both the selection and all its bounding edges that doesn't bind anything else.
Extract Layers to new file. E.g. useful for copying them into other model.
Creates every possible face that can be created from the edges in the current selection or in the whole active drawing context when there is nothing selected. Runs recursively on groups and components.
Flatten selected geometry to horizontal plane. Useful for cleaning up imported DWGs
Set fog start and end distances precisely from points in model or custom lengths.
Splits every selected face to smaller ones and randomly moves around endpoints to make it look more like a natural terrain.
Toggle visibility state on locked entities without having to unlock them
Flip multiple groups and components in their individual axes.
List all components that uses a specific layer. Useful to determine if a layer can be safely deleted.
Quickly saves model to a legacy Sketchup format.
Moves selected entities out of its component and into all drawing contexts containing the component.
Finds groups and components only containing one layer, resets content to Layer0 and assign layer to container instead.
Line up group or component axes with that of parent drawing context.
Moves the camera to look at the same object from the opposite side.
Show total areas for materials.
Saves all materials in model to external file so they can be added to another model. Useful to get all materials from master model into sub models for smaller parts.
List all components that uses a specific material. Useful to determine if a material can be safely deleted.
Merges layers into one. Useful when copying between models where corresponding layers have different names.
Open folder containing the model file.
Convert and open models made in newer versions of SketchUp.
Connect construction points by edges. Can be used for railings.
Pan camera precisely using inference.
Randomly shrink selection to given percentage. Can be used to introduce variety in model.
Randomize components in selection. Useful to create variety.
Randomize materials in selection. Useful to create variety.
Like Sketchup's native Top View but has the same relation to the previous view as Top View has to Front View. Useful to set plan views that are aligned to a building or other content instead of having north up.
Add all boolean rendering options to menu. Can be used to create custom shortcuts for e.g. toggling endpoints or color by layer.
Simplified interface to set what scale tool handles component has.
Tells what height current view should be displayed at to be to a given scale in a given plane.
Remove all sections in model, similar to how Edit > Delete Guides remove the guides. Useful when a lot of temporary sections are used.
Lets you store shadow settings and retrieve them later. Also works between models and SU sessions.
Solids union, subtract and trim tool. Designed to be more consistent to other Sketchup tools than Sketchup's own solid tools.
Adds volume to a terrain by adding an arbitrary depth.
Fast texture positioning on multiple faces. Align to faces' side. Align to given edge Rotate 90° clockwise or counter clockwise in one click. Rotate in custom angle. Get rid of patterns formed between faces.
This is my timey wimey detector. It goes bing when there is stuff.
Draw townhouses precisely after their plots no matter its shape. Can be used from anything to city planning to game making.
Extrudes a face along a path of edges similar to the native Follow Me but keeps the extrusion upright (or aligned to any other vector). Useful for stair railings, roads and railroads.
Resize viewport or window to given size. Useful to export images matching those exported on a computer with different screen resolution.
Move the camera as far backwards as possible without hitting anything. Useful for interior views.