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We are driven by our passion for the interpretive potential of architecture, and all that which can be designed. The relationship between people and their environment is fundamental to "Demonstrative Architecture" because architecture can be inscribed with meaning through the experience of form and function, and in this manner architecture/design can be an authentic manifestation of all that which we value and wish to be... When we are not designing buildings we are enabling creativity... I'm pleased to share some of our Sketchup Extensions. Design something worthwhile.....
Subdivide | Virtual Sub | Sub Edit | Sub&Greeble - Create Organic Shapes with this Subdivision Toolkit
Create Organic Forms, Simulate Tensile Surfaces, SmoothPatch Details, Model Terrain and more
Subdivides a cubic form and allows you to tease and edit it into organic forms
Create Corseted Forms: Including stilettos, vases, dishes, tensile structures and more
model liquid surfaces or any other fluid-like organic structure using waves and ripples.
nz_IntelligentStairs handles the tedious and intricate calculations an architect undertakes as he/she sets out to marry design intent and code requirements, providing you with the basis for a legal staircase
Extrudes multiple faces to reference length, and produces an independent group for each resultant object.
Replace your Brick Dimensions Table with a 3D modeler, measurement tool, brick counter & customisable catalogue
Greeble your model with up to 10 unique Components at a time
Manipulate Vertices, Groups and Components with a form altering force that will shockwave through the entities remoulding them
Colour your model from colour to colour, blend with existing, and/or grade to transparency
Transform Arcs, Circles & Polygon curves into faceted chains with additional customisable greeble options. Create a myriad of forms from greeble collars to ornate vaulted ceilings and more.
Offset Multiple Face Edges at once | Erase Coplanar Edge
Populate a curve by defining a component and/or a set spacing gap
nz_Scale&Align provides you with four operations "Scale, Align, Relocate and Copy" which you can customise into a singular action, precisely executed via relative source and destination points on-screen
This extension allows for the mass-conversion of Groups and Component to match a preselected Component Identity, it also allows the mass-conversion of Components to Groups and vice-versa.
Setup a reference plane perpendicular to any line... includes nz_Rotate
Explodes all Groups/Components (including all nested instances) within a selection or the entire drawing.
Batch rename with sequential numbering or add a prefix/suffix to the existing names + Manage group/component names in Outliner + Create named groups with assignable layers from all connected entities or from anything selected.
This tool will calculate the golden section for you and providing you with written dimensions and endpoints (both near and far) which you can use to draw or located you models.
Determined the required gradients & transition zones for your driveways & vehicular access ramps. This extensions allows you to calculate/convert gradients into falls (1/distance), % grades or .deg. Visually measure + mark a grade between any two points
Precisely Locate your camera and subject, remotely explore and confirm you sketchup camera locations
Find Levels (z-values) based on any two know points. You can find a level between the two points points or project from them to find that level along the defined line. Ideal for designing ramps/ find points/contours within incomplete surveys etc
Obtain running dimensions along a path (or an optional post to post measurement). Ideal for anyone needing to determine travel distances
Draw a Parabola defined by the base width and overall height
Creates Platonic Solids to Reference lengths: Composed of Component Faces (Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron)
Create Named Selection Sets from any number of selectable entities, the set will persist in time even if you move, change or group the entities, it you delete or explode a member all remaining members will still be recalled
nz_MyCatalogue allows you to build your own versatile parametric library of elements, with profiles ranging from simple to complex all easily defined and adaptable.
Draw a Wave form to specific Length, Displacement Width, and Cycle-Length
Visualise a Ray of Light + Solar Data
Allows you to: Toggle Ruby Console: on/off. Toggle Styles/Edit/Colour-(EdgeColour): All-Same/By-Material. Toggle Inverse Hidden Status of objects. Toggle Hidden Items Visibility: on/off. Toggle Colour by Layer: on/off
Create Polygons and Polyhedral Junctions to exact reference edge lengths. Mitres & adjoins triangles. Enables you to to create and customise platonic/polyhedrons to your specific dimensions and requirements from scratch
Creates Polygons to exact reference edge lengths.