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The SketchUp team uses our APIs to build all sorts of specialized tools. Some of these extensions ship with SketchUp as full-blown features, and some are just examples of how to use our APIs.
Publish, share and collaborate on SketchUp models using the Trimble Connect platform
Publish models to the SketchUp Viewer on AR & VR devices.
Import and Export STL files for 3D printing
Allows film and television pros to storyboard, design sets, visualize scenes, and plan locations.
Dynamic Components add parametric behaviors and animations to SketchUp.
Publish, share and collaborate on SketchUp models using the Trimble Connect platform
Sandbox Tools are great for landscape design and stuff like that.
This command reduces the number of segments of contours or other poly-line curves, making them easier to work with.
Create a myriad of basic forms.
A tool to create Bézier curves.
Set aspect ratio for the view which gives you consistent framing of your scenes.
Quickly resize images in your model.
SketchUp extension used with the SketchUp Arcade Machine
A tool to create rectangles in arbitrary orientations.
A tool to create 2-dimensional grids.
A tool for creating parametric double-hung and slider windows.
A script to create onion domes.
Provides a toolbar button for toggling the shadow strings bug fix on and off.
Provides tools for you to set and display the solar north angle.
Inspect and visualize nested attributes in SketchUp models
This sample creates one LayOut page for each SketchUp scene.
A smattering of ruby scripts that demostrate what can be done with the Ruby API.
The Utilities submenu contains two tools: Create Face and Query Tool.
Includes an improved Ruby Console and ruby unit test runner
Allows you to model on the ocean surface, ocean bottom, or somewhere in between.