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Visualization technology is our specialty. As a unique IT company we always seek for ways to make your 3D presentations even better! Directly from your preferred 3D source, our visualization technology creates an unprecedented visualization that can be viewed from within your own browser. Share, manage and explain your design to your clients in our especially for this purpose developed web based viewer. Your 3D file, in conjunction with our fast convert and web based viewer, brings all your designs to life. However, this unique viewer can do much more. You can now create a complete digital environment that will undoubtedly impress visitors to your website. Our web based viewer goes beyond static websites and the many communication possibilities allow you to lift your level of interaction with customer, client or contractor to a whole new level. Gone are the days when you had to download heavy software in order to view a design. With the Xuver viewer you can now watch any project from within the browser. Being able to offer this revolutionary viewer is a beautiful milestone that only inspires and motivates us more to keep working on innovative, unique and versatile visualization technology.
Xuver has developed the world’s first in-browser viewer. This unique online viewing platform makes your SketchUp models become available anytime and anyplace. Walk together with your client around in the 3D world and communicate through the voice module.